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SPEAKING OUT: Floyd Mayweather's EX-Josie Harris OPENS UP About BEING Assaulted & Their Dysfunctional RELATIONSHIP

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Josie Harris, the woman whom Floyd Mayweather was convicted of assaulting in 2010, is speaking out about their dysfunctonal relationship and the 2010 incident that sent him to jail for three months.  Find out more inside....

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In a lengthy article published by Yahoo! Sports, Josie Harris breaks her silence about being assaulting by boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, the father of her three children.  

As Floyd prepares to return to the ring on Saturday May 4th, his first bout since being released from the Clark County Detention Center, Josie said she's speaking out to combat reports from Floyd's camp that have claimed that he never inflicted physical harm on her and that their was no violence.  However, Josie provided a doctor's report, a handwritten statement from one of the couple's children and an a police report that present a different case. Josie also discussed Floyd's love of money and his gambling issue. Here are the highlights:

On Physical Abuse from the incident  -
“Did he beat me to a pulp?... No, but I had bruises on my body and contusions and [a] concussion because the hits were to the back of my head. I believe it was planned to do that because the bruises don't show."

On Floyd's “very risky” gambling -

“His ever-increasing fight purses have also been a means to facilitate his love for a bet, with former business partner Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson telling of $250,000 wagers on the halftime scores of NFL games,” Rodgers writes. “Harris has stories that even outrank that, like when she went to the M Casino to drop off a bag containing $700,000 in cash to settle one of Mayweather's bets.”

On Floyd's associates -
"He has told me people have stolen from him, his house was robbed and they thought it was an inside job," The people who are just leeching on; I didn't like that. I wanted Floyd to run his business like a company…You [should] clock in and clock out and get a salary, not, 'I'm going to buy you a Rolex or a car.' Is it a charity? A very lucky-ass charity. They are getting an extreme donation.”


Read the full article here.




Josie is so DELUSIONAL she

Josie is so DELUSIONAL she was actually the most UNLIKABLE one on that short-lived show she was on, always stirring up drama, deeming his new chick ghetto because she's from Miami. This chick is messy and is so DELUSIONAL about how she looks at this point in life and the fact that he as moved on from her. Chicks like Josie kill me thinking that they are that "SPECIAL" chick just because they have a bunch a babies from their man but LOSE THEIR mind when they get USED and DUMPED! The thing about it is if he wanted her back she would be back with him and she would have never even mentioned the alleged abuse. Rih's face and ear was more than proof of her abuse! It's hard to feel sorry for her with her messy self!
Shay's picture

I find it interesting that of

I find it interesting that of all the male celebrities that have been accused of abuse against their significant others, Chris Brown received the most hate from cyber bullies and hollyweird and even a fall in his career. This man is a successful professional boxer accused of assault and received jail time and it seems like everyone is afraid to criticize him. Why is anyone commenting on when she decided to speak on it and not admonish Floyd in the same comment? If abusive partners received the "Chris Brown" treatment we would rarely hear of this with famous people.
classychic's picture

that orthopedic bra

that orthopedic bra underneath that sheer shirt tho? just why?? all these lite skinned video vixen type chicks end up looking like mama tina afterwhile.
shuga's picture

Some checks must be involved,

Some checks must be involved, otherwise ~ what's the point of "breaking silence" now. Abuse is not something to toy with, but I'm so tired of these moments of silence becoming loud screams years AFTER these women/men or are no longer together. Floyd is a talented athlete, but still a total grade A d*ckweed. Hoping, praying some1 with far more better talent and skill will FINALLY knock his little a$$ out!!¡¡! Keeping hope alive for May 4th!!¡¡
GetUrLife's picture

awww, looks like someone

awww, looks like someone needed some attention. I guess she and Floyd are not on the best of terms so, this is her attempt to get sympathy from the public. What's next, a VH1 show? Where's Mona Scott Young at??? Here's another bitter, lonely, opportunist for her to pimp out!

God Bless her heart. Getting

God Bless her heart. Getting beat by a boxer at that can't be the move.
cutethatsall56's picture

why are boxers so aggressive?

why are boxers so aggressive? .tamar braxton got some nice boobs though...i cant believe her nude pic leaked..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I read this article earlier,

I read this article earlier, but what I found interesting was the fact that her and Floyd are still 'intimate' from time to time. I wonder is 'Ms Jackson' aware of this. From reading the entire article, it sounds like Josie GENUINELY cares about him. She comes across humble and at times wishing things were like they were before the trappings of fame.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

LoL, She doesn't care about

LoL, She doesn't care about him. If she did she would let it go. It happened a long time. They're not together anymore and he served time for his actions. Why keep bringing it up? What's the goal?

Kriss Kross is dead. "Daddy

Kriss Kross is dead. "Daddy Mack" Chris Kelly
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Well, she did gain weight

Well, she did gain weight (that's a good reason to take a beating in some cultures). Anywho....Jesus would break his back & feed his baby ant dick to the squirrel.............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Abuse forever changes you.

Abuse forever changes you. You are never the same. God bless her and i'm glad she was able to get out.
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