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Jay-Z's FULL "$100 Bill" Track From "Great Gatsby" + Rick Ross Meets With Reebok + Kelly Rowland & The Dream Reveal TOUR DATES

Jay-Z's much anticipated "$100 Bill" song off the Great Gatsby soundtrack has hit the net in full.  Check it inside, plus why Ricky Ross is meeting with Reebok again and Kelly Rowland and The Dream's upcoming tour dates...

Hov's full "$100 Bill" track is out in full.  He's executive producing the whole Great Gatsby soundtrack, but his own solo track is one for the road.  Check it out above. 

By the way, you can now stream the entire soundtrack online now HERE.

Meanwhile, Jay is doing some good for kids by offering college scholarships to underserved students.  The scholarship, pushed through The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, covers scholarship money for those who wouldn't typically qualify for a usual scholarship.

He will be awarding cash to single mothers, children who attend alternative schools, students who have earned a GED, students with grade point averages of 2.0 and students who have previously been incarcerated, etc., but desire a higher educational opportunity.


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-02at80550PM_zps7dd9d7c4.png 

Rick Ross some type of way gt back into Reebok's good graces.  Because he and Swizz Beatz just had a meeting with the CEO of the sportswear company.  No clue what was on the agenda, but are they negotiating a deal to bring Ricky back as a spokesman after dropping him due to his rape lyrics and failure to understand rape culture?

Swizzy Instagrammed the pic saying:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-02at80555PM_zps63690765.png

Hmmm....this will be some ish....


 photo lights-out-tour_zps0d259a87.jpg

And finally, Kelly Rowland, pubbing Talk A Good Game, and The Dream, pubbing his IV Play album, have announced their tour dates for the Lights Out tour.  Kicking things off on May 23rd, the twosome roll to Minneapolis and take their concerts around the country to D.C., NYC, Chicago and will wrap it up in San Francisco in June.  All the dates for their multi-city tour are below:


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-14at62954PM.png

Who's going?




Can we all come to a

Can we all come to a unanimous decision that Jay-Z hasn't come out with a hot single since "Most Kings"? Seriously, he needs to go into sports because his music is TRASH. He hasn't come out with a hot album (I mean something you can listen to straight through) since the Black Album. I've had enough. He can no longer be cocky. He's fell off and, I'm not talking about a gradual fall from grace. I'm talking about a roller coaster drop. Suit and Tie? Watch the Throne? Blueprint 3? If he continues on this track, he'll be deleted from the list of hip hop royalty. I think it's time for him to sit down.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Kelly.. just got my tickets

Kelly.. just got my tickets to see you at the Fillmore in Silver Spring! Bring It!

I don't know why Kelly is

I don't know why Kelly is touring w/The Dream. By my count he only has 2-3 songs. *shrugs*
PacificGirl's picture

Maybe you should do your

Maybe you should do your research doll. He has several albums, and has produced several songs for various platinum artists most of Beyonce's last album and the Sasha Fierce album before that including some of Kelly Rowlands new songs! Check your facts before you make comments about that one! #TrueFan
HabitualBeauty's picture

I know who the phuck he is

I know who the phuck he is thank you. Him as a producer and artist are 2 different things. As an artist I don't think people want to pay $ to see him sing Falsetto and Shawty is a 10 , except you Groupie of None.
PacificGirl's picture

Education is great if you had

Education is great if you had a job to go with it LOL Without a job you walk around with a head of useless information. CREATE JOBS NEGRO.
cassandra29's picture

The Carter's are using their:

The Carter's are using their: Out-of-the-Ghetto Pass...that rich White Folks gave them and just hang with White People these days...they not worried about creating jobs for Jesus & Friends (they hang with FOX & Friends) .........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I would definitely go if they

I would definitely go if they came close to me. I know Kelly has to put on a great show.
cassandra29's picture

I'm not usually a fan of

I'm not usually a fan of suits with prints but I like this look a lot.
cutethatsall56's picture

i cant wait for the tour!!!!

i cant wait for the tour!!!! i cant believe romeo miller went out without wearing boxers..he has a big package..lol..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

The whole Rick Ross or Rozay

The whole Rick Ross or Rozay thing was BS anyway...the company should have known hip hop takes many creative licenses. I'm not saying rape is right in any form or fashion but if that word specifically did not come out of his mouth than no one has the right to infer any damn thing!! Also, when Eminem talked about dismembering a female he lost nothing only gained!!
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thetwu's picture

Jay looks dapper, very well

Jay looks dapper, very well executed sir !

I agree, he does look nice.

I agree, he does look nice.
rebellious soul's picture

Take THAT-Hova-haters. How

Take THAT-Hova-haters. How many scholarships are YOU funding? How many kids are YOU putting through school. Ricky-Rozay is a wuss: obviously not financial-savvy enough to lose that Reebok $ huh? Should've thought about THAT before you said that dumn molly-ish on that track. #fakethug

Who is raising the

Who is raising the SURROGATE............
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