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Jermaine Dupri Speaks On Losing Chris Kelly & Says He Was "Like A Son", Preliminary Reports Point To Heroine & Cocaine Involvement

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Chris Kelly's (on left) untimely death has left friends and family at a loss.  Now find out what Jermaine Dupri, the head of SoSo Def Records who gave Kriss Kross their start, has to say about losing the rapper who was "like a son" to him.  Plus, new details have emerged about the possible cause of death...

In a heartfelt yet sad open letter about how badly the death of Chris "MacDaddy" Kelly has affected him, Jermaine Dupri just spilled his heart to the world. 

J.D. discovered Chris & Chris "DaddyMac" almost two decades ago and they went on to make SoSoDef one of the hottest labels of the 90's.  And Mr. Dupri revealed he actually spent more time with the Chrises than anyone else in his life.

He said Chris Kelly was like a son to him and he was always turnt up.  Check out the letter below:


 photo chriskellyletter1_zps7686fdaf.png

Reports have also emerged about the possible cause of Chris Kelly's death.  The 34-year-old was found "unresponsive" by his mother, Donna, on his living room couch yesterday.

He did a radio interview the night before and indeed sounded like something could be a bit off.  And TMZ reports that his mother told police he had also taken heroine and cocaine the night before.

After the death, cops spoke with Donna Kelly Pratt -- Chris' mother -- who told police ... the night before Kelly's medical emergency, he had taken a mixture of heroin and cocaine -- commonly known as "speedballs."

Donna told police she had personally taken Kelly home to recover from the drug use ... just as she had done several times before. Donna told cops Kelly had felt nauseous all morning before passing out.

According to the report, Kelly's mother and Kelly's uncle both told investigators the rapper had an "extensive history of drug use."

Audio from Chris' interview with Streetz Morning Grind radio show in ATL the day before is above.  He seems to have spoken to the hosts via phone because he missed going into the station for the actual interview.





Honestly my heart and prayers

Honestly my heart and prayers go out to his family and friends at this tragic time he was such a great artist that truly had an awesome spirit and he will be deeply missed.I was in high school and I can remember how everyone was wearing their clothes backwards and dancing to their song "jump jump" in the clubs back then those were the good ole' days they don't make hip hop like that no more and it's such an unfortunate thing to see him leave this world in that condition and why was he not in rehab for his situation i mean when is it going to end with these celebrities leaving this world through the the demonic forces of drug abuse so sad.However I choose not to focus on how he left here but what he contribute to the hip hop culture when he was here you're loved and missed team chris "macdaddy"kelly. I will always be a fan rest in blessed peace I love you so much the weird thing about this is his father died of an overdose when he was four years old and his mom found him slumped over in their mater bed bathroom with a needle in his arm and so obviously this was a pattern that went untreated well all we can do is pray and hope the music industry will start to change for the better when itc comes to ignoring the warning signs of drug abuse it's important to start getting help to prevent this ugly plague from destroying anymore of our talented young artists in the entertainment world as well as in the non entertainment world because this apparently is a beast that affects everyone's community....

Wonder how long it will take

Wonder how long it will take before family stakes their claim over his earthly possessions. Now family is blaming his OD on JD's concert in February, Chris 'comeback' *blank stare* Can you say lawsuit? I see this turning into a hot mess.
PacificGirl's picture

My prayers/condolences go out

My prayers/condolences go out to him and his family. Always sad when death is linked to any kind of addiction, especially with one so young.
Realist's picture

What has Chris being doing

What has Chris being doing with his life? I am curious to know.
sexe757's picture

I'm upset about this. RIP

I'm upset about this. RIP Chris.
ellemarie's picture

I agree

I agree
Tren's picture

It's about time Hollywood

It's about time Hollywood stop glorifying drug use, and partying. I know there's freedom of speech, but at this point that drug culture shouldn't be glorified. When are these rappers going to stop pushing drug use? Even if they don't think it, they are responsible for teenagers and young people thinking the drug culture is cool. It's about time BET and MTV address this drug issue. Tell the truth, not some Hollywood more you know garbage. As long as Hollywood glorifys it, these celebs will continue to die from drugs.

I agree

I agree
Tren's picture

Such a waste of a beautiful

Such a waste of a beautiful life
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

It is sad when anyone dies so

It is sad when anyone dies so young. He was only 34.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

So...after he takes coke and

So...after he takes coke and heroin, the mother usually drives him home to sleep it off??? That is so strange.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Exactly. I can't believe she

Exactly. I can't believe she admitted that so openly. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

i'm not. the mother is

i'm not. the mother is exhibiting traits of an enabler and codependent. it's really sad.
wildlife's picture

You're right. My uncle used

You're right. My uncle used to get high, which eventually cost him his life. I don't ever remember my grandfather going to pick him up, while he was high, to bring him home and let him sleep it off.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Actually it's not. My

Actually it's not. My husband's mother was on drugs for most of his life. He was raised by his grandmother and often she would come in to sleep and sober up and then back out to do it again. We are lucky though. She's a very strong woman and has been sober now for a little over 3 years. Her motivation was actually us having our first child together and realizing she didn't want to miss seeing her grandchild grow up like she did her children. Thank God. Drug abuse is a terrible disease that takes over the mind and body.
Desi's picture

So sad the Drugs are stealing

So sad the Drugs are stealing so many young and old talented people lives! Chris was in his 30's my Whitney in her 40's, these DRUGS are straight up sent by SATAN to destroy & take as many lives as he can!
Shay's picture

Im going to need Jermaine to

Im going to need Jermaine to stop it... in all these years (uh round 24) I've never heard him claim this dude as his almost son! Now he is dead he wanna reach out and pen a letter!!! Where were you when ur son was taking speed balls?! Bitch please, since Janet left ur little behind, you are IR to the RE to the LEVANT!

So Jermaine had to do public

So Jermaine had to do public announcements randomly about his relationships to solidify to the public how close they were or to satisfy others??? You have got to be kidding me. Chris Kelly was a grown ass man who was responsible for his own life. Jermaine cannot walk around holding his hand through life to make him stay off drugs nor could his mother. To think so is immature and damn delusional. Just say you don't like Jermaine and leave it at that but to be so irrational and mindless to think he needed to get your co-sign on the sincerity of his relationships or he should have been keeping drugs from a grown man is even more crazy.
Keys's picture

I agree

I agree
Tren's picture

well to quote Ms. Janet,

well to quote Ms. Janet, sometimes you "dont know whatchu got til its gone". when someone dies is when you realize exactly the place they held in your life (you realize your friend was really like a brother or your coworker was a great inspiration, etc). JD doesnt have anything to profit by mourning. all we can do is send our condolences.
shuga's picture

That's not fair. What do you

That's not fair. What do you expect JD to do? If he'd talked about Kriss Kross or Chris Kelly before now, people would have accused him of living in the past & being foolish. What ELSE is he supposed to say now that a person he mentored as a child has OD'd? Damn!!!! As far as the drugs go, his mother--and no one else could keep him from doing what he wanted to do--just like any other addict. People often go pick up their addicted-kids or take them places so they at least know where they are. Not because they condone what they do, but they want to try to at leat supervise their kids somehow. This is still sad and all the finger-pointing only makes it worse.

This is so sad...even though

This is so sad...even though drugs are involved & clearly drug use-abuse is a choice, its just SAD. Like someone else said, many-a-child-star has struggles like these & they're hard to shake. RIP.

Sad, that child star stuff

Sad, that child star stuff hardly ever ends well
Mouse's picture

I agree

I agree
Tren's picture

"All the sites have today

"All the sites have today listed as your birthday..." Good grief! How odd is that?!?!
blynne23's picture

I just want to know why

I just want to know why everyone around him was okay with him taking speed balls and going home to sleep it off, including his Mother. SMH
PacificGirl's picture

Wow...that's really sad. RIP

Wow...that's really sad. RIP
Desi's picture

Jesus fears that Jermaine

Jesus fears that Jermaine touched Chris when he was little and turnt him gay...so Chris did drugs to hide it..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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