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MUSIC FAB: Chris Brown's "Give It Away" + Robin Thicke's "Give It To You" Featuring 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

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Chris Brown has released "Give It Away" as his latest buzz single.  Listen to song inside and hear Robin Thicke's new party jam "Give It To You" featuring Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz.

A few months ago Chris Brown made headlines for hitting the stage and singing an unreleased track where he claimed ownership of his girl's lady parts, and now you'll get to hear the studio version!  

With lyrics like “That’s my pu**y, baby/ You better not give it away”, Chris is sure to raise a few eyebrows as fans await his next album. He tweeted, “My birthday so ima give y’all free music that ain’t on the album. Y’all probably know this one..."

Chris turns 24 on May 5th, and this song is a gift to us all....


Listen to "Give It Away":


And in other new releases.....

Robin Thicke is ready for the dance floor in his latest song from the Blurred Lines disc, "Give It To You."  Assisted by rappers 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar, the Will.I.Am-produced track has a pulsating rhythm that will surely be a staple at summer beach parties.  And in addition to new music, Robin has been hired by RadioShack to promote Beats by Dr. Dre's "Pill" portable bluetooth speaker.

And with the bass and boom that "Give It To You" provides, it's sounds likes a match made in heaven.

Watch the ad here:




Its such a blessing to be

Its such a blessing to be able to hear such quality Bullshit.... My ears are forever in your graces...
Grown Man Ish's picture

Seriously! Music is a mess

Seriously! Music is a mess right now!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Chris does not better msuic,

Chris does not better msuic, I thought he was on the riht track for a comeback with FAME CD but then he went kind of backwards with FORTUNE too misogynistic for my taste. I am not feeling this tune nor Fine China, he needs to stick with the R&B and leave the pop mess alone. Pull your pants up Chris and those tats are UGH!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

I'm sorry you are just saying

I'm sorry you are just saying anything. Obviously you didn't buy Fortune or even illegally download fortune if you think that it was a misogynistic album. He sings Nothing on that CD says anything hateful or against women. It might not have been his best CD but obviously you're making stuff up! I do agree he needs to pull his pants up and his tattoos are unflattering.
mellie1882's picture

Should have known CB OBSESSED

Should have known CB OBSESSED DERANGED LUNATIC SIMPLE STANS would like anything he does and I can always predict a certain slightly "Slow Stan" of his will always have to post a comment on him. He could put out TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR with BEAT and that SIMPLE STAN would GOBBLE it up like IT'S ON AND POPPING! It's SAD Really! I don't ever see Chris making it like USHER HAS with an album actually going DIAMOND. Crossing over that BIG, selling THAT MUCH, you need all races and NOT JUST SILLY FEMALES buying your music you need males too! Sorry, NOPE NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Usher voice is WAY better and HE'S JUST MORE TALENTED and had WAY BETTER MUSIC than CB had from DAY 1! Oh and he's also MORE LIKEABLE!
Shay's picture

Usher, is that you?

Usher, is that you?
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I thought it was kind of hot.

I thought it was kind of hot. Miguel has a song saying the same thing on his CD. This song is not on CB's album tho. Hey, I'm married and I definitely don't give mine away, but it's kind of hot when my hubby says that :) (Blushes). To each it's own.
Niknik's picture

@Ms. Thangfromthe... Thank

@Ms. Thangfromthe... Thank you! :) I really like when a person can express their dislike for something tastefully. You based your entire comment off your opinion of Chris's song, which was the point of the post. I cannot stand a HATER who uses any and ever chance they get to bash another person that they know personally, or have never met a day in there life. Unlike some lonely pathetic souls. Anyway, I don't its immature, its playful IMO, and harmless. Should one- equate a man saying this to them, with love- hell no. But I don't think it's disrespectful, it's playful, moreover, its just a song. There are the songs that you make about loving your woman, making love to her, then there are the songs that are a little more grimy and sexy with regard to sex with your woman. Every healthy relationship has those levels. So I kinda like it. lol
Keonta's picture

This is not a buzz single,

This is not a buzz single, or anything off of Chris Brown's album X that will be coming out on July 16th. This is free music he is giving away. The song is raunchy but his voice actually sounds good. When Chris does anything some scrub always have something negative stuff to say about him or music.. But when Miguel is talking about p u s * y it's cool and mature. But Chris is immature for his song. Anyways Fine China is a great single there is nothing derogatory about women in the song, and has cool old school MJ feel, but because it's Chris it sucks. It's currently #4 on the Billboard R&B charts so obviously a lot of people like the song. Chris has a lot of good music it's just that I think some people can't look past his past! I love almost everything Robin Thicke does he is the best he never dissapoints but please take 2 chainz off the song.
mellie1882's picture

As much as I love C-Breezy,

As much as I love C-Breezy, this song is quite gutterish. BUT, there will be plenty of chicks out there completely flattered by it.
MrsCPA's picture

Chris's song is so immature

Chris's song is so immature and I can just picture these young no good bums, saying that to their young hoodrat girlfriends and the hoodrats goes back and brag to their friends saying......"ooooh my baby loooove me. he told me, this is his p---y, and I bet not give it away". (rolls eyes) Meanwhile, Toya and Keisha is right up the block, pregnant with both of his kids. (rolls eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

CB career is over with his

CB career is over with his CHIPMUNK sounding self! No one was feeling the first single with the asian chick in the sports car, now another new single still no one is checking. CB is rapidly becoming the boy version of Ciara neither have great voices both can dance both are attractive but neither are on anybody's radar. I root more for CiCi though, CB is even less interesting now that he's back with Rih, all I see when he's with her is her beat up face! Someone should have told this fool "out of sight out of mind" meaning when they were apart living separate lives nobody really thought about the beat down. If CB wants to savage what little career he has left he needs to rid himself of Rih Rih! Oh and get BETTER MUSIC like she has! Go Robin!
Shay's picture

chris adn ciara are the male

chris adn ciara are the male and female version of each other when it comes to that stage tho. but hey, CC just scored her 13th top 10 and upteenth top 40 with that body party so things are looking up for her. chris should have never gone back to that swine. but talent prevails in the end

That Robin Thicke joint is

That Robin Thicke joint is kind of hot, y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good stories in there too
V's picture

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