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ON THE SCENE: "R&B Divas" Host Dueling Premiere Parties, Latavia Roberson & Tamika Scott Flaunt Their BABY BUMPS!

 photo syl1_zpsfaab24c1.jpg

Dueling "R&B Divas" premiere parties went down last night in Atlanta.  It was Team Newbies vs. Team Vets.  So it's already apparent how this season turned out.


We've got the inside scoop on what went down, plus pics of the fab folks who popped up, including a few baby bumps....

TheYBF.com was on the scene at both "R&B Divas" parties in Atlanta last night to celebrate the show's premiere. First up were the newbies (plus 1 vet, Syleena Johnson) at Harlem Nights.  The turnout was low since many people were at rival Nicci Gilbert's party at the Museum Bar.  But as more people began to file in, the premiere episode kicked off.

Latavia Roberson, who showed off her growing baby bump, made her way to Harlem Nights and posed it up with the show's star Syleena Johnson and 702's Meelah Johnson who's looking cute these days.

 photo syl3_zps891e4dc7.jpg

Newbie chicks LaTocha Scott & Angie Stone looked great as they popped up to celebrate their premiere episode.  Is it just us or does Angie just seem like she's already over this ish?

And speaking of Syleena, during the first episode, no time is wasted getting to the drama and the diva antics between her and Nicci Gilbert.  Hence, the separate parties.

Last season, Nicci did not introduce Syleena for her performance and Syleena is still upset about it. So now that all the ladies are trying to go on tour together, they can barely get together for a meeting because of all the egos and shade being thrown.  And Syleena even kicked Nicci out of her house.


 photo syl8_zps538afa81.jpg  photo syl11_zpsf5198670.jpg

Both Latavia and Meelah kept it cute.

 photo syl4_zpsf32cf62b.jpg

 photo syl13_zps72c0b668.jpg

TheYBF.com spoke to Angie Stone briefly and she said we must stay tuned to see all the drama that unfolds.  But she seemed extra coy when we asked if we would finally get to see the cast getting along.  We're going with....no.

 photo syl6_zps229dbb98.jpg

 photo syl5_zpsebcb4b40.jpg

LaTocha Scott's sister, and former Xcsape member, Tamika Scott is pregnant.  And she showed off that baby bump looking like she was about to pop.

 photo RnBDIVAATLSEASON2Premiere201321CME3000_-L_zps290449a9.jpg

Producer Phil Thornton came out to support the ladies too.  Syleena's looking great these days.


 photo syl20_zpsf2aaa08d.jpg

Cute dress.


Over at the Museum Bar for Nicci Gilbert's party:

 photo syl20_zps4cdedab2.jpg

Nicci looked nice and so did KeKe Wyatt.

 photo syl18_zps6d2a2d2f.jpg

"Love & Hip Hop ATL" co-star Ariane hit up the event to support her fellow reality stars.

 photo RnBDIVAATLSEASON2Premiere20135CME3000_-L_zps656cf4a5.jpg

And so did Erica Dixon.

 photo RnBDIVAATLSEASON2Premiere20139CME3000_-L_zpsc6a7a371.jpg

Really wish Erica would realize how smart and gorge she really is...and wouldn't continue to deal with the pettiness.  She snapped some pics with singer Dondria.

 photo syl7_zps44cbb058.jpg

"LAHH ATL" newbies Traci Steele & her baby's daddy DJ Baby Drew were there.

 photo syl17_zpsd6b13a33.jpg  

Michael Jai White came out the woodwork.

 photo RnBDIVAATLSEASON2Premiere20134CME3000_-L_zps9559cfe8.jpg

Tony Terry came out from the woodwork BEHIND the woodwork and kicked it with Peter Bailey.  Where's HE been?

 photo syl19_zpsd2397797.jpg

KeKe Wyatt's husbandger and mom posed it up.

 photo syl15_zps8ab53a2f.jpg  

And Egypt and her hubby made an appearance. 

Fab times.


Photo Credits: Paras Griffin/GParasPhotography.com, CME 300

The Randomness:

1.  Gucci Mane has been released from jail. STORY

2.  Assata Shakur has just become the first woman to be added to the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists List. STORY





So I take it DJ Baby Drew got

So I take it DJ Baby Drew got a hold of Lil' Richards Pancake 31 for this event.....
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Looking good all slimmed down

Looking good all slimmed down Ms. Stone!
Denise2007's picture

I love love love Meelah.

I love love love Meelah. Where is the music? She needs a record deal asap!
PacificGirl's picture

And really, Peter Bailey and

And really, Peter Bailey and not Thomas? smh
luvlanda's picture

Kameelah was ALWAYS cute!!

Kameelah was ALWAYS cute!!
luvlanda's picture

I think Latavia looks so

I think Latavia looks so adorable pregnant. *Kim take notes...The rest of the face in these photo's are interesting. It's just an off night it seems.
cutethatsall56's picture

i need to watch this R&B

i need to watch this R&B divas show..i cant believe romeo miller went out without wearing boxers..he has a big package..lol..i mean just google kelsnetwork
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thetwu's picture

Michael Jai White is so

Michael Jai White is so foine!
Realist's picture

Tamika Scott looks great! But

Tamika Scott looks great! But I'm mad at her for wearing that black lip liner. Who still does that? lol They all are such beautiful women!
Deaq's picture

Mmm...Egypt's husband is

Mmm...Egypt's husband is looking kinda good. *Hears Nene screaming 'Close your legs to married men!'* haha
C2C's picture

Angie Stone, Latavia, Keke

Angie Stone, Latavia, Keke Wyatt & the chick from 702 (what's her name?) look SOOOO nice. Everybody else--no comment.

Angie Stone looks great! Go

Angie Stone looks great! Go Angie!!
Burself's picture

Natasha, PLEASE do a SPELL

cococrispe's picture

So when Rihanna and chris

So when Rihanna and chris brown got back together, that put furious styles to rest and now goes by jesus. Every blog has that "one"
@aggie_princess's picture

Now it makes sense.

Now it makes sense. LOL Furious Styles was a crazy bitch, so was Lisa Raye and now Jesus. All bat shit crazy. However, Furous wasn't obsessed with Beyonce.
LBA1's picture

Keep Jesus name out ya

Keep Jesus name out ya mouth....dont pray to me....or call out my name during sex!!!!!! Anywho....Zero chance im Furious Styles....im formerly known as LisaRaye's Subconsciousness®© and GrannyGums®© ..............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Whats the diff's other than

Whats the diff's other than username
@aggie_princess's picture

Both shows are off to a

Both shows are off to a dramatic start, i hope that the Nicci will eventually reveal the REAL reason why she doesn't like Syleena (cause it's been apparent since the first season that NG has the issue and Syleena ISN'T part of the problem), and I LOOOOVE me some KeKe.

Jesus recommends the abortion

Jesus recommends the abortion pill....I SEE PREGNANT PEOPLE (everywhere!!!) smh........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

2 words...Erica Dixon...she

2 words...Erica Dixon...she can get it! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good read too
V's picture

Can somebody pass me a gallon

Can somebody pass me a gallon of water please. Both these parties looked dry and thirsty. #ijs
SkeeWee's picture

omg,,,,,it's meelah from

omg,,,,,it's meelah from 702,,,,i used to love that group. she looks cute and so does syleena.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Pregnant and in the club?? Is

Pregnant and in the club?? Is that how we roll these days?
Brave's picture

Jesus cant decide who he

Jesus cant decide who he force to marry him and make them humble....Latavia or Erica???????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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