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Tamar Braxton SWITCHES OUTFITS While SHOPPING With Vincent Herbert + *UPDATED* Nicki Minaj SPARS With Mariah Carey, SAYS "Clean Your Ears Out"

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Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert were shopping in Bevery Hills yesterday where the mommy-to-be did a mid-trip wardrobe change.  See her swap outfits inside and watch Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey exchange words on "American Idol".

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Mommy-to-be Tamar Braxton was spotted out in Beverly Hills yesterday rocking white shorts, black sneakers and a lacy black top.  But after being joined by her husband, Vincent Herbert, Tamar ducked into one of the fancy shops and emerged wearing a new outfit.

 photo tbm4.jpg  photo tbm1.jpg

The fierce fashionista, who was joined by her big sis Toni, decided to switch it up midway through her shopping trip and completely swapped out the monochome outfit,  walking out of the store wearing black shorts, white Isabel Marant sneakers, a white t-shirt, and a black top.  And yes, we thought they were biker shorts too.  But they're not and we're all about a fan preggers chick keeping it comfortable.  So we're giving this entire look a pass.

Tamar has been making the top of many people's best-dressed list since she announced she was pregnant and we see why.  She takes her maternity looks very seriously!


And on television last night...

Warring "American Idol" judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey went through a cringe-worthy argument last night as they bickered about a performance of 'Someone To Watch Over Me' by "AI" finalist Angie Miller.

Shade came from both sides of the table as Mariah stated that she disagreed with 'certain' judges (referring to a comment that Nicki had made earlier) and Nicki responded by waving a cotton swab towards Mariah saying "Clean your ears out." As the audience gasped, Mariah shut Nicki down but looking at Angie and saying,

'Darling, let me express this to her as a singer. Just sing from your heart every time and your notes will continue to shine regardless of the "dirt" that gets splattered around you.'


UPDATE: Nicki Minaj continued the war of words on Twitter today.  of course, Mariah has paid her no mind.  And for Nicki to think Mariah is so "unworthy"....she sure is giving a whole lot of credence to one sentence of shade MiMi threw. 

Nicki said today:

"Why a woman SO successful at her age, is still so INSECURE, and bitter."

"All dem #1s but JLo phone ringin? Lol. I guess having a personality, being a secure woman, and giving genuine critique still trumps that."

Sigh.  Just because someone...with proven credibility on the matter...doesn't like you or you "talent", it does not make them insecure and bitter.  It's called having an opinion.  And we all know a diva with an opinion can piss somebody off easily.  Nicki's real mad though...and MiMi twirls on...

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Whom ever said they were a

Whom ever said they were a cute couple, u dont have to lie...they r odd as phuck.....Vince was not meant to be that big, just look at his legs...Tamar on the other hand is going to blow up..but whateves we all know she's smashing him cause of the money......

Oooh Mariah went in! Tamar

Oooh Mariah went in! Tamar still looks cute as a pregnant woman.
C2C's picture

Both fits are kind of on the

Both fits are kind of on the brink of being not really cute. She needs to nix the blonde during pregnancy..I usually like her looks but not these two.
cutethatsall56's picture

Vince does not look well.

Vince does not look well.
star's picture

Tamar's Braxton Baby Registry

Tamar's Braxton Baby Registry http://www.bel-bambini.com/index.php?p=registry_view&id=4072

i watched that show. Mariah

i watched that show. Mariah did not start anything. I feel like Nicki doesn't want Mariah to give her opinions. I do like the part where Mariah rebounded by saying that not everbody has # 1s. That it IS a phenomenal feat. lol
mona1402's picture

Nicki AND Mariah are both

Nicki AND Mariah are both starting to irk me. AI is a talent show, not a platform for two successful women to make complete fools of themselves arguing like children week after week. How about we take our jobs seriously. I like both women but the incessant bickering is beyond annoying at this point.
ellemarie's picture

Uh, weren't Tamar and Vince

Uh, weren't Tamar and Vince buying another house so that he could have a gym and she could have a hair salon??? Is he WATCHING workout videos on a flat screen tv in the gym while eating pizza? Since he was pushing Tamar to have a baby on "Braxton Family Values" then he should be taking better care of himself. Doesn't he want to be around to see the baby grow up? His stomach is bigger than hers. Big stomach and skinny legs....(0_0)
SpeakingMyMind's picture

If Vince wants to be around

If Vince wants to be around to raise this baby, dude, gastric by-pass surgery if you can't lose it on your own. Real talk. Not criticizing but that ish is not healthy and he's already been hospitalized.
JewelryLover's picture

EXACTLY! I'm tired of seeing

EXACTLY! I'm tired of seeing people go light on him, when he doesnt deserve Tamar or the baby until he gets thinner and healthier. Chefs can prepare all his meals to be low calorie, healthy and satisfying. Heck even nutrisystem can do that. Nutrisystem has candy bars that taste like the real thing that are healthy. I make my milkshakes with skim milk, frozen bannanas and just a little low fat frozen yogurt, smidgen of vanilla and they taste like the real thing. He aint even trying. The stress of a young child is going to make him sicker, and poor young Tamar will be stuck taking care of his baby and his sick grouchy big butt.
cassandra29's picture

So because Vince is heavy he

So because Vince is heavy he doesn't 'deserve' his wife or his baby??? Who are YOU to say that?? God doesn't punish any of us according to what we 'deserve'--or else none of us would be here since the wages of sin are death. Watch yo mouth!!! WOWWWWWWW!!! Judge ye not lest ye be judged.

OK I was a bit harsh on him,

OK I was a bit harsh on him, but he is harsh and disrespectful to Tamar every time she opens her mouth. He acts like he is perfect and he is so far from it. I still stand by my statement that if he doesnt make an effort to get healthy he shouldn't be having a child. Tamar needs a strong healthy man. Not a sick weakling who wont even work out for her. Men today eat right, work out, get viagara and testosterone if they need to, to satisfy their wife. He doesnt seem to do anything, but think cause he has money, he doesnt need to do anything else.
cassandra29's picture

who carries cotton swabs

who carries cotton swabs around in case of an argument? sounds staged to me.
shuga's picture

I am so sick of these dirty

I am so sick of these dirty haters bombing our cities, and trying hard to take down our most talented black performers. They need to all be deported. No matter how much these undeserving fools are given by this country, they still hate.
cassandra29's picture

Tamar looks good pregnant &

Tamar looks good pregnant & she's just LUCKY that her shape is cooperating with her fashion choices. She's not pregnant ALL OVER--at least not yet, so her clothes are still flattering. She looks good EXCEPT for that big blonde weave. A middle-aged, brown-skinned teacher here in Atl is facing charges-for cheating/falsifying grades or something, and she looks like a damn FOOL sittin' up in court with platinum blonde hair & fake eyelashes. SMH I wish THAT trend would stop!!! As far as AI, Nikki Minaj is an immature fool & I like how MC tastefully puts her right back in her (untalented) box.

when is Vince due?????????

when is Vince due?????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

It's a shame that Tamar does

It's a shame that Tamar does her best to be her most beautiful self for him, and he wont even give up a ham sandwich. Tamar deserves better.
cassandra29's picture

Its on him...for whatever

Its on him...for whatever happens in that relationship...he knows theres NO WAY shes physically attracted to him....smh (could he get chix when he was broke?????? Nope!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

she should take a lover if he

she should take a lover if he doesnt improve himself, after the baby is born. really
cassandra29's picture

Tamar style is wack. I hope

Tamar style is wack. I hope she bounce back from that baby weight and try to jumpstart that career she's dying for.
SkeeWee's picture

This Nicki and Mariah feud is

This Nicki and Mariah feud is stupid. My take on last nights argument is both of them were a little juvenile, but Mariah started the argument by throwing shade. This very same person that claims to have class and be a real Diva, which she is in both positive and negative interpretations, attempted to call Nicki out. If you guys watched closely, Nicki and Keith both looked at each other and said we both just said the same thing, simply trying to correct Mariah's unwarranted shade. Nicki responded by stating that Mariah should clean her ears out and really listen. To a certain extent I agree with Nicki, Mariah should listen better and stop with the hate. The people she should be mad at is American Idol. They hired her [Nicki], they write her checks, they asked her to be apart of the show. Congratulation the chick that makes it out of the hood and make steps forward, don't throw stones and sticks trying to break them down. Let's not forget that Mariah put Nicki on a record with her to help keep her relevant. I am just stating facts not taking sides.

I believe Mariah is the one

I believe Mariah is the one who started this whole thing because she felt some type of way about Nicki being a judge. So if she's throwing shade Nicki's way, she should expect to have it thrown back, period. I didn't like the idea of Nicki being a judge when I first heard about it, but after watching the show a couple of times, I actually prefer her as a judge over Mariah. I love her interaction with the contestants. Mariah's talent and resume speaks for itself, but as a judge, she brings nothing to the table...she has no personality. I watched a few times and whenever Nicki spoke, Mariah would make faces. Anyway, I barely watch the show anymore...especially since they sent Burnell home.
Mrs_B_35's picture


cassandra29's picture

Bitch bye.

Bitch bye.
Mrs_B_35's picture


star's picture


MISTER ARE YOU CRAZY? First of all Mariah CAN BLOW AND SHE WROTE most of her music, THAT ALONE put her up and above the rest! This is why she is worth over $500 million without out A LOT OF CONCERTS AND TOURS! If she had did more tours NON STOP SHE WOULD BE WORTH A BILLION like Madonna is! Hello Mariah has had not 1 but 2 albums go DIAMOND, which takes black white and everything in between to buy you album including male and females for an album to go DIAMOND! OK! Mariah lowest selling album sold better than Nicki's album has sold! Mariah is a Legend Nicki is not! Mariah also come from HUMBLE BEGINNINGS in her words they were POOR! Mariah has more TALENT IN HER FINGER TIP than Nicki does through her WHOLE BODY! I just wish MC would have said HELL NO to this show! So please TELL ME WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? Mariah don't need no Nicki to keep her relevant! HAVE YOU LOST YOU MIND MISTER? Or are you just OLD and NOT WITH IT! Just a Mariah fan setting the record straight!
Shay's picture

haters always support their

haters always support their own, even when they are dead wrong. they love to try and prove that satan and wrong is king, over right and might. Poor Tamar needs a husband who cares enough about her to be his best man for her. She needs the kind of loving man who listens to his woman about his food choices, exercise etc. Most good husbands will follow their wife's advice about these matters. He has a lot of money to go to fat camps, and improve his health. HE NEEDS TO PROVE HE LOVES HIS CHILD BY GETTING INTO HIS BEST HEALTH TO RAISE IT 18 YEARS. CHILDREN ARE STRESSFUL. STRESS MAKES PEOPLE SICKER. HE NEEDS TO LOVE HIS CHILD MORE THAN A HAM SANDWICH IF HE CANT DO IT FOR TAMAR.
cassandra29's picture

MC should have never ever

MC should have never ever took this job. #1 she don't need the money she's worth over $500 million all by herself, #2 I'm a MC fan but I must say she is not good at being a judge and she sometimes rambles on and on. #3 AI is just not interesting like The Voice is, I wish Christina and Cee Lo were back though I like their chemistry better on that show. Usher is fine but Shakira is too FOREIGN acting for me, she gets on my nerves. Bring my Christina Aguilera back even though she really needs to be somewhere getting her career back on track! As far as NM is concerned, she is the better judge but she's not talented enough to be giving young hopefulls any advise, although I like her honesty though. NM is just too over the top Ghetto and plain RATCHET for me! They really should tell the TRUTH those middle america people out there know they stopped watching Idol because of Nikki's antics!
Shay's picture

Nicki needs to learn how take

Nicki needs to learn how take disagreements in stride and not be so belligerent. The judges agree to disagree but she is the only one acting ghetto and loud about it. I can't take her! When she jumped up to get on stage to 'let Jimmy Iovine have it' because he disagreed with her I was so embarrassed. She sets black women back 20 yrs every time she opens her fking mouth. She has a bad attitude that will take her right back to Jamaica Queens if she keeps acting crazy. She's way to abrasive and needs to tone it down. I'm with Eve, she's not my cup of tea.
PacificGirl's picture

yes and double yes. i dont

yes and double yes. i dont watch it. that's the way to take action
cassandra29's picture

Tamar.... SHE DID THAT! I am

Tamar.... SHE DID THAT! I am loving her style. I was always a fan but the fact that she is bringing sexy and fashion to her pregnancy is just straight POSH! Love it

Tamar looks nice... Vince

Tamar looks nice... Vince legs are skinnier than hers... lol cute couple though...

this dude looks like a piece

this dude looks like a piece of corn on the cob!

LMAO LOL now that is what u

LMAO LOL now that is what u call funny LOL
cassandra29's picture

That is one odd couple right

That is one odd couple right there. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good stories too
V's picture

Mariah take your billions of

Mariah take your billions of dollars and go back to Disney Land.. NICKI is the best Judge on AI. I have been watching AI since, its Inception, and Nicki brings the truth. I guess why the Judges renewed her contract! I am both a Nicki/Mariah fan but Nicki is the better JUDGE!

AI is just so tired and

AI is just so tired and playout and so are the judges! Nicki is so horrible Idk why she is on the show to judge anybody's talent when she lacks talent herself. She's a damn clown with a bad attitude worse than Keshia Cole. And Mariah need to give more sound advice instead of this "nice" paula abdul advice she's giving out. She needs to learn how to profoundly critique the music.
myopinioncounts's picture

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