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HE'S A TROOPER: Kobe Bryant Hobbles To EIF Women's Cancer Research Gala For Date Night With Wife Vanessa

 photo EIFWomenCancerResearchFund16thAnnualXbeJf4I8Mq2l_zps1bbb1b26.jpg


That Achilles injury and a horrible end to the Lakers' season isn't stopping Kobe Bryant from partying it up.  The Laker champ and his gorge wife Vanessa made their way to the EIF charity gala in Beverly Hills Thursday night.  And we've got the pics of the cute twosome hobbling along inside....

After celebrating their baby girl Gianna's 7th birthday on Tuesday, May 1st (baby Bryant & I are birthday twins!), parents Kobe & Vanessa Bryant  had a glammed up date night all in the name of charity.

 photo EIFWomenCancerResearchFund16thAnnuali4RAxEeIJlkl_zps501ce6ec.jpg

Kobe, in a full foot cast and hopping on crutches, brought his wife, decked out in Saint Laurent, to the EIF Women's Cancer Research Fund's 16th Annual "An Unforgettable Evening" presented by Saks Fifth Avenue at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel last night.  And the couple was all smiles despite all the year's setbacks.

 photo KobeBryantEIFWomenCancerResearchFundc9zRrFXg2AXl_zps4cf5592c.jpg

 photo KobeBryantEIFWomenCancerResearchFundYXlLEXE7W2Bl_zps63182ba1.jpg

Loving Vanessa's look.  Kobe's been giving constant Twitter updates about his recovery, telling fans a few days ago he just got his stitches out, so he's making progress.

Meanwhile, Kobe's mom, Pamela Bryant, is doing a bit of spring cleaning and selling off her son's memorable jerseys from high school and some other now-vintage gear from his career in the NBA.

Through Goldin Auctions in June, Pam is giving to the highest bidders "The Bryant Collection": His Lower Merion high school jerseys, his jerseys from his time playing ball overseas while he was just a kid, a few rings from All-Star games, and even a surfboard he won at a Kids' Choice Awards.

Moms are good for clearing out your old ish to make room for their own new ish.  Gotta love it.

*UPDATE* Apparently, Kobe didn't give permission for his ish to be sold.  Like we said, moms are good for clearing out your old ish.  However, this time, Pamela is selling the items in order to get cash to purchase a home.  We all know Kobe and his parents have been estranged and have had a rocky relationship ever since he married Vanessa Bryant.  So it seems Kobe hasn't been helping moms out in the money department.

Now, Kobe is suing to stop the sell of the items.  Damn homie.



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Every time I see Kobe my

Every time I see Kobe my first thought is "idiot"...
Laia's picture

That is a Nice Change for

That is a Nice Change for Vanessa; she went from looking cute to looking sexy...And Kobe never fails to dress for the Occasion.
rebellious soul's picture

The Bryants look cute

The Bryants look cute together, love her shoes.
Realist's picture

When you have ankles that

When you have ankles that skinny you probably shouldn't wear a shoe with a big old buckle because it looks like she's on house arrest.
Denise2007's picture

You look great Kobe for a man

You look great Kobe for a man who is damn near suing his mom over stuff!!!
Missy's picture

wow...just looked up the

wow...just looked up the story. i don't know...what mother would sell off her kids stuff without asking?? moms should at least picked up the phone and asked kobe if he wanted his stuff. if he said 'no' then i think the mother would be legally justified in putting the stuff up for auction. just my thoughts...
wildlife's picture

I like them, but Vanessa just

I like them, but Vanessa just irritates the heck out of me with her unfashionable self. Not trying to be racist, but it must be the Mexican in her because she just NEVER gets it right! ALL THAT $$ and everything she wears is high end designer, but it's still just NO. Kobe looks fine as all heck as always. Vanessa take some tips from your hubby!
lalarey's picture

I disagree with all of you.

I disagree with all of you. Once again Nessa gets it wrong. I never ever like her looks. And I happen to like the Bryants.
LaFord's picture

Well, go on Bryants! Glad to

Well, go on Bryants! Glad to see these two worked it out. Lovin' Vanessa's look from head to toe.
MrsCPA's picture

Vanessa's is giving me

Vanessa's is giving me "Kardashian". Cute.
Sexy10's picture

looking good ....For some

looking good ....For some reason, those shoes say 'No Underwear under here'... very nice :-)
Grown Man Ish's picture

Cuz Jesus pulled them off

Cuz Jesus pulled them off earlier....
Jesus H. Christ's picture

As much as I don't like her,

As much as I don't like her, Vanessa actually looks great! Still don't like her ass tho! http://www.seekingastylist.com Do you have what it takes to style my life?

Vanessa is looking mighty

Vanessa is looking mighty good...dang! You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they have good reads as well
V's picture

They look very nice!

They look very nice!
sexe757's picture

Jesus stole a boot & pair of

Jesus stole a boot & pair of crutches like that from the hospital. Selling them on Ebay for $20 each...or 2 for $30.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

NEXT! Let's go Miami!

NEXT! Let's go Miami!
Beautyfulones's picture

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