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PepsiCo DROPS Mountain Dew Spokesman Lil' Wayne Over CONTROVERSIAL Emmett Till Lyric + Mary Mary Rock EBONY Cover, Tina Campbell Admits To Trying To STAB Husband Over His INFIDELITY

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Lil' Wayne has lost his Mountain Dew endorsement following criticism over his "Emmitt Till" lyric.  Find out what PepsiCo said inside and hear what Mary Mary told EBONY Magazine about Erica's solo project and the infidelity that rocked Tina's marriage.  Read more inside...


It seems like the good folks at Mountain Dew are paying closer attention to the rappers they associate their brand with, now that they've also dropped Lil Wayne from the roster.  A few days ago, we told you about the embarassing ad the company yanked featuring Tyler, The Creator and now they've bowed to public pressure and fired Lil' Wayne too.

Lil' Wayne, who has been appearing in Mountain Dew ads since 2012, infuriated the family of Emmitt Till, after his "Karate Chop" song included the lyric, "Pop a lot of pain pills, 'bout to put rims on my skateboard wheels ... beat that p***y up like Emmett Till."

Though he sent a letter apologizing to the family, it was rejected by the descendants and along with mounting criticism from the public, Pepsi Co announced late Friday that Weezy's "offensive reference to a revered civil rights icon does not reflect the values of our brand."  These rappers gonna learn today...

Though the company did not provide any specifics, the departure was confirmed by Sarah Cunningham, a publicist for Lil Wayne who covered up by saying the split was due to "creative differences... That's about all I can tell you at this time."

For those who may not recall the specifics of the heinous Mississippi murder, Emmitt Till was a 14-year-old Black child who was beaten and disfigured beyond identification for allegedly flirting with a white woman in 1955.  And this is how Weezy described his sexual prowess.



And on magazine racks....

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Mary Mary duo (Tina & Erica Campbell) cover EBONY Magazine's June 2103 issue, which celebrates Black Music month.  Inside the shockingly candid interview, the reality tv stars open up about infidelity and Erica's decision to go solo. 

Here are the highlights:

Tina on discovering her husband was having an affair:
“Once I became aware [of the affair], I initially wanted to kill my husband…I was considering adjusting the will, the living trust and all that kind of stuff. I did physically try to stab him. Several times…I never got to the point of physical harm, not really, but my words…My words hurt. ”

Erica on husband going into the ministry:
“I feel like my husband has been called to minister…Now I said, ‘Lord, when I first started dating this guy he worked for Death Row Records, but he was from the church. That was a perfect combination for me: a little street, a little church.’”


Damn Tina!  Not stab his ass AND change the will. 

And in celebration of Father's Day, EBONY spotlights Ziggy Marley, Chris Paul, Mike Tyson Cory Booker and other celebs who express gratitude and appreciation for what their fathers taught them.

The "Mary Mary" issue of EBONY hits magazine stands on May 7th.




Wayne shouldve just stuck to

Wayne shouldve just stuck to his guns since he was gonna get dropped anyway. you said it, you heard what it sounded like and you were ok with it. when people give in to endorsements they basically are selling their artistic freedom.
shuga's picture

I've been there, Tina!

I've been there, Tina!
SweetDivaT's picture

The karate chop lyrics were

The karate chop lyrics were disrespectful. We have to respect the past to appreciate the future. Sometimes people forget these hate crimes were not that long ago and black people are still being victimized and brainwashed. Jesse Jackson is a man just like any other who has made mistakes, but you have to give him credit for being involved in the Civil Rights movement and sticking his neck out there to improve the lives of black people. Wasn't he the first black to run for president? As far as Mary Mary, I think Tina may be slightly bipolar. Now that this has come out about her husband, I can see why she always looked stressed and unhappy. I got soooooo...tired of her making excuses because of her pregnancy. Like this was your umpthenth kid so you should be a pro at it by now. I wish Ericka well, but honestly Tina is the powerhouse and has more confidence on stage.
getyourlife33's picture

These huge corporation slay

These huge corporation slay me, getting in bed with these rappers then acting totally AS IF they're were totally oblivious as to what they're really signing up for when sh*t hits the fan.
Realist's picture

Jesse Jackson led the pursuit

Jesse Jackson led the pursuit of Lil Wayne. He pursues crippling young black people, but says nothing about old offensive negroes who put out all kinds of smut. You wont ever hear him pursue Bravo network with black women all fighting like complete fools eventhough they are supposed to be professionals and rich. You wont ever hear him say that oprah is promoting and glorifying the gay lifestyle. You wont ever hear him criticize ball players for passing all their wealth on to whites through marriage. You wont ever see him do anything concrete about stopping crime and drugs in chicago, and you sure wont ever see him say that son of his should be in jail for stealing campaign money. Cowards who only pick on the young, and those they deem weaker than them, DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A VOICE ON MEDIA TO MISUSE AND HURT OTHERS WITH.
cassandra29's picture

Too damn back for lil gremlin

Too damn back for lil gremlin but seriously though why do those cracker executives at mountain dew care what this ignorant nigga says about another nigga after the racist commercial they just put out with tyler the creator? ijs
I Am Anonymous's picture

Why god wants me to go

Why god wants me to go Solo??? Is she really serious?????

Yeah I saw the Tina thing on

Yeah I saw the Tina thing on Wendy Williams the other night, but Lil' Wayne should have KNOWN he was out of line to even mention that horrific situation in a song. That takes me back to a place that my ancestors lived through ..... slowly but surely losing respect for this Loser
BeautyLuvsMii's picture

Beautiful ladies! But once a

Beautiful ladies! But once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater, I pray she doesn't learn that the hard way after a blood test.
PinkRose's picture

These companies like pepsi,

These companies like pepsi, reebok, etc. know what kind of person they are hiring to promote their productsc before they hire them! Dont let them fool yall, they do their homework! Everything an artist says or does is controversial. If a group of mothers got together and decided they didnt like the way Beyonce slides her cakes all over the stage or her new nipple illusion costume on this tour would pepsi fire her too?! Art will always be offensive, but these companies know they will get as much credit when they " drop" these people as they do when thwy sign them! Time to take that gun from almer fund a*= silly rabbits! I think they should still b cuttin them checks for a while even when they drop the endorser!
kp29's picture

She was praising him on the

She was praising him on the show as such a good husband she probably was embarrassed and hurt he had an affair.
TeaNicole's picture

I would have changed

I would have changed everything and put everything in my children's names. Why change it back? Speaking from family experience, kids are screwed when the mother dies.

hell, Why is Tina Campbell

hell, Why is Tina Campbell putting her business out there? Never would have known her husband cheated or she "how can she just kill man" crazy. Let me google his name and cheating.
The ZuluKing's picture

I guess that's why Tina stay

I guess that's why Tina stay having babies and complaining about staying at home to watch her man. Now it all makes sense.
Keys's picture

i'm a little lost. did tina

i'm a little lost. did tina leave her husband??
wildlife's picture

This is unacceptable that

This is unacceptable that someone openly talks about trying or thinking of killing someone else. This is crap and if a man was in the media saying this he would of been ridiculed. Angry black chicks always trying to take a brother out. Why not leave and go about your business!! What a loser!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

i dont really like mountain

i dont really like mountain dew anyways but wayne's lyric was direspectful..beyonce has some nice boobs though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I hope this becomes a

I hope this becomes a trend...but at the same time maybe it shouldn't. With recent endorsements being lost due to lyrical content, rappers might become more cognizant of what they say. But at the same time, hip hop has never been about censorship. Hip Hop at it's root is the definition of freedom of expression (no matter how wrong or disrespectful your expression is). Which bring us back to whether or not there is room for commercialism & capitalism without sacrificing the integrity of Hip Hop (and Rap).
AnoniNYC12's picture

I cant stand those two Mary

I cant stand those two Mary Mary bitches their attitudes so nasty period
SlowNeckBecky's picture

prolly whats causing his

prolly whats causing his seizures anyway (cancer causing ingredients in soda...and diet too)..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Them rappers better start

Them rappers better start watching what they say...they messing up the money. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good read too
V's picture

i loved their show, i wonder

i loved their show, i wonder if its coming back? hope so
islandgirlsrocks's picture

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