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HOT MAMA: Nicole Murphy Works On Her Fitness In L.A.

 photo wenn20317019_zps8822d024.jpg

Nicole Murphy is already a hottie, and she keeps up that tight & toned bod...5 kids later...by hitting the gym in L.A. nonstop.  Check out the "Hollywood Exes" star inside....

There may not be any set date for the return of VH1's "Hollywood Exes," but Nicole Murphy and the rest of the cast are indeed returning for season 2 and her co-star Sheree Fletcher says this season will be a feisty one.

 photo wenn20317014_zps6d65d666.jpg  photo wenn20317020_zps0384db9d.jpg

So it's only right Nicole keeps up her strength for the upcoming drama.  She was spotted making a gym run yesterday on Canon Drive.

The fiancee of "Live" co-host Michael Strahan has also been going on a Vine craze on her Twitter account. 

Looks like she's having fun filming and spending time with her man.

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Loves here. i wonder when the

Loves here. i wonder when the show will be back on.

One question- What type of

One question- What type of surgery did she have on her knees/shins? Those scars are severe!

Those aren't scars. Those

Those aren't scars. Those are muscles that run down the front of the shins...(I believe the tibialis anterior).
stx's picture

...Five Kids?...Wow!

...Five Kids?...Wow!
rebellious soul's picture

Her white mother gave her

Her white mother gave her that good genetics!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

She's HOT and looking

She's HOT and looking FABULOUS!!!
BigJohn's picture

Looking great as usual, then

Looking great as usual, then again with that body its practically effortless.
Realist's picture

YAAAAASSS Nicole!!!!! This

YAAAAASSS Nicole!!!!! This is my girl I swear...I've ALWAYS admired her body and have personally used it as motivation for me to stay fit. I'm telling you ladies....these cougars ain't playing around!! (hahahahaha) when you're nocking 50 years old and 5 kids later with a body like that, then there is NO EXCUSE FOR A 29 YEAR OLD WOMAN LIKE MYSELF WITH NO KIDS SHOULD BE OUT OF SHAPE!!!!! NO EXCUSE!!!! They are putting 20 somehting year old womens bodies to shame for real, step ya game up ladies!!!! LOVE HER XOXOXO
KimChi's picture

Looking good Nicci!

Looking good Nicci!
Sexy10's picture

Her body is ridiculous.

Her body is ridiculous.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Nikki has that special

Nikki has that special spot...and Jesus might have to force her to marry him.......
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