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Kerry Washington On PARADE, Says "'Django Unchained' Cost Me A Lot Psychologically" + MORE Pics From Naomi Campbell's VOGUE Brazil SHOOT

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In the new issue of PARADE Magazine, Kerry Washington revealed the psychological toll filming Django Unchained took on her.  Find out what she said inside and see more pics from Naomi Campbell's VOGUE Brazil shoot....

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"Scandal" star Kerry Washington had made a career of playing very complicated and challenging women on-screen.  And in the latest issue of PARADE, Kerry, who'll soon hit the big screen in Peeples (May 10th), sat down to talk about the physical and emotional toll that playing Broomhilda in Django Unchained took on her.  She told the magazine,

"I feel like I barely survived Django emotionally. The violence. Hearing the N-word every day. It cost me a lot psychologically, but it was worth it to tell that story."

She also commented on the history she's making as Olivia Pope on "Scandal",  as the Black female-lead in a primetime series.

‘I didn’t realize…when I was auditioning for the role. I knew that in my lifetime I’d never seen it. But it didn’t compute to me that I’d be making history. I just fell in love with the character.’

Kerry's article in PARADE premieres tomorrow.  Check out some video footage from her gorgeous cover shoot & interview below:



And in VOGUE Brazil....

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at81037AM.png

More pics have emerged from Naomi Campbell's May 2013 VOGUE Brazil photo shoot.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at80907AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at80255AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at80958AM.png

Freakin' flawless.

In celebration of the magazine's 38th birthday, Naomi (who'll turn 43 on May 22nd) is featured in EVERY editorial in the magazine.  She's captured by industry legends Tom Munro, JR Duran and Jacques Dequeke.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at80400AM.png

And speaking of birthdays, Naomi will celebrate her 43rd with a big bash in Ibiza this year. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at80339AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-04at80242AM.png

But we're all clutching our pearls (and diamonds) to see if Vlad Doronin shows up on her arm, as word on the street is that they're on the border of splitting up



Photos via PARADE/Vogue Brazil/Ari Michelson




PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I like Eva Diva, but she

I like Eva Diva, but she might want to check with Naomi about what a toned leg looks like.
SweetDivaT's picture

At 42 Naomi deserves all the

At 42 Naomi deserves all the accolades regardless of her somewhat toxic personality. Her fierceness just cannot be denied & Kerry is just flawless.
Realist's picture

Can black people not make

Can black people not make everything about racism, for once? Kerry is on Scandal and her boo is a whte man, deal with it.


cutethatsall56's picture

How can any black woman think

How can any black woman think it is an honor to play a role in a movie called "Scandal" with a black/white love story line? Doesnt Kerry know that ALL WHITE WOMEN and many WHITE people want to believe that white men are not capable of loving black women, and always describe their love matches as scandalous or dirty or rape???? Why would you play into the perpetuation of that stereotype. I dont know if long tall muscular body of a man, Naomi will keep paying that russian or not, but his wife approves of him getting all her money. The wife said he would never shame his family by marrying her, and she was right. Its obvious she's broke. With the money she made, and lied like she got from him, she shouldn't have to work at all at her age.
cassandra29's picture

You sound utterly ridiculous

You sound utterly ridiculous in your comments about Kerry and Naomi. Bitter Party of One perhaps?
PacificGirl's picture

Bitter? I dont even know

Bitter? I dont even know that OVER THE HILL, hateful to tyra, drug addict, violent, long tall black muscular, itty bitty titty, no hipped man looking naomi. EVERY ADJECTIVE I USED TO DESCRIBE HER IS VERIFIABLY TRUE AND ALL YOUR LIES CANT CHANGE IT.
cassandra29's picture

Love my girl Nana...But Hate

Love my girl Nana...But Hate the blond
star's picture

Kerry is a coke whore...it

Kerry is a coke whore...it shows all over her face

Kerry is a BOSS, Naomi is a

Kerry is a BOSS, Naomi is a BOSS. Kerry is beautiful despite this photoshop mess. Naomi is beautiful, Black Girls Rock.

Naomi is the baddest!

Naomi is the baddest!
IslandVibez's picture

Jesus ♥'s Kerry but her

Jesus ♥'s Kerry but her facial bone structure is morphing into Alien-like proportions....Anywho, pic #1 of Naomi is to die for............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

she paid you to say that her

she paid you to say that her muscular man body is beatiful, didnt she?
cassandra29's picture

I got $75 bucks (u know Jesus

I got $75 bucks (u know Jesus likes to collect money...especially on Sunday)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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