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Chris Brown Confirms He & Rihanna Are "Doing Their Own Thing" & He's Seeing Other Girls+ Iggy Azalea Drops "Bounce" Video + Justin Timberlake Announces "20/20 Experience PART 2" Release Date

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If you're waiting for sweet messages from Rihanna to Chris Brown on his birthday today, you'll be waiting a while.  Because Chris just revealed publicly that he and Rih Rih have gone their separate ways.  And he's seeing other girls.


Check out his latest interview, plus Iggy Azelea's new "Bounce" video and Justin Timberlake's new release date....

Breezy rang in his 24th birthday in Vegas last night.  But it was his new interview, with “The Kyle & Jackie O” radio show, that is catching all the attention.

Apparently, the reason we haven't seen Breezy & Rihanna together in several weeks is because they're now doing their own thing.  Yep, the poster couple for breakups to makeups is currently on a downturn.  But no worries, Chris says he'll always love her.

Chris said on the show,

“The way I look at it is… I’m always going to love that person, but people have differences, and people have different wants and needs.”

“At the end of the day [Rihanna’s] a young girl. I can’t really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young… and I’m young too,” said the birthday boy. “I just got to step forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be, instead of worrying about whoever else is going to be in my side pocket.”

And by side pocket, do we mean Karrueche?  Your ex who showed up at you b-day party in L.A. the other night?  Maybe, since Chris went on to say he's got other women on his mind.

“I want to really see as many girls as possible.  I’m going to do [my birthday] solo. At the end of the day, [Rihanna’s] already doing her thing, she’s on the road…”


Check out the full interview below:


Iggy Azelea just dropped her newest video for her track she released for the UK, "Bounce."


The Aussie rapper is well on her way to releasing her debut studio album The New Classic. And this video was a nod to her love of fantasy. It was shot in Mumbai with elephants walking down the streets and all for goodness sake. Check it.


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-05at101535PM_zpsdadfd189.png

And Justin Timberlake promised a Part 2 to his already double platinum hit album The 20/20 Experience. Tonight, he hopped on Instagram to show himself recording some tracks in the studio while playing the guitar....and the release date was revealed as September 30th. Get suited up, it's coming...



Chris never got back with her

Chris never got back with her out of love anyway. It was more pity and guilt that he felt because she practically begged him to get back and she was the one jumping for joy when he did, not he. Women should learn that tears will only work for a lil while but at the end the man will always leave cause no man wants to live under that pressure, especially types like Chris. I'm sure he loves her but not that much anymore cause he has seen the other side. I feel sorry for her but she had it coming.
Tannygirl's picture

RiRi shouldn't have confessed

RiRi shouldn't have confessed her true feelings to every media outlet that asked her....she probably scared the boy with all the baby talk and commitment-type feelings. Like he said, they're too young for that....have fun and reserve a place for each other to discuss when you're thirty. Anyway, Iggy's video is too cute!!! I like the song too. I know she's Aussie, but she sounds like she's ATL bred all day.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Chris & Rihanna...I don't

Chris & Rihanna...I don't know why but the thirst is real. Iggy!!! Umm, first Work, now this? Loves it...and this video is toooo cute. Another one to add to my workout playlist from her lol
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

I think he just used her to

I think he just used her to get back into the good graces of the public!!!!!! I was a big and die hard fan of his, but after all his mess I have totally changed my mind. This woman forgave him publicly and took harsh backlash for it and this is how she is treated!!!!! SORRY, but no more CB fan here. Love is not a game; either you want it or you don’t, but don’t try to make excuses for it when you don’t!!!!!!
SKY79's picture

I like them together. Still

I like them together. Still do.....You can love them or hate them, but they were perfect for one another. Never cared what anyone thought. They were just doing "them" and needed no ones approval. I can respect that. And they're not so young anymore ppl. Remember that. A few months down the line, they'll be back together. I'm Rooting for these two :)
MsFiFi's picture

Everyone on here judging

Everyone on here judging Chris and Rihanna that has been in their shoes in your early 20s: $50MM+ gross net worth, global fame, could buy anything you want, not a care in the world, and you turned out perfect and didn't make any mistakes, didn't drink, smoke, etc.. please raise your hand. *Blank Stare* Ummkay...that's what I thought. From Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber, all of them wild out eventually. It's what teenage and 20s are for.
PacificGirl's picture

I cant believe he said that.

I cant believe he said that. Wow! You she how shitty guys are? After she professed her love for this man, the main thing hes interested in is sleeping with as many chicks as possible?? Welp, moving on riri. She can do better anyway. Chris is losing his sexy anyway. Black men i tell you smh...they are the worse. He would rather run around with a bunch of rihanna wannabes than the real thing.
Supermodel01's picture

Yea, it's pretty messed up

Yea, it's pretty messed up but then again he's ONLY 24!!! Rihanna is and has been moving wayyyyy too fast!!!!! I think it's good that this time around they broke up on their own terms. And being honest, she looked like she was ready to pull a "I'm on birth control" when she knows she's not trick. He's young and this relationship wasn't healthy anyway. No loss.
Desi's picture

"why window shop when you can

"why window shop when you can own it?" oh well, guess i wont be getting that Cake video now. :-(
shuga's picture

Good for Rihanna's ass!

Good for Rihanna's ass!
CoCo's picture


star's picture

I do not believe anything

I do not believe anything htese two dimwits say or do, Chris and Rihanna will be back together in a few months, that is if they have really ended things, Rihanna cannot stand ot see Chris with another woman and vicesa versa, as for Rihanna getting back with Matt Kemp!! No!!! his baseball career is going well right now, he does not ned Rihanna's vibe stealing his energy.
sweetpea1989's picture

It was ruined when she said

It was ruined when she said in an interview that she wanted to have a baby with him. To a 23 year old male (CB) at the time, he wasn't trying to hear all that. So that was his cue to bolt. He is young, downstairs still hard as bricks, so he wants to soar and whore. In his head there is too much p*s*y and not enough time. What's love got to do with it...
RustyCorliss's picture

Nothing good happens after

Nothing good happens after midnight (all u bitches are probably sinning right now)...Anywho, Jesus figured it all out: RiRi really misses MATT KEMP..her TRUE LOVE. Matt is a real man from head to toe in every aspect of life. She couldnt get him back so she went with Chris for a while b/c he's her Drug & Booze Buddy......case solved.......hoodnite
Jesus H. Christ's picture

that relationship was doomed

that relationship was doomed from the beginning. They both hot-headed and stubborn...so obviously their personalities are gonna clash. I think they're better off apart. Rih needs to find a MAN. She's lost so many years crying over this guy. Chris is young and dumb and both still have alot of growing up to do. I wish them both happiness and maybe they wont come running back to each other like they always do because this time around they broke up on their OWN terms and not the public's.
C00kiesNweeD's picture

yesssssss! I'm

yesssssss! I'm glad. ...Rihanna can do much better than Chris Brown! Get a MAN Rih Rih, and forget about that immature boy.
jjj's picture

I would really like to see

I would really like to see Rihanna back with Matt Kemp. They made such a sexy looking couple.
Peace Silas's picture

I agree with this comment so

I agree with this comment so much I felt the need to log in. Ive been thinking this for some time. I believe Rhianna and Matt Kemp makes a cute and well balanced couple.
Kris's picture

I agree!

I agree!
jjj's picture

I come to not like or support

I come to not like or support either of these two anymore. They're both immature attention starved drug addicts. I tried not to call them that but at this point that's all they are to me.
Keys's picture

So when you were 21 - 24 You

So when you were 21 - 24 You had your sh*t together. These are kids. Doing what kids do. Have a seat! I hate that people have all the advice in the world for these two but they at home single. Mind your grass before you try to cut someone else's. How many people have you dated in your teen/ young adult life?

Right? People kill me

Right? People kill me talking ish about these young celebs. I always say if I had MILLIONS like they have at 21/22 ain't no telling wtf I'd be doing? Nobody would be able to tell me shit either..until I got everything out of my system which might be around mid 30s. They are young and dumb with a ton of money. It's like a kid in a candy store...they are not going to make the best decisions. That's what your 20s is for..to fk up and learn from it.
PacificGirl's picture

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. When I was their age I never behaved like this. Please don't use money and fame as an excuse. Furthermore, how dare you tell me to mind my business on a darn gossip blog . You don't own this blog and you brought your arse on here to either read gossip or add to it. Justbecause you don't like what was said does not give you the right to try and shut anyone up. You're about as "mature" as these two fools.
Keys's picture

I think that's the biggest

I think that's the biggest cop-out. I'm 22 and although I'm nowhere near perfect, I definitely have my stuff together. People need to stop using age as an excuse to be immature and irresponsible.
CheyPie's picture

Well tou better use age as an

Well tou better use age as an excuse. And if your not you should start. Bc guess what when u turn 28-30 you gona still feel 21 and if you take care of yourself, look 21, except everyone will hold you responsible for everything and growing up. If no older person every told you, have fun NOW while you can. Dont be in such a hurry to "have your shit together" at 22. By the time your 24 everything will change. Then again at 26, then again at 28. You wont REALLY know what you want until your thirty. So dont be in a rush! Especially for kids, husband, and a career, you have time!!
Supermodel01's picture

It was and always will be an

It was and always will be an unhealthy relationship so it is good that "for now" they are moving on. I think they are drawn to each other just because they don't want to see each other with other people...then after a few weeks they become bored it is a pattern with them. So sad because they are to young to have so much drama in there lives.
gunmetal nene's picture

So basically CB calling Rih

So basically CB calling Rih Rih a "YOUNG HOE"???? Damnnnn lol well at least that's how I take that comment! By the way HAPPY BDAY CHRIS!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Rihanna was having a few too

Rihanna was having a few too many flashbacks of that beat down. Far too much damage done to have a healthy relationship regardless of the love that may be there.


.....and WHY IS IGGY-WHATEVER ON THIS SITE??? She is not black or fabulous IMO. They are making EVERYONE rappers/singers nowadays. smh.
Classic87's picture

Apparently anyone remotely

Apparently anyone remotely associated with a black person is considered YBF on this site.
CheyPie's picture

Apparently...we can't have

Apparently...we can't have ish to ourselves.
Classic87's picture

I already knew they were

I already knew they were doing their own thing. They are both young, rich and adored by millions of people. Its young love....it rarely lasts nowadays.
Classic87's picture

You are absolutely correct my

You are absolutely correct my dear!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Hahaha omg your avi is

Hahaha omg your avi is cracking me up!!!
Classic87's picture

Lol..you really can't read

Lol..you really can't read it..but it says"GIRL BYE..IT AIN'T EVEN THAT SERIOUS" that's how I feel EVERYTIME I read some of these comments! Hahaha :-)
MsMidwest's picture

True that...it's really not

True that...it's really not that serious. Half the time I'm too lazy to type a comment-I just laugh lol.
Classic87's picture

Yep. This really isn't news.

Yep. This really isn't news. I never wanted them to get back together in the first place, so I'm glad they've finally moved on. Maybe they just needed some closure. And Rih's at all these basketball games lately, maybe she already nabbed a baller?
CheyPie's picture

Right...u know she likes em

Right...u know she likes em athletic.
Classic87's picture

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