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FIGHT NIGHT: Kelly Rowland Sings "The National Anthem" And Lil' Wayne Escorts Floyd Mayweather Jr. To The Boxing Ring...Performing "No Worries"

 photo FloydMayweatherJrvRobertGuerreroqDjAmHoOMRYl.jpg

Over in Vegas for the big fight last night, Kelly Rowland sang the national anthem as Floyd Mayweather prepared to battle Robert Guerrero. Watch the video inside and see Lil' Wayne escort Floyd to the ring....


Last night, boxing fans (and a crowd of 15,880) watched boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. retain his world welterweight championship title after beating Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  He walked away with $32 million after going 12 rounds and being scored 117-111.  All in a day's work.

But before the fight, fans got a side show worth mentioning.  Floyd was escorted to the ring by Lil' Wanye, who seems to have recovered nicely after suffering ANOTHER seizure in the past few days. Apparently Weezy is serving as 50 Cent's "replacement" (because 50 and Floyd are no longer besties).

And for R&B fans, the gorgeous Kelly Rowland took to the center of ring to battle the national anthem. And she won.

Watch Floyd walk to the ring as Lil' Wayne performs "No Worries":

Watch Kelly Rowland sing the national anthem below:


Floyd Mayweather is currently 44-0 with 26 KOs, and plans to fight again on Sept. 14.  That's why they call him "Money."


The Randomness:

1.  Lil' Kim is being sued by her former business manager.  Story.




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cityvibeescorts's picture

Something about that

Something about that rendition is off.....I think she changed too many notes and some of the notes were flat. Unless you've confirmed with several different sources that your changes are uber hot and a must to kill it.....sing it the way it was written and you will do well.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I dislike boxing.

I dislike boxing.
RustyCorliss's picture

Kelly was just OK...she's

Kelly was just OK...she's just a back up singer, she can't SANG.
Reign's picture

I don't enjoy sports where

I don't enjoy sports where the object is the knock out your opponent or seriously hurt them. That's not a sport to me. Just my thoughts... Kelly's rendition of the National Anthem was just all right - nothing special.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Floyd Jr did his thing last

Floyd Jr did his thing last night.... Great win. Kelly is pure DOPENESS.
Yas's picture

Kelly Did Well...She Should

Kelly Did Well...She Should Have Slow It Down Just A Little, She Sound Rushed. Props To Her Because It Was Live, No Lip-Sync, Or Pre- Recorded Foolishness. Good Job Kells.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Like MLK Jr, Jesus doesnt

Like MLK Jr, Jesus doesnt condone violence (Shiiiiiiit.....maybe we should have..look what happend to us...smh.........)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Gotcha!!!! You said something

Gotcha!!!! You said something nice. Sunday May 5, 2013
In God We trust's picture

Welp......you should see what

Welp......you should see what i just said about Beyonce in the LeBron James story....sorry):
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Kelly looking good, you guys

Kelly looking good, you guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have good reads as well
V's picture

I am SO DAMN TIRED of the

I am SO DAMN TIRED of the National f--k--g Anthem. NO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!!!......and that whole scene where lil wayne and all of those people behind him is escorting Floyd out, just looks so lame. (rolls eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I'm tired of hearing mediocre

I'm tired of hearing mediocre singers trying to do it. Kelly know damn well she should not have had her ass there singing that song. Since the days of Marvin & Whitney I would say Monica did it best. Beyonce was average. Bey can sing just good enough to do the anthem. Kelly & Ms. Kerri baby need to go sit down. Christina A. need to learn the words so she can come back & rip it
Somerknight's picture

How can someone get tired of

How can someone get tired of the National Anthem? It's like saying I am tired of the U.S. constitution or Emancipation Proclamation. Your M.O. is to say something negative just because. No ryhme or reason. And for as tiresomely telling people to have a seat, i will and pretend it's musical chairs. Seats are comfortable. Why do they get a bad name. You need to have a graveyard plot, ten feet under. And this is what negative attracts. The need for me to respond to you knowing that's what you want. So i lose to today. (i gave you one, because you're going to respond.) You have to respond. You need to respond. Funny, not until yesterday I realized the comment stamped the time and date. I did like the numerical bullets points. The argument flawed. I laughed out loud when you told me to have a seat. Because I was sitting. I work the night IT shift. I am always sitting. It's a really comfortable chair. I picked it out myself. Took me almost a year to get the approval. So, yes i will take a seat. Thank you.
RustyCorliss's picture

Oh Rusty........smhlmao...

Oh Rusty........smhlmao... Why are you so mad honey? It's not that serious, it's just a blog. I don't know why you come to this blog, but I come here strictly for shits and giggles/entertainment purposes and you're giving me all of that right now with your dumb, emotional comment. I see you are very bothered by the "have a seat" phrase, so i'll give you something you can comprehend a little better. (doing sign language with my hands) SHUT......THE.......F--K......UUUUUP!!!!!!!......aka Have A Seat. LMAOOOO
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I knew you would respond. You

I knew you would respond. You have to. Maybe my sh** and giggles is a different humor than yours. Mine has more humor and cleverness. your humor is elementary, childlike, bow out with simplity of 90s comedy insults (i.e Martin). Really, retarded hand signing, how old is that. Let me upgrade you. (doing my best Farinelli Italian Opera voice extending to a high C) "You're so thirsty --you're more dry than an Ancient Egypt corpse" (Old Kingdom period, c. 2700–2200 B.C). Was that emotional, giggles or maybe i'll keep sitting in my comfortable chair.
RustyCorliss's picture

(squint eyes) Huh? WTF? I

(squint eyes) Huh? WTF? I CAN'T!!!!! LMMFAOOO(at you, not with you)....... Yeah our humor is definitely different. smhlmao...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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