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Laura Govan BURNS WEDDING GOWN In "BLACK MEN" Magazine, Says "'Basketball Wives' DOES NOT Define Me"

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Laura Govan appears in the latest issue of "BLACK MEN" magazine where she burns a wedding gown to re-introduce herself to fans.  Or something.  "Mrs. Arenas" (we think) wants you to know that she's more than one of the "Basketball Wives" and she's annoyed how people view women who are unmarried.  Deets inside...

In the latest issue of BLACK MEN magazine, Laura Govan attempts to re-introduce herself to the world outside of the ill-fated "Basketball Wives LA" show (which we seriously suspect won't be returning next year).

After her sister Gloria Govan revealed on last year's reunion show that Laura and "fiance" Gilbert Arenas have actually been married for three years (though Laura won't confirm it), Laura explained to the magazine that she has a few issues with "weddings".   

"I just don't like the way the public perceives women who aren't married vs. the way they perceive women that are. People place so much value on having a great wedding instead of having a great relationship; that's why you see people get married and divorced so quickly. I've been with the same man for 12 years, we have four children and we're happy. Focus on that."

We guess Laura doesn't want us to focus on all the times Gilbert abandoned her or that she had four kids with him before he finally wife'd her up. But at least they're happy and married (maybe) now.  

In an attempt to re-brand herself, she says she's more than one of the "Basketball Wives" and wants people to know who she really is.

"For me burning the dress in the photo was my way of re-introducing myself; for many people my name is synonymous with "Basketball Wives" and although that's part of me, it doesn't define me. I just felt like "Let's start fresh. Hi. My name is Laura Govan, ignore the BS you think you may know and get to know the real me."

It's interesting that Laura's trying so hard to distance herself away from "weddings" and "marriage" since her next shot in the spotlight will be as one of Nene Leakes bridemaids on "I Dream of Nene".  Time will tell if America takes any interest....



Laura Leave that dam Sugery

Laura Leave that dam Sugery alone.. You look like a man in the face..BYE!!!!!'

Tell the truth!!!!!Doesn't

Tell the truth!!!!!Doesn't she really look like a transvestite?
d.g.ward's picture

It's so sad how these thirsty

It's so sad how these thirsty ass females work so hard to get on a show.....then dawg the show....Talk alot of shit and pretend to be bad while on the show.....then wanna try and prove to us that they are better than the show and want us to see them differently than what they portray on the show. Get Tha Fuck Outa Here!!

wow what's up with this

wow what's up with this chick's nose?...that shit looks Fucked.
star's picture

This money hungry chick is

This money hungry chick is not relevant...these mags need to spotlight real working women who look good, keep it together without having to spread our legs for dollars....and TRUST we bring it in the bedroom...believe that!...real women work hard, and play harder!...money hungry hoes always look for the easy way out...putting themselves down to try to get UP...that's over and done...no respect for her and women like her!
Afroch1c's picture

This muskrat is still

This muskrat is still relevant? why?
Realist's picture

lol!! not a muskrat tho! i

lol!! not a muskrat tho! i was thinking more along the lines of a cockatoo or a nightingale but a muskrat.....lol!!! nuckin futs! marriage certificates are public. if she's married its easy to find out.
shuga's picture

Did they really use this

Did they really use this picture??If they did...no comment.
Missy's picture

chick do look like a

chick do look like a velociraptor or some prehistoric bird type ish....lol. they dont like her if they published this. maybe this is the comedy issue.
shuga's picture

The few times I've seen or

The few times I've seen or heard this chick she acts stupid & rude. People base their opinions of her on the way SHE chooses to behave. Stop trying to b.s. the public. Chile please...

Moving on to the next story.

Moving on to the next story.
THE BUSINESS's picture

These athlete wives need to

These athlete wives need to either sh** or get off the pot. Admit that you were an unambitious groupie, conveniently only going to places where you knew athletes would be to increase your chances of snagging one, far from college or work,lucky enough to be recruited to the big leagues aka wife/BM. OR walk away from all the perks that come with these men and create your own identity. These women were complete nobodies before these men, at least be respectful enough to give him props for creating you.
Lisa's picture

Say that Lisa. Yes ma'am you

Say that Lisa. Yes ma'am you went in very respectful.

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