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YBF KIDS: T.I. & Tiny's Baby Girl Zonnique GETS GORGE AT PROM With Rocko's Son + Reginae & Dhea Get Cutesy + Justin Combs Starts Spring Football Practice At UCLA

 photo d3ebc6aa43a92eb811b681a1334bd9c0_zpsb4e8041d.jpeg

Tameka "Tiny" Cottle's daughter & T.I.'s stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins is all grown up.  Check out her gorgeous prom look that has everybody wondering how old she REALLY is, plus Reginae Carter chillin' with her dad's girlfriend (possible fiancee) Dhea and Justin Combs hitting the football field at UCLA....


 photo photo5_zpsc48bb756.png

She's 17-years-old and not quite a high school senior, but OMG Girlz member Zonnique "Star" Pullins was asked to prom by rapper Rocko's son.  And the twosome revealed their gorge pictures last night:

  photo BJeFNxrCEAE631yjpg_large_zps19d81307.jpg

 photo 282289_251937988286127_2121118471_n_zpsaa91a131.jpg

T.I. might want to go get those guns back that the Feds confiscated.  It looks like he's gonna need them.  The Harrises oldest kid is showing how she's growing into a gorgeous woman, and we're surprised TIP let her leave the house without throwing a few coats on her chest to cover her up.  Y'all know how overprotective daddies do.

Before Zonnique and "A1 Uno" zoomed off to Westlake High School prom on a rainy Atlanta night Saturday, the two posed for pics at home. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-05at15846PM_zps8fba2ab9.png

Loving Niq Niq's dress--for her--and the makeup is pretty as usual.  We hear they were the highlight of the prom, as to be expected when the kiddies of two rappers make a big entrance together. 

Proud mama Tiny tweeted about how proud she was of her first born, and T.I. called his baby girl absolutely "beautiful."

Check out their Keek video from the car below:




Zonnique's ex-OMG Girlz groupmate Reginae Carter posted some fun silfies with her dad Lil Wayne's "fiancee" Dhea:

 photo f9ba93fcb4fe11e29e1922000a9f4dd0_7_zps0dc1bf73.jpg

She flashed that yellow diamond ring that Weezy still won't admit is an engagement ring.  Meanwhile, Nae's mom Toya Wright is chillin in Cabo on vacay with friends.


And Diddy's son Justin Combs is back on the football field at UCLA for spring practice.  The cutie was redshirted during his Freshman year last season and is there on a full football scholarship:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-05at20415PM_zps0933b6a4.png

And he signed some autographs for a few kid fans who came out to watch:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-05at20351PM_zpsc07ad664.png  photo ScreenShot2013-05-05at20405PM_zps129b2a1f.png 



The Randomness:

1.  Now that Miami Heat star Mario Chalmers has a contract extension and more money, his baby moms is taking him back to court to get more child support money.  STORY


Photos: Instagram




right that little girl have

right that little girl have grown
diamond's picture

Zonnique looks gorge!!! Can't

Zonnique looks gorge!!! Can't believe daddy let dem girls hang out tho....he probably had to stay in his room to avoid making her change. LOL Justin is adorable. I hate to say it, but that chick Dhea looks like a hobbit in the face. Wayne just wants to collect chicks from different cultures....that's his hobby. Ha!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Zonique is a beautiful young

Zonique is a beautiful young lady, but I would not allow any child living in my home to leave wearing something with her chi chi's hanging out. That was a little excessive, but if the Harris' like it, I love it.
SassyFace11's picture

she is pretty and that

she is pretty and that dress.... <3
diamond's picture

that dress is way too

that dress is way too revealing for a girl her age ... but hey, "it's 2013"
PleaseTakeaSeat's picture

im probably the least

im probably the least conservative person that posts here (at least thats how i usually feel) and there is no friggin way i would let my baby girl out with all that tittie meat showing. i also have a son and i know he couldnt handle seeing all of that at the prom. its just too too much. beautiful dress but way too mature for a child. consenting adults can do it all but a teenager is not an adult. a teenager is a child.
shuga's picture

Blue hair is GHETTO for any

Blue hair is GHETTO for any age. Yuck! As for Lil Wayne's chick... it must be her ass cause it ain't her face. He downgraded!
DreadfulBeauty's picture

cosign. smurf hair is

cosign. smurf hair is ALWAYSSSSSS 'hood.
wildlife's picture

Where is TI,This is ashame,i

Where is TI,This is ashame,i thought he was the Head,on the show he act like he have control,when it comes to his children,this is what i call fake,and where is her dad?,some schools don't allowed the girls to go looking like that he's looking like a lill boy and she's looking like a grown woman,But it's not this child to blame,it's the parents,TI you done mess up we see Tiny is in control of that house..I quess you were on the road,yea right!!!!

I blame this on Tiny. What

I blame this on Tiny. What kind of mother with a darn brain would allow her 16 or 17 year old to wear a dress showing that much cleavage? Common sense should rule not fashion or showbiz. I'm done with Tiny and TI. All that fake parenting they do on the show is just for TV. Who they really are shows outside of the cameras.
Keys's picture

Me too. It would look

Me too. It would look classier to me for a teenager if it was covered up.
Tren's picture




wildlife's picture

That dress, specifically the

That dress, specifically the cleavage area, is too mature for a 17 year old. Point. Blank. Period.

Hair is hideous, Shekinah

Hair is hideous, Shekinah must have done it. Anyway, she's still a beautiful girl and he's very handsome. I didn't know Rocko had a son so old, I was wondering who Monica was talking about when she instagrammed them and said her oldest son, I wish she would let it go....couldn't be my wife always shouting out her ex and his family..
Secret's picture

People acting like its the

People acting like its the end of the world..cause she wore that dress..FOH! Nique ALWAYS look her age..prom just one damn night to show off..I forgot you blog MUTHAFUCKAS are perfect people...rightttttt lmaoooo!!!!!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

folks are not upset with the

folks are not upset with the girl. people are asking a justified question as to why a parent, ANY parent, would allow their teenage daughter to go to an event with her breasts almost fully exposed. do you think cliff and clair huxtable would allow their kids to wear that bullshit?? absolutely, fucking NO! more time was probably spent in finding that outfit than filling out college applications for the fall. in fact, i'm willing to bet this girl will NOT be matriculating in any institution of higher learning. best believe ti and tiny will be grandparents sooner rather than later.
wildlife's picture


I TOTALLY DISAGREE..I have been in high school and trust and believe I was the girl who dressed a little bit grown but guess what..I graduated with honors and NO BABIES! But my good friend who was the GOOD GIRL dressed covered all up and wasn't allowed to date..had a baby Senior year and dropped out of school. I finished school and went to college and to this day I don't have kids and I have a GREAT career in the healthcare field. So don't sit here and tell me that BULLSHIT about them becoming grandparents because of a prom dress or how she dresses PERIOD! We don't know what kind of student she is by seeing her on INSTAGRAM or TV please! People kill always trying to judge people and their parenting skills..what works for you and your family DONT work for the next! IJS it's my opinion and just like yours..it don't mean a damn thing at the end of the day! Be Blessed! O yeah and I personally don't know ANYBODY who had parents like the huxtables honey..That was a TV family they wrote them into the perfect family sweetie..that shit was not REAL! And tell me this then I'm SOOO done..How do you know if they don't already know what college she is going to?? She might already be accepted into a college! You don't know just like I don't know. I'm so lost at how the FUCK people think they really know what these celebs..do in their personal lives! It just blows the HELL out of me SMDH!
MsMidwest's picture

I don't think the dress

I don't think the dress reflects who or what she will be when she grows up but it is a matter of a time and a place for everything. Childhood is short adulthood is forever and now is the time for her to dress act and behave like a child. When we dress little girls like grown women we run the risk of others talking to them and treating them like women before their time. She is dressed provocatively no question and this picture is surely spread over social media it's no telling what may be said to her. Not saying it's right that people speak sexually to a provocatively dressed woman it's just life and is it really worth running that risk to have your child face that for a dress I don't think so.
Mouse's picture

MsMidwest, being that, in

MsMidwest, being that, in your words, you "dressed grown," I think your point of view is slanted. You are getting angry like you are personally affected by someone else's opinions. You are so damn angry. You must be a friend or relative of them because it's not that serious. Blogs are meant to create conversation. Not every POV is going to be the same. You don't have to like them, but what someone else eats, doesn't make you shyt. I think the dress is WAY too grown for her. A 17 year old has no business walking about the house with her breasts exposed like that. Her parents should not have allowed it. Girls/women today are so sexualized, and then we wonder why many men have no respect. I don't know this child. I have no idea what her future will be, and that's not my concern. But any decent person can see that this dress is showing too much. Sorry, but that's the way some of us think. Oh, and just because YOU don't know any parents like the Huxtable's doesn't mean they don't exist. The world's a huge place and we always don't know what's going on outside our certain area.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Yeah Im sure it's her or one

Yeah Im sure it's her or one of her little friends....LMAO
star's picture

LOL!!! I figured she was

LOL!!! I figured she was since she was all emotional about it.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Lmao I don't think half of

Lmao I don't think half of you hoes can read...nowhere in my post does it say I'm still in high school so how am I her or one of her friends????..I clearly stated that I went to COLLEGE! DONT THAT MEAN IM AN ADULT???lol & for the record I'm not emotional about this post AT ALL I just stated my opinion and you bitches jumped on my shit LAMOOOO...WHY YOU MAD DOE????
MsMidwest's picture

I stand by what I posted and

I stand by what I posted and it's MY VIEW..IT IS WHAT IT IS! ANGRY??? I ain't angry at ALL I just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico! HAHAHAHA
MsMidwest's picture

Oh, I'm sure you do, sweetie.

Oh, I'm sure you do, sweetie. LOL!!!
Sunflower Jones's picture

I'm so sorry if I had you

I'm so sorry if I had you thinking I GAVE 2 FUCKS about your comments or this post because I ran out of FUCKS TO GIVE 100 YEARS AGO! HAHAHAHA Now move right along and find you some BUSINESS..I'm done playing with you kid!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

that dress is inappropriate

that dress is inappropriate for an underage girl. in addition, i know a TON of people, including myself, who grew up like the huxtables. just because you've never seen it in real life doesn't mean it doesn't exist. and yes, i stand by what i wrote, that girl is not going to any college in the fall.
wildlife's picture


star's picture

*Grabs banana takes bit*

*Grabs banana takes bit* that's why we will NEVER see eye to eye..the HUXTABLES are FAKE and I don't fuck with FAKE PEOPLE OR GET THEIR POINT OF VIEW..SORRY! I live in REALITY..I don't follow made for TV families lifestyles! Now just keep it moving right along!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

The Dress Is Not Appropriate

The Dress Is Not Appropriate For A 17yr Old With All Of Those Tiddies. My Dad Would Have Been Livid.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture

Zonnique and Justin are

Zonnique and Justin are growing up!! She looked great I love her hair colors (blue, purple or green-take your pick).
AnoniNYC12's picture


MsMidwest's picture

The dress is pretty it just

The dress is pretty it just needed more coverage over the boobage. This is too much exposure for pretty much anyone.
Denise2007's picture

Did Tiny make that dress? Cuz

Did Tiny make that dress? Cuz it looks like something she would wear. Not the most flattering...still, Zonnique is a cute girl. It was VERY rainy here in Atl yesterday so I hope they had a good time despite the weather. Nice to see Diddy's son doing his thing at UCLA.

T.I. is slipping. Now this

T.I. is slipping. Now this the time to be overprotective and controlling. Usually, he is tripping over nothing but he should have spoke up about this dress. This is WAY too much cleavage for a teenager attending a high school prom. Boys are this age already have raging hormones, he doesn't need to be looking at her EXPOSED breast all evening.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Pretty girl, pretty dress,

Pretty girl, pretty dress, but too exposed for a young girl. We wonder why girls/women are being sexualized so damn much.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Chest is all I see. The world

Chest is all I see. The world will perv on a 17 year old girl. Good luck Tip.
Yas's picture

She looks gorgeous. Although

She looks gorgeous. Although I must admit there was a little too much boobs. And I don't want to sound old as hell, but what is Keek?
IslandVibez's picture

Omg T.I's baby is grown now!

Omg T.I's baby is grown now! I kind of wish she'd nix that blue hair, but she's a beautiful girl.
cutethatsall56's picture

My mother would've stuck her

My mother would've stuck her foot out and tripped me, before she let me walk out the house with my boobies showing like that.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

That was my first thought to

That was my first thought to but it's a new day I guess. I know I won't let my daughter do it though
Mouse's picture

Neither will I.

Neither will I.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Get back to Jesus when she

Get back to Jesus when she turns 18 (if she's still pure)...anywho, Jesus will be watching Justin Combs every move this year to see if he EVEN PLAYS...we know that scholarship was a FRAUD!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Dang, that little girl have

Dang, that little girl have grown! TI gonna have problems with her lol. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads too
V's picture

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