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MET BALL MESS UP: Kanye & Kim K. Facing Crazy Criticsm Over Kim's Last Minute Givenchy Alterations...And That Dress

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This may be Kim's first...and last visit to the Met Ball.  Anna Wintour shunned her for years, and finally after gaining admission with boyfriend Kanye West who's performing, fashion critics are going in on her Givenchy alterations and the entire look.  But is it that much of a disaster?


Check out Kim's floral frock that has everyone praying the fashion gods will come and lay blessings on her inside....

You luck up on an invite to the 2013 Met Ball and you tap Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy to custom design your gown.  And this is what you and up with.

 photo PUNKChaosCoutureCostumeInstituteGalakWbOp2kIwWgl_zps7bfcf0c4.jpg

The all over floral print floor length gown complete with a train, a turtle neck and long sleeves is enough to make your eyes squint for relief, but it's the fashion critics who are going in extra hard on social media about Kim K.'s look tonight.

While this is officially called the Costume Institute Gala and risque looks are more than welcomed, Kim's look at The Metropolitan Museum of Art tonight may have just set some people off.

 photo 262576_746429203459_78106427_n_zpsc1b8d487.jpg

Life & Style reports that the dress has gone through 5 alteration overhauls due to Kim's growing body.  And since she's pregnant, this is to be expected.  But reportedly, according to the tabloid, Kanye is pissed that Kim's new stylist allegedly demanded...very last minute...to add sleeves to the dress because the stylist didn't want Kim's arms exposed.

"She had the Givenchy severely altered at the last minute on orders of her new stylist," a fashion insider tells Life & Style.

"She's gained a lot of weight in her arms and her stylist has told her she should not show them off," the insider says. "So her dress now has sleeves when it was sleeveless before."

Continues the source, "Kanye is annoyed, as the dress is by his best friend Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy, and he feels embarrassed that Kim is messing with a beautiful piece of art."

A pregnant woman's body is always beautiful.  But should Kim have chosen a different dress to flatter her new bod?  You decide....



The dress was a fail...but

The dress was a fail...but she's caring a child and I think that's beautiful.
Lola's picture

That's who stole my

That's who stole my grandmama's kitchen curtains!!!!! Horrible..just horrible.
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Why do people keep saying

Why do people keep saying that Kim was not invited? Where do people get these crazy stories. Not only was she nvited (I saw the list), but designers flocked their dresses to her so that she would wear them. She chose this one as the first one didn't fit well...and I like this couture givenchy. She looks good. Plus there is no way any organization would be crazy enough not to invite Kim...she has the media following which every gala needs. She is media ...and command the media right now... She sells newspapers, magazines etc. They would be crazy not to invite her...crazy. Everyone who puts up a show wants media following ...she brings that. The paparazzi love her...there is a guarantee that the gala would be talked about beyond NYC and to the rest of the world because of her. Otherwise do you think someone in Oklahoma, China or UK would bother to know about the met gala? They will know because of Kim and because they buy magazines with her name in it. So people don't lie to yourselves...they invite her, they send her free dresses, they want her ...because she will sell their stuff. People will see the photos and buy the dress. They need her more than she needs them. It is business at the end of the day.
Sarahnyc's picture

"The paparazzi love

"The paparazzi love her...there is a guarantee that the gala would be talked about beyond NYC and to the rest of the world because of her" - This is laughable. Especially since Beyonce is an honorary chair along with Oscar Winner Anne Hathaway. The Met Gala is talked about globally every year and no one person is the reason for that. You must be an intern or Jonathan Cheban. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

LoL I agree with you on that

LoL I agree with you on that either a fan or Johnathan I saw the list well if they saw the list then they saw Kim's dress and they didn't tell her that her arms look infused to her dress like a Goyte video
nikkool's picture

you saw the list?? who are

you saw the list?? who are you??? it's a fact that kim has NEVER been invited to this annual event. she was invited this year because she's pregnant with kanye's kid.
wildlife's picture

The question is who are you

The question is who are you and who lied to you that she was never invited? Did you get that from the tabloid that tell you lies to sell papers? She was invited last year and she has been invited this year. I have the list here with me. Want to meet me at Starbucks and see it?
Sarahnyc's picture

why in the hell would i, OR

why in the hell would i, OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER, meet someone in person from an urban blog??? lol R U NUTZ?!? until anna's office releases a press statement, which they won't, i'm not believing kimmy cakes was invited to this event in the past.
wildlife's picture

Also she might be commending

Also she might be commending media now but thats because of who shes dating and the fact shes pregnant...if she wasnt dating Kanye or pregnant she would just be equal like other celebrities afterall every other celebrity have their own base and last years own was well talked about without a kardasian in sight
HAPPY's picture

I have nothing against Kim

I have nothing against Kim but you LIED in this one.....Kim was only invited because she is Kanye West Girlfriend and Kanye was scheduled to perform....how can you say Kim was invited last year?...Kim loves the Met gala and always wanted to attend...so how would she miss such if she was invited? even if it means bringing mama Jenner along?.......also designer do not give Kim clothes for FREE.....it is well known that she has to buy their clothes off the rack....she is wearing givenchy here and the creative designer is Kanye West best/close friend, Ricardo ....so she could get that for free......i have to commend her she knows how to use to men to get to the top (which i weirdly commend her)..... i know you love her but please do not Lie......
HAPPY's picture

Kim is one dimensional when

Kim is one dimensional when it comes to fashion and now that she's pregnant, can't figure out what looks good on her. This was a disaster when she really could've been the talk in a positive way as a pregnant woman wearing couture correctly. I can't wait to hear Joan Rivers' comments.
PacificGirl's picture

Her new stylist thought her

Her new stylist thought her pregnant arms shouldn't be on display, but would rather magnify her larger frame by shrink wrapping it in someone's loud azz meemaw floral curtain? Isn't it ironic. Arms or no arms, alterations or no alterations I'm starting to think someone is out to get Kim. No one tried to stop this?? Anywho, her makeup and hair are gorgeous...
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Not true...that is how the

Not true...that is how the dress was from the start. They brought her dresses and she choose this one as a second choice...it was a complete dress with the sleeves. Plus she doesn't have a new stylist.
Sarahnyc's picture

Not true...that is how the

Not true...that is how the dress was from the start. They brought her dresses and she choose this one as a second choice...it was a complete dress with the sleeves. Plus she doesn't have a new stylist.
Sarahnyc's picture

Such a shame this is who a

Such a shame this is who a genius like Kanye chose to procreate with someone like this. She is not his equal and he's gonna feel it...I expected more from him. He should have followed Jay's example and had a child with his equal. Instead he settled with a social climber. Such a shame.
jexy66's picture

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RichFish's picture

I CAN'T.......Kim should have

I CAN'T.......Kim should have NEVER-EVER hooked up with Kanye and allowed him to dress her and/or some new stylist dress her. The dress is actually nice but its so not for her body type and height, ugh.......Kim K is no longer a bad bish, smdh
Naomi's picture

She looks okay as opposed to

She looks okay as opposed to her recent photos - at least no shade is being thrown on her as to whether she is actually carrying a baby or fake baby bump..... not like someone we know...just sayin....
lifeisgood's picture

I don't like Kim or Kanye,

I don't like Kim or Kanye, but I actually think Kim looks nice here. Its obvious that this dress was made for her body: so it *fits*. It doesn't appear too tight. In other pictures her clothes are dimpling & the seams are screaming for mercy--but I actually think this floral gown flatters her. I mean she is pregnant: why downplay it. And Kanye actually looks like he showered. LOL

I mean who wouldn't look good

I mean who wouldn't look good in floral spandex...
Bean1920's picture

I think Kim looks gorgeous!

I think Kim looks gorgeous! one of my favourite looks of the night actually. The only reason the dress is receiving criticism is only because its on Kim! no one wanted her to come in the first place so whatever she would have came in would still have be deemed as the worst dress. Beyonce's dress was way ugly than Kim's in my opinion. Her boots also matched with her dress so why isn't anyone criticising her? oh yeah, it's because it's beyonce!
BL's picture

The dress is just ugly I dont

The dress is just ugly I dont care who was wearing it. I just thought Kim would have done a little better than that she use to dress cute before she got into the all black leather phase
nikkool's picture

She looks great..it is

She looks great..it is fashion! And stop lying about Kanye being upset...he wants what his woman wants. Kim looks great..she is the most beautiful woman there....everyone else looks fake. She looks real...a pregnant, classy lady. Good for her. You are beautiful and great hearted. So enjoy the party!
Sarahnyc's picture

The most beautiful woman

The most beautiful woman there? Not even close, I'll give that to Bey and Kerry.
KENNEDY78's picture

kim's lipstick is nice...

kim's lipstick is nice...
wildlife's picture

@kayla1010 and

@kayla1010 and username.......please go have a seat. Kim, deserves all the backlash she's receiving cause she look a hot mess. She has no talent and is only staying in the cameras because she can't afford to be relevant. She looks a hot mess and like everyone else who is in the spotlight she is being judged for her poor judgement in her fashion choices. Get over it!!! Survey says.......she look a hot mess!!!!!!

Surprisingly I don't hate it

Surprisingly I don't hate it on her...its just very very busy.
SadieJade's picture

Poor Kim...I know she will

Poor Kim...I know she will NOT have any more babies because pregnancy does Not agree with her and she cannot hide her displeasure with it.
star's picture

kim's dress is a mess..i cant

kim's dress is a mess..i cant believe beyonce demanded fresh tiolet seats though....i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

lmao. omg............her face

lmao. omg............her face looks pretty but that gone with the wind dress is HILARIOUS!
sexe757's picture

I've never seen bulks of

I've never seen bulks of flowers look so bad. It's like puke print, and it covers her fingers, gross creepy factor. It's all quite frightening to look at and is very hard on the eyes.
ArtofAnAngel's picture

The dress is a no-no...but it

The dress is a no-no...but it might have looked better without the sleeve/glove action (that's a big MIGHT). I think she should have gone with a nice big bun instead of a ponytail with a part down the middle. Get rid I of the read lip and go with a nude color with heavy smokey eyes. I don't know I'm just trying to make sense of all of this lol.
AnoniNYC12's picture

That dress gets a huge HELL

That dress gets a huge HELL NO! I would have stayed home before wearing that floral comforter. Btw Kim is getting no more ill treatment than any other "celeb" that people don't like. This goes with the territory. When you're famous for doing nothing but screwing multiple athletes-singers then have a sex tape you should expect people to be in your arse alot. They give Beyonce hell too and she's done none of these things. Get over it.
Keys's picture


"MET BALL MESS UP" - LOL I originally read that as "MeatBall Mess" LMAO so dead
AnoniNYC12's picture

Took a break from typing, but

Took a break from typing, but continued to read the comments over the last 4 days and I see Nothing ~ nada~zilch~zip has changed. I did note my writing style was swagga jacked on some posts ~ SMH :-| ~ Damn ~ where's the originality?¿ And as for K. Kardashian's outfit ~ in the words of André Leon Talley ~ "A FAMINE FOR FASHION!¡"
GetUrLife's picture

Life and Style? the most

Life and Style? the most lying tabloid next to the Enquirer? come on now? I am so upset with Kim for this crap, all the leather that she loves to wear and the one night she should have worn it, she choses this? Kim Knows better than this, she could not possibly think this dress was a good idea, with or without sleeves, she is already pregnant and then you put flowers on her? that is crazy, and Kanye is Crazy for this, I blame him because he should have said something as well. I almost feel like Kim was set up, it feels like one of those mean girl movies when the mean girls get the drab girl and tell her they will make her over and they tell her she loooks beautiful while laughing behind her back and send her out looking a mess. Kim is known for her impecable fashion and she has allowed Kanye to mess up her style, that woman could dress her a** off, but these last few months since she has been listening to Kanye, she has been a mess, now the pregnancy wear that people complain about, I like a lot of what she has worn, I think a lot of her maternity stuff has been cute, but this is a no no she had to know it, the stylist needs to be fired. I just knew she would shut the haters up tonight but this is the worst disaster she had worn yet, and I am a Kim K supporter because I think she is a sweet girl that gets a bad rap from ignorant people but I cannot even defend this, Kanye needs to be mad at himself and Kim need to go back to Monica Rose and start getting her fashion sense back when she has her baby and lose her weight. Ugggggghhhhhhhh what a mess.
kayla1010's picture

Kim just be trying too damn

Kim just be trying too damn hard. She's looked a hot mess this whole pregnancy when she could have been so cute
Bird's picture

Kim still wants to be in the

Kim still wants to be in the spot light even though she is fat and pregnant. What is she thinking.Kim looks horrible in all maternity clothes who is her stylist take a tip from kate middleton

What an ugly gown....Kanye

What an ugly gown....Kanye was this your choice?....lol
star's picture

If you don't leave this woman

If you don't leave this woman alone. It could be considered bullying the way people attack her. Anna Wintour shunning Kim is a rumor that Kim and Anna have denied many times. And just like when anybody gets slammed for wearing an 'ugly' piece to the met gala, the answer is the designer chooses what you wear. Usually, you get slim to no say in what you wear. Anna's dress was ugly as well. And Beyonce was made an honorary member, meaning she makes no decisions.
Username's picture

Oh it is straight up

Oh it is straight up bullying, it is the worst that I have ever seen in my life, not only your regular haters, but the tabloids and the blogs are in on it too, it's a total embarrassment, and they wonder why our children are bullied. That stupid rumor was just that but the tabloids and haters have to run with it because now they look stupid, the girl had to work and Kanye went by himself, it was that simple. This whole fat shaming of Kim is ridiculous, she is no fatter than any other pregnant woman, and when she has that baby, I am sure she will be back on her A game, one thing people should learn about Kim by now is that she is determined, she will probably look 10 times better than she looked before pregnancy, and she will rub it in the face of the haters like never before, their heads will expolde, but pregnancy aside, and pregnancly wardrobe aside, which I happen to like, this dress is a no and that is honest observation.
kayla1010's picture

Octo Mom reincarnated.

Octo Mom reincarnated.
Iridescent One's picture

Beyonce was on the planning

Beyonce was on the planning committee. I wonder why she did not invite Ci error ?
xedos's picture


xedos's picture

Were we suppose to laugh at

Were we suppose to laugh at that. Beyonce is not on the planning committee. She was invited like everyone else.

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