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*CLOSED* RSVP NOW For YBF's Exclusive May 7th Screening Of "The Great Gatsby" In Washington, D.C.! (FIRST 200 RSVP'S ONLY!)

*Please note, the form is now closed as capacity was reached in less than 10 minutes*


It's YBF's SUMMER OF GATSBY EXPERIENCE!  Washington, D.C. area YBF readers are invited to an EXCLUSIVE, YBF ONLY May 7th screening of one of the biggest movies hitting theaters this spring/summer.   Only the first 200 RSVPers will enter.  RSVP inside!




TheYBF.com has teamed up with Allied Media & Warner Bros. to host a screening for The Great Gatsby, exclusively for D.C. area YBF readers! 

With Jay-Z at the helm of the soundtrack, which also has plenty of YBF artists featured like Beyonce, Andre 3000 and more, it's only right that YBF readers get an advanced screening of the film (opening nationwide May 10th).

The first 200 D.C. area YBF readers to RSVP (as well as being one of the first 200 RSVPers to ARRIVE at the event on May 7th) will attend YBF's exclusive screening in D.C. at the AMC Lowes Georgetown Theater! 

And there's more...

The first 30 YBF readers to RSVP will ALSO be admitted to YBF's exclusive pre-screening VIP cocktail Tastemaker reception with Natasha at the Ritz Carlton Georgetown!

YBF's Summer of Gatsby Experience VIP Cocktail Reception: May 7th, Ritz Carlton Georgetown | Degrees Bistro, 5:30pm-7:00pm
YBF Summer of Gatsby Experience Movie Screening: May 7th, AMC Loews Georgetown, 7:00pm-10:00pm




ONLY 200 YBF readers total will be admitted to the screening as this is the theater's capacity.  You MUST be a D.C. Area resident to RSVP.





Well got my email

Well got my email confirmation around 12! :)

Just got my confirmation

Just got my confirmation email to the cocktail party! So excited, cant wait!!
ashcal's picture

just got a confirmation

just got a confirmation e-mail for the cocktail reception and screening at 12:08. Thanks YBF!
jayofel06's picture

Does the invite specifically

Does the invite specifically say for the cocktail reception? Mine only list getting in to the movie...guess I didn't make the first 30 :(
CnvnientAmneisa's picture

Same thing happened to me. I

Same thing happened to me. I kept trying to submit form and it said "form already submitted" :(
kd2000's picture

This is cray! I know 200

This is cray! I know 200 people haven't RSVP for this event already! I've been trying since 10:00am and havent had any luck! I hope I got in!
Frazier88's picture

the entire process was

the entire process was extremely confusing . . . registered over 35 minutes ago and still haven't received a confirmation. Good luck to the ladies who will attend, but I wouldn't suggest going and wasting time to stand in line (only to be turned away) should you not be one of the 200 ladies who actually took time to register.
CarmelCreme's picture

I started looking for the

I started looking for the form at 10 am, finally saw it posted, tried numerous times, said I had already entered but I never received a confirmation email or web page=(
Nicole_2012's picture

This is complete BS. I WAS on

This is complete BS. I WAS on the page and logged in before 10am. I submitted my entry and it made no alert that it went thru or not. When I went to do it again just in case it said that it had already been submitted. Either way I never received any kind of confirmation email, so I dont know what to think at this point. I really hope that it did work.

I'm having the same issue.

I'm having the same issue. Please advise
cvstarlight's picture

I had similiar problems.

I had similiar problems. Never saw a confirmation page and it says I've already submitted.
StyleProxy's picture

Try closing and reopening the

Try closing and reopening the web page...I did that and it worked!
cadiva27's picture

@Valks97 I had the same

@Valks97 I had the same problem, check and see if you are logged in because once i realized that, it made sense. Log in again and then submit the form. You shouldn't have any problems then. When I did that my form went through.
blahblah2810's picture

When should we expect an

When should we expect an email confirmation if we were in the first group that RSVPed?

Jasmine, does your post mean

Jasmine, does your post mean that you had no trouble RSVP'ing?
valks97's picture

At the time it seemed like it

At the time it seemed like it was normal but i never got a confirmation email. I know i was logged in because I had double checked that before 10.

When I try to submit the RSVP

When I try to submit the RSVP form, it says that I've already submitted the form. There isn't a confirmation page as theybf says there will be. Frustrating! I've been refreshing my screen since 10am EST and when it finally came on (about 10:05am EST), it doesn't work!!!! WTF YBF??!!
valks97's picture

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