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UNCLE SAM SHOCKER! Lauryn Hill SENTENCED To THREE Months For Federal TAX Evasion

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Despite paying off her tax debt (at the last minute) Lauryn Hill was sentened to three months in federal prison for tax evasion! Find out the specifics of the judge's ruling inside and see what Kelis named her new album...

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Although Lauryn Hill's lawyer told the media that she'd paid off nearly $970,000 in state and federal tax liabilities, a Newark, NJ judge sentenced her to three months in a federal prison today. 

During the hearing, Lauryn defended her mounting tax debt, explaining that she dropped out of the music business but had always intended to fix her situation.

"I was put into a system I didn't know the nature of. ... I'm a child of former slaves. I got into an economic paradigm and had that imposed on me."  She added, "I sold 50 million units ... now I'm up here paying a tax debt. If that's not likened to slavery, I don't know what is."

Despite her plea, the judge in the case was unmoved by the statement and sentenced Lauryn to 3 months behind bars, 3 months of house arrest AND 9 months of supervised release!

If Ms. Hill felt imprisoned by the system before.....what's a real conviction going to do to her psyche?

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By the way, the judge ordered Lauryn to report to prison by July 8. We wonder if she will go all "Tupac" in the studio and bang out as many tracks as she can BEFORE she goes on lockdown?



And in other music news....

 photo 63f75128.jpg

Kelis has announced that FOOD will be her next studio album.  Produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, and set for release through his label Federal Prism, the disc is expected to drop in September.  The lead single, "Jerk Ribs" (previously labeled "Call On Me") is already stirring up buzz for album.  

Photos via Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images North America



I can't lie, I thought that

I can't lie, I thought that was Diggy Simmons at first glace
KayHali's picture

I dont really believe in

I dont really believe in karma but maybe thats what this is for pretending to be pregnant by Wyclef and then having babies by Rohan Marley while he was married. "everybody hurts, sometime"
shuga's picture

Both of them low life n8ggahs

Both of them low life n8ggahs ruined this girl's life and health and they are the ones who probably miseducated her and talked her into evading her taxes. They need to be jailed. BOTH OF THEM ARE SCUM
cassandra29's picture

yeah...i totally agree with

yeah...i totally agree with your sentiments. i also think it's karma biting lauryn in the azz because she was dishonest about taking the credit for writing and producing 'the miseducation of lauryn hill'. lauryn is very talented but also a liar and thief. her attorneys were not completely honest with the media yesterday about lauryn paying off ALL of her tax debt. lauryn still owes the state of new jersey a total of approximately $1m in unpaid taxes and fines. good luck.
wildlife's picture

Meanwhile Casey Anthony and

Meanwhile Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman is free after committing murder. Only in the USA. We pay taxes into a system that does nothing for US citizens. Tax laws in the US are such BS. Taxes should not be a life long obligation to anyone, it makes no sense that my parents paid their home off 30 years ago and will pay taxes until they die and then my siblings and I will INHERIT those taxes. This is absolutely slavery. My friends from Ghana own homes that are paid for and they don't pay taxes once the home is paid for. Its like paying for your home twice or more. The US is so full of it.
KENNEDY78's picture

3mo's is nothing. Jesus does

3mo's is nothing. Jesus does that with his eyes closed. She'll get out in 30 days.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I can tell you've done some

I can tell you've done some time b4.....lol
star's picture

The Feds don't play. We need

The Feds don't play. We need the government to convict some of these celebrities. Lindsay Lohan has driven drunk, high and with a suspended license. Hit a mother and daughter and fled the scene and lied about it yet she didn't even get 3 months in jail....
SadieJade's picture

that sucks big time! i cant

that sucks big time! i cant believe beyonce demanded fresh tiolet seats though....i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I can't believe this ruling.

I can't believe this ruling. that she'll serve time in prison for this, that she needs to be supervised after serving her time. I think there's crookedness involved with this proceeding with Lauren.
ArtofAnAngel's picture

taxes need to be paid on time

taxes need to be paid on time even by rich singers

black people love to point

black people love to point out what white people are doing when a black person is being punished for something. 3 year olds think like that. if she hadn't broken any laws, that would be a different story. i wish lauryn the best and hopefully she doesn't have to serve the whole 3 months is any. but umm, the next time you sell 50 million units, you have to pay taxes on it boo.
Username's picture

Thats because system doesn't

Thats because system doesn't work for blacks. I'm waiting for the day to see white celeb jailed for tax evasion. Can you name one?
KENNEDY78's picture



This is BS in the worst way!!

This is BS in the worst way!! Did this lady kill or hurt anybody? Hell no! This is your government and your justice system teaming up because you didn't pay them enough of YOUR money that YOU earned according to the 'powers that be'..Think about that for a minute...They say we are free in this country?..I don't see it!!!
Money First's picture

I'm all for rocking a

I'm all for rocking a 'natural' but keep it tight. Can't she at least pick it out with one of picks with balled up fist? (~_~). In the words of Martin Lawrence to Tisha Campbell (Gina)..."Florida Evans kept her fro tight." Can she do that? Go to sure looking like to shit and then say something that makes sense or rely on those high lawyers to speak on your behalf.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Shut your mouth, you know not

Shut your mouth, you know not what you speak of. There is not only one way to wear a fro and if she wants to showcase her kinks and coils, let her be! I'm sure if her head was full of big fiuffy curls, you would not be asking her to grab a damn pick!

Correction.......Don't go to

Correction.......Don't go to court looking like shit and then say something that makes NO sense. She should rely on those high lawyers to speak on her behalf. SMH.
SpeakingMyMind's picture

But Lindsay Lohan can run

But Lindsay Lohan can run around making a mockery of the legal system...
Reign's picture

EXACTLY!!! I'm not

EXACTLY!!! I'm not sympathizing with Lauren...yes she should have paid her taxes, however, Lohan drives around drunk and high, hits people with her car, lies to the police and the judge, etc., etc. and she hasn't even seen 3 DAYS in jail! SMH!!!
Burself's picture


Peace Silas's picture

I'm not surprised & I'm not

I'm not surprised & I'm not sympathetic. Sorry. Look at how L-Boogie has treated her fans in recent years...then she comes up with some weird statement to the courts to explain why she didn't pay her taxes. Whatever! EVERY PERSON WHO WORKS HAS TO PAY TAXES!! Stop with the excuses. And yes, there IS an obvious-conspiracy against black celebs & the IRS but until black attorneys & leaders combat that conspiracy with documented PROOF of a double-standard, it will continue. Besides, when are WE gonna learn that WE can't do what THEY do & get away with it? SMH...holla back Lauryn. Betcha ass will be on time for shows now!

good observation and i agree

good observation and i agree that negroes in power are doing NOTHING to enforce any black's civil rights, except their own and their rich black friends, but the rest of us are victims for the fodder and the rascist know it. But this is what u get when u vote for nothing but color.
cassandra29's picture

Lauryn looks like 10 miles of

Lauryn looks like 10 miles of bad road.
tinytexan's picture

just as Frank said I didnt

just as Frank said I didnt know that some people able to get paid $7814 in four weeks on the computer. did you look at this webpage....>>>>>>> www.daz7.ℂom
michealneil107's picture

Hopefully they give her the

Hopefully they give her the Lindsey Lohan treatment...in and out of jail in an hour!

cosign. on the serious tip, i

cosign. on the serious tip, i hope she learned a lesson - pay your damn taxes ON TIME ANNUALLY.
wildlife's picture

Them crakkkas are fucking

Them crakkkas are fucking with Lauren Hill !!!But sista you can't compare this to slavery ALTHOUGH I'D AGREE these crakkkas take from you and give you nothing like just like they did our grandparents, great grandparents, GREAT GREAT GRANDPARENTS etc. So at the sametime i see where you going with it sista, but these crakkkas are trying to get rid of Lauryn
LetsGetIt's picture

I hate to pull out the race

I hate to pull out the race card but how many high profile WHITE celebrities have gone to jail for tax evasion or had their possessions seized and auctioned by the government? They file for bankruptcy and neglect to pay their bills too but I never hear about them being locked up. What kind of judge sentences someone to serve time AFTER they have paid the debt? SMH... Wesley Snipes served time for tax evasion. Ron Isley served time for tax evasion. White celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Nicolas Cage are also in debt to the government. I can assure you that they won't get locked up. Just saying...
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Her statement to the court

Her statement to the court was ridiculous. But with that said, I must say that, to me, there seems to be a backlash of some sort against black women, in the courts of today. A friend of mine was kept in court 3 long years just to find out the statute of limitation was up on her case even before it was started, and it was just a minor civil case against her exhusband. In the end the lawyers stole more than $32,000 in legal fees on a case that should have been thrown out before it was started. Then we see what happened to Pilar, Tameka, and Dwayne Wade's wife. In the past, wives of rich men had to pay all legal fees and they got their kids, and he had to keep them in the lifestyles they were accustomed to. I hear people say that they'd rather go to jail than deal with their probation, because the probation officer is like you own personal warden overseeing your every move. Somehow I dont see this girl strong enough mentally to make it through this.
cassandra29's picture

"I'm a child of former

"I'm a child of former slaves." She can't be serious?! If that's the case let all black people get away with not paying sh*t. She's right she sold 50 million units so she should have known that she would need to pay taxes on her earnings. If I have to pay taxes so does she. I hate the excuses. Talking about she "intended" to pay. GTFOH.
Desi's picture

Lawwd, They Still Lockin Her

Lawwd, They Still Lockin Her Ass Up After She Paid Uncle Sam The 950,000 She Owed. She Was Doomed Ither Way.
Keyths'Girl's picture

this article is missing

this article is missing information. lauryn still has a whole lotta change she owes uncle sam. "Hill must also pay penalties and taxes still owed [and] a $60,000 fine."
wildlife's picture

oh snap. I thought she had

oh snap. I thought she had got off.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Exactly. I thought that if

Exactly. I thought that if she paid a good portion of it, she would avoid jail time. Did the judge sentence her after her "Child of Slaves" speech? Because it seemed that the judge was gonna let her go if she paid a certain amount within two week. This is sad.
AnoniNYC12's picture

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