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A FIRST LOOK: "The Butler" (Trailer) + FIRST LADY Michelle Obama KAEPERNICKS With The San Francisco 49ers Star QB

 photo 130507-the-butler1_300x206.jpg

The official trailer for the highly anticipated film "The Butler" starring Forest Whitaker, Oprah Winfrey and Terrence Howard has been released. Watch the clip inside and see our real First Lady Michelle Obama posing with NFL superstar Colin Kaepernick inside....


For months, we've been hyping up the new Lee Daniels-directed film "The Butler".  Shot on location in New Orleans, we've seen shots of every one from Lenny Kravitz and Mariah Carey to Jesse Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. shooting scenes for the movie.  The all-star cast helps tell the true story of Eugene Allen (played by Forest Whitaker), who served under eight presidents during his 1952-1986 stint as the White House butler. And in the midst of the story line, we get to see Terrence makeout and do some THINGS with Oprah

The Weinstein Company releases the film on October 18th and we have a first look at the trailer:


In other White House news....

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-08at94537AM.png

Our fabulous First Lady Michelle Obama had a photo-op with cutie San Francsico 49ers superstar and 2013 Super Bowl contender Colin Kaepernick yesterday. Colin, who's become a sports phenomenon with "Kaepernicking" where he kisses his own "guns" posed with the First Lady as she joined in and "Kaepernicked" her own famous guns.  He tweeted, "I got the opportunity to meet one of the greatest women in the world, the first lady @first_Obama and even got her #Kaepernicking". 

FYI, Colin plays a big role with the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign where he travels around the country promoting physical fitness.  

Photo via Instagram



Garbage! I'll stick to

Garbage! I'll stick to watching and supporting documentaries such as Hidden Colors 1&2.

Im convinced that negros love

Im convinced that negros love being at the bottom!!!They loves to see images of them BEGGING FOR ACCEPTANCE and BEING ON SHIT END OF THE STICK. We know this is history BUT THE THING IS SHIT NEEDS TO BE BALANCED OUT, when it comes to our history they wanna show us as slaves or SOMEBODY CRYING TO BE ACCEPTED BY WHITE PEOPLE AND WORKING HARD TO PROVES THEMSELVES TO WHITE PEOPLE then they'll have one so called "Good white man" who made it possible MAN IM TIRED OF THAT SHITTTTT!!! No movie about "Blackwallstreet yet" no movie about "The moors" no movie about "Booker T washing" no movie about MARCUSSSSSSS GARVEYYY "WHO WAS ONEEE OF THE GREATEEST" no movie about Mansa Musa!! I mean goddamn BLACK PEOPLE HAVE A RICH HISTORY outside of begging some crakkkas to shit on a toilet they just got off of!!Or sendin our kids to a school were they spitting on OUR GODDAMN BABIESS....OUR ELDERS WERE CRAZY AS FUCKKKKKK, NO WAYYYY IN HELL WOULD I WANT TO SEND MY DAUGHTER TO A SCHOOL WHERE CRAKKKA SPIT ON HER. Niggas just want to be loved by the white man, now what we should have did was take the booker t route and started AN ECONOMIC BASE WITHIN OUR OWN COMMUNITY FIRSTTTT but we didn't and here we gooooooooooooooooooo in 2013 worse condition ever and still beggging crakkkas for work and a buscuit from under the fucking table.... i mean goddamn , I'D HATE TO HAVE TO LOOK AT MY SONS , DAUGHTER, AND THEIR CHILDREN IN THE FUTURE, AND SEE THEM STILL BEGGING THE OFFSPRING AND FUTURE GENERATIONS OF CRAKKKAS WHO MY GRANDMOTHER AND GRANDFATHER HAD TO WORK FOR !!! But when i say shit like this IM BEING TOO PRO BLACK, OR IM IGNORANT, OR YOU'LL GET SOME SILLY ASSSSSSSS BLACK BITCH SAYING "IFFFFF WE DIDN'T SHUCK N JIVE FOR THE WHITE MAN WEEEE WOULDN'T BE WHERE WE AT TODAY" bitchhhhhh where the fuck are we todayyyyyyyyyy????WILL U ANSWER THAT PLEASE where the fuck are we???? AT THE BOTTOM !! Damn nigga start owning some shit and grow some fucking balls and create some shit for these black children THEN WE CAN TALK THAT "IF IT WASN'T FOR" SHIT
LetsGetIt's picture

bet oprah wants blk folks to

bet oprah wants blk folks to support this movie...well, i'm not. she can get white, suburban, soccer moms to watch this film, the demographic she has been catering to for decades. good luck.
wildlife's picture

"I's real tired of these kid

"I's real tired of these kid of movies" in my Shug voice! Whats wrong w depicting Blacks in movies w power, forward progression, romance, wealth, facing todays issues, etc???? Why wont sweetazz Lee Daniels create a movie about Black Men like him & their struggles being gay & coming out the closet! Now thats a current issue we need to talk about!

I hear exactly what you're

I hear exactly what you're saying. We have a rich history and the stories should be shared. However, it seems that only a certain segment's being shared: blacks struggle to accepted, victims becoming strong. Movies are a very powerful medium and the images we see of ourselves affect us subconsciously. That's a fact. So it would be nice to more stories of us in our glory, not needing acceptance from whites, etc. The sad part is that when our stories are told, particularly those in East Africa, like Egypt, those mahogany faces are swapped out for Rachel Weisz, Angelina Jolie or Brendan Fraser.
KellyKaine's picture

This story is a beautiful

This story is a beautiful part of our history. You sound a bit ignorant. I look forward to seeing it when it hits theaters.
nikki6's picture

I never sd it wasnt a part of

I never sd it wasnt a part of history. you sound ignorant for criticizing my comment when u know im right. and you can take your ass to see it 2 xs if you want thats your prerogative!

Because ALL of OUR stories

Because ALL of OUR stories deserve to be told, not just those that make us look progressive or more like everybody else. Now stop sassin' you KNOW Harpo already told me to beat you!
Brick City Babee's picture

That is true all of them do

That is true all of them do need to be told BUT when is enough enough? I want to be inspired & uplifted & see that as Blacks we can do good & live the american dream as well. Young Blacks need to know that the good life is attainable. we dont always have to see some old slave shh. Progression, upward movement...isnt that what all these people were fighting for in the 1st place. im not saying forget it & disrespect it but its a new day. dont you think these kinds of movies also add to the racial divide????????

Black people have clearly

Black people have clearly lost their damn minds and forgotten who the fuck they are. Period. And seeing the repetitive image of begging to be accepted by children is totally backward. I guess people have to bang their heads multiple times before the lesson's learned.
KellyKaine's picture

Add to the racial divide????

Add to the racial divide???? Shit when has it been undivided??? It's ALWAY going to be racial division until there is NO earth and ALL human forms are DEAD! But I do understand the point you are making.
AintNobodyGotTimeForThat's picture

I will be seeing this for

I will be seeing this for sure! You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads as well
V's picture

That was a serious ass

That was a serious ass trailer. This is gonna be a great movie and I will def be supporting on October 18th.

That trailer put tears in my

That trailer put tears in my eyes....
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

LOVE Colin. He could get it.

LOVE Colin. He could get it. Looking forward to this movie. I am a Lee Daniels fan. Thank God Tyler Perry didn't do this one! Looks epic and oscar worthy just from the trailer.
PacificGirl's picture

Yassssss - O-time indeed!

Yassssss - O-time indeed! Let's GetIt! The statue that is.....not the dude (>_<) lol
Brick City Babee's picture

Exactly what I thought.

Exactly what I thought.
LaFord's picture

Orca is a rancid, fat, smelly

Orca is a rancid, fat, smelly cunt.....help people..instead if buying 127 bedroom mansions (u single barren womb bitch).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Looking forward to seeing

Looking forward to seeing this.
Iridescent One's picture

Looks like a GREAT

Looks like a GREAT movie..can't wait to see it..SUPPORT OUR OWN!!!!!
AintNobodyGotTimeForThat's picture

Highly anticipated?........By

Highly anticipated?........By who? First you had "The Help and now you got "The Butler". I don't care how many "big names" are in it, don't nobody wanna see that shit.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

This is why our community is

This is why our community is where it's at right now. Look at where you're at, there was a past that got you to where you're are. Regardless of how you felt.....this stuff happened. So you just want to erase history and pretend like we didn't go through anything? You are a problematic African American. I didn't mind The Help because BOTH my grandmothers were The Help in real life. Where I would love to see MORE black ensemble casts in things other than period pieces, the way that our community is right now, we NEED some of these movies to help REMIND people like you and kids who DON'T know what opportunities they have today. Get some knowledge sister.
Eden Hansom's picture

The issue isn't that the

The issue isn't that the stories are being told. The issue is what's the motivation for telling these stories. Yes, I've had great-grandmothers, aunts and cousins who were "the help." But they also supported their husbands in their small businesses, some only cleaned homes if they wanted a lil spending money, and some had homes just as nice as the folks they were cleaning. Also, another thing, some of them were desired by the white husbands and sons (Hello Strom Thurmond!). There are multiple ways to tell the story. But it's the same underline theme with these. And it makes it seem as if blacks want to be with whites, living in their communities. Untrue. Blacks were perfectly happy in many of their towns. Thriving, brilliantly. Tulsa and Rosewood aren't the only ones. I've seen lynching exhibits where there were several thriving all-black towns that were trashed by insecure whites (Think Michael Moore's cartoon in "Bowling for Columbine.") Because some folks didn't know how to be descent and allow blacks to have access to good education tools (books, etc.) or even infrastructure in black neighborhoods, integration seemed like the only resolve. But there was a price. So our history is rich. So rich! And I wish the hero stories were shown more. I wish the stories pre-Columbus would be made with brown people depicting the brown saviors That's why movies like "The Butler" and "The Help" rub people the wrong way. And people can feel the way they want about them. We are so vast and beautiful as a people. My wanting to see more positive images of folks who look like me has nothing to do with shame. I love my ancestors. I appreciate what they did for me, for us, for this country, for the world. They've paved a way that is wonderful. But they wouldn't approve of the way some of these stories are being told. I can assure you of that.
KellyKaine's picture

Our community is not where

Our community is not where it's at, because of what I stated. (rolls eyes and smh) Nobody is trying to pretend like nothing happened or erase anything, because it can't be erased. We know what went down, but I don't wanna constantly see that shit. I don't care if you didn't mind "The Help" and i'm sure my Grandma was "The Help" along the way as well.......Your Point? What?........ You got an afro and now you think you're the ambassador for black history? smhlol...Take your "Still I Rise" speech and please be seated you fake ass Maya Angelou. lol......GIRL BYE!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Say that! Ms Eden deserved

Say that! Ms Eden deserved that read!

*with hand raised high in the

*with hand raised high in the air* I DO! lol
AintNobodyGotTimeForThat's picture

Oh.......OK. Let me know how

Oh.......OK. Let me know how it goes. lol...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lol ok..will do! Now keep it

Lol ok..will do! Now keep it real you know you wanna see Oprah get down with Terrance on the big screen!!!! HAHAHAHA
AintNobodyGotTimeForThat's picture

I swear I was trying to edit

I swear I was trying to edit my comment and add, I bet you wanna see it just so you can see Terrence make Oprah go into Halle Berry mode and say "make me feel gooood". LOLOLOL.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Nahhhhhh- we gone go wit the

Nahhhhhh- we gone go wit the orig....!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
Brick City Babee's picture

Ewwwwwww hahaha LMAOOOOOO..ok

Ewwwwwww hahaha LMAOOOOOO..ok I'm done lol All of my wet dreams are now dried up for the next 20 years lol after that visual in my head!
AintNobodyGotTimeForThat's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LoL..YUCK now u know u wrong

LoL..YUCK now u know u wrong for that visual!! Smhlol..*spits wine out
Like Really's picture

The trailer looks great. I

The trailer looks great. I can't wait to see it!
Denise2007's picture

Looks amazing

Looks amazing
LaFord's picture

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