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COUPLEDOM: Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo GET CUTESY To Celebrate His "YRB" Cover

 photo jspa5_zps0e45d2e3.jpg

Jason Derulo is the new cover guy for the May/June "Mover & Shakers" issue of YRB magazine.  And hit cover party in L.A. didn't go down last night without his favorite girl by his side.  Check out Jordin Sparks and Jason keeping it cute inside...

These two rarely miss an opportunity to hit an event together.  The 23-year-old singers are joined at the hip these days, but we kinda love it. 

Jason Derulo is continuing his comeback with a brand new magazine cover.  And, as usual, his girlfriend Jordin is his biggest fan.  The twosome rolled to Couture in Hollywood to celebrate "The Other Side" singer's brand new YRB cover last night:


 photo jspa1_zpsfcc03166.jpg

 photo jspa2_zps9d1c6a9e.jpg

Jordin rocked a cute black & white striped tight mini skirt to show off her slim & trim figure.  And her man is back to his cute self with his neck now fully recovered:

 photo jspa7_zpsa643ab89.jpg

 photo jspa3_zps0ba58a2b.jpg

 photo jspa4_zpsfb26e6bd.jpg 

Loves these two.  And something tells us lil Ms. Jordin is no longer the innocent "I'm saving myself for marriage" girl she used to be.  Just an observation....

Jason's issue of YRB magazine hits stands this Friday, May 10th.


BONUS: Jason performed his new single "The Other Side" on "Dancing With The Stars" on Monday night.  And kicked offf that mug with a headstand.  We guess he's officially back.  Check out video below:

Photos: WENN





There are really some evil,

There are really some evil, bitter bitches on this site. What in the hell did Jennifer Hudson ever do to you? Hateful for no reason. Just cause you don't like her? Why? She pulled herself through a tragedy and lost weight. Oh yeah, and she won an Oscar. Black women will NEVER truly be sisters due to attitudes that are constantly displayed on this website. If I want to find some positive women, supporting each other, this is definitely not the site to visit. Bye to the UGLY souls (Shay and Keyths Girl) on this site
LBA1's picture

Yep. I see she is no longer

Yep. I see she is no longer wearing that purity ring that was supposed to be replaced by an engagement ring. In any case, they look truly happy together.
Desi's picture

i love them together. they

i love them together. they make such a cute couple and it looks like they make each other happy.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

She Is Gorgeous...Looking At

She Is Gorgeous...Looking At Jason Ol' Ugly Controlling Ass.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Jordan looking super sexy in

Jordan looking super sexy in that outfit!!
BigJohn's picture

This girl is simply

This girl is simply gorge!!!!! They make a cute couple, but I hope they don't succumb to the Hollywood jinx.
MrsCPA's picture

These two are too-cute

These two are too-cute together. And yeah--I think Jason cashed on what Jordin was trying to save. :-) Its like that with love. Awwwww...

Jodin looks healthy happy she

Jodin looks healthy happy she obviously lost weight the right way, she does not have the BOOBLE HEAD and the PARENTHESES ( ) or frown lines around her mouth like a certain annoying Weight Watcher's spoke's woman! If I see that commercial with her granny face screaming "I Got The Power " and her stiff old lady looking non- dancing self 1 more time I will SCREAM!!!! By-the -way, I hope Jodin knows she can do better than this dude, he looks controlling with greasy blotchy skin!
Shay's picture

Chillle, I Thought I Was The

Chillle, I Thought I Was The Only One Tired Of Looking At Bad Body, Bass Mouf J-Hud. She Done Got On My Last Nerve. Most Times When I See Her I Switch Channels With A Quickness. Smh
Keyths'Girl's picture

I Do Think It's time for

I Do Think It's time for Weight Watcher's to hire a new spokes person because she IRKES ME and I too see her and switch channels with a quickness! It's time for this Events Singer and Weight Watcher's spokes woman to do more like: make a album that sells which I would not buy but maybe her so called fans would and also do another movie that shows her range in acting and why she was handed an Oscar for Dreams Girls when Angela Basset and others were so much more worthy of receiving it!
Shay's picture

Jordan Sparks is my kind of

Jordan Sparks is my kind of girl, Jason is lucky. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, when y'all have time, they usually have some good reads on there too
V's picture

Jason you are a lucky man.

Jason you are a lucky man. Don't f*$k this up dude! This young lady stood by you through turbulent times. Her mother raised her well but then again her mother is white so she obviously taught her the importance of loyalty, something missing in the black community!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Oh so all the black women who

Oh so all the black women who wait patiently 20 and 30 years for 80% of the black male population to be released from jail isn't patient??? SIT!!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Black women waiting patiently

Black women waiting patiently for men to get out of prison really? what world are you living in? That's hilarious as shit!!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

No Shade! but does she

No Shade! but does she realize that he's a gay male?
cutethatsall56's picture

gay?? r u serious?? naw, this

gay?? r u serious?? naw, this is something you are just thinking...right???
wildlife's picture

Cute couple love them

Cute couple love them together......
chen23's picture

Love Jordin beautiful girl

Love Jordin beautiful girl Jason a lucky guy

I really like these two

I really like these two together, very cute couple!
goeze's picture

Cute girl.

Cute girl.
TeaNicole's picture

She's a pretty girl, and a

She's a pretty girl, and a good example of how you can lose weight and get fit without looking anorexic.
nicolehill92's picture

yep. she looks great. she

yep. she looks great. she also looks happy in her relationship.
wildlife's picture

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