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ATL Celebs Roll To The Screening Of "The Great Gatsby"

 photo theladies_realitytv__zps44bf9bfa.jpg

Your fave ATL celebs...meaning reality stars....hit up last night's screening of The Great Gatsby at Regal Cinemas Atlantic Station and a cocktail reception at Strip.


Check out pics of Toya & Memphitz Wright, stars from "Married To Medicine" and "Big Rich Atlanta", and Latavia Roberson and her baby bump inside....


 photo Mephtiz_Toya_zps0d4ca6af.jpg

Fresh off their vacay to Mexico, fab chick Toya Wright hit the carpet with her hubby Memphitz for last night's The Great Gatsby screening.  Their enemy K.Michelle and most of the "Love & Hip Hop" crew weren't there, thankfully, so no drama or fights broke out.

 photo Toya_zps3c3034a6.jpg

Toya kept it cute in a little black dress, a black YSL clutch and her striped St. Laurent shoes.

 photo Lativa_BabyBump_zps0dd66b08.jpg

Latavia Roberson is showing off her new baby bump everywhere.  As she works on her new reality show and a new book (can't wait for THAT ish), she's been hitting up events to get back in the mix.

 photo Egypt_Lativa_zpsf5034ab7.jpg

The glowing former Destiny's Child group member snapped a pic with V103 radio host Egypt.

 photo Dabrat_Memphis_zps039fcede.jpg

 photo dabrat_zpsaad3c4d3.jpg

Da Brat is still on her Tomboy ish and rocked a neon green MCM bag, baggy camo pants and sneakers as she posed it up with Memphitz.

 photo Karlie_Redd_zps86c858aa.jpg

"Love & Hip Hop ATL" star Karlie Redd made her way to the event  And for once, we're feeling her spring fresh look.

 photo Quad_MarriedToMedicine_zps16ae8be2.jpg  photo Mariah_MarriedToMedicne_zps6ac92198.jpg 

"Married To Medicine" stars Mariah Huq and Quad made their way to the event.

 photo BigRichAtlFolks_zps29e76fd9.jpg

The stars of "Big Rich Atlanta," Sharlinda, Kahdijiha, and Brie, all made their way to the event as well

 photo 911771_768212385823_1360588148_n_zps43c11120.jpg

And Keshia Knight Pulliam made her way to the screening with makup artist Jennifer Pearson.  Cute.

Photos: Paras Griffin, Instagram



One big bowl of

One big bowl of G____HET_____OOOOOOO!!
Realist's picture

I hate All of the

I hate All of the hair....nice girls Im sure.
star's picture

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tom026's picture

Did anyone pick up Toya show

Did anyone pick up Toya show yet??

Toya shoe game is on

Toya shoe game is on POINT!!!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

I hate those wigs on

I hate those wigs on Sharlinda and Sabrina. They use to be so pretty with their short cuts but have been rocking those hideous wigs for years. It makes them look old as hell.
JJFad's picture

LOL @ a whole bunch of

LOL @ a whole bunch of reality show characters (not celebrities or actors -- just embarassing characters). Clearly, they have a lot of time on their hands. Every time there's a country-bumpkin event in ATL, these same people show up to pose for the cameras. Good luck to you reality characters -- in your quest to become famous by exploiting yourself in such a negative light while those cameras are following you.
Child Please's picture

No but seriously, what is

No but seriously, what is this fear of wearing their hair naturally? Not even a natural hairstyle per-say, just wearing their own hair? I'm soooo confused! There's NO way it can look worse than this helmet head ish and those cascading curls that look like hair worn in childrens' beauty pageants! DO BETTER!
Girl's picture

Classless. I can't get with

Classless. I can't get with Atlanta. There's nothing exciting about the people nor their fashion. When looking at them, I see wannabes and fake individuals.
Iridescent One's picture

Don't be so ignorant as to

Don't be so ignorant as to stereotype an entire city based off of what you see on TV or on blogs. That's how racist whites justify their hate for the ENTIRE black race--what they heard or saw; not firsthand, but often through other mediums. There are good & bad people+good & bad fashion EVERYWHERE.

Oh how I love it when people

Oh how I love it when people ASSume. I'm from NYC and I never stated that there aren't people in other areas that cannot dress. I know there are. You must be from there, since you were quick to jump to defense mode. This subject at hand is about ATLANTA, so that's what I'm speaking on at the moment. I lived in ATL for two years (One year near Buckhead and the other in Sandy Springs). I observed the people and it was not for me, so I left. Seems to me that a lot of the people are TRYING too hard to be noticed out there. Not everyone, but quite a few. Every event I see, the people look tasteless to me. Just my opinion, in which I am entitled to. Didn't mean to OFFEND you or anyone else. My apologies.
Iridescent One's picture

Well I didn't assume

Well I didn't assume anything, DUMB ASS. I simply replied to what you said. I didn't take your comments personally because I am not from Atlanta. I grew up in Philly, live & work in NYC now JUST LIKE YOU. You only offended yourself because you made an ASSumption about people based on some (non) Reality-Show stars. Being wiggy and ignorant plagues our CULTURE; its not limited by geography. I don't disagree with the negative things you saw in Atl--but I know that not EVERYONE there is like that.

im from nyc too (Harlem).

im from nyc too (Harlem). everytime one of us moves to ATL we come right back! there must be something alluring about the A to make so many ny'ers move out there but not enuf to make us want to stay. im sure at this point ATliens hate us coming as much as we seem to hate being there. i cant tell you how many times i have warned someone against going only to have to listen to them bitch and moan and move back within a year or two. it never fails.
shuga's picture

Girl half these people making

Girl half these people making those type of generalizations are living in some bumblef*ck small town. They say it about NY, LA, Chicago and any major city doing more than their small minded nothingness. As well, they hate generalizations made about black people but they're the first ones to turn around and do it themselves. Go f*cking figure.
JJFad's picture

You're right about that. I

You're right about that. I get so sick of small-mindedness though.

WTF - SMH - so sad....no

WTF - SMH - so sad....no words of compliments, so many things wrong with these photos....
lifeisgood's picture

Ditto! To All.

Ditto! To All.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Oh and Toya looks decent but

Oh and Toya looks decent but hun you and I both know that dress isn't your size. *wink
cutethatsall56's picture

Oh an Egypt looks like she

Oh an Egypt looks like she should be Queen Latifa's lil sister!
Shay's picture

Latavia dresses so cute

Latavia dresses so cute Pregnant!!! Kim watch close!!! DeBrat!!!!!! NO SIR!!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Did Latavia have something

Did Latavia have something done like a little minor plastic surgery or something? Cuz she looks better now than I've ever seen her look before and not so Bug-Eyed! Latavia looks younger than all the Destiny Childs members Bey,Kelly,Latoya and Michelle. You Go Latavia you finally got your happy back! Toya is cute but she still has NO NECK and that man of hers was always an opportunist to me, he's giving me the look of He's just Not That In To You" look, I just hope for Toya's sake he's just not in to men! Those are some beat up looking fugly BiG Headed twins from Big Rich Atlanta! I am so tired of all the Helmet Head Weave Heads! If these women are gonna wear weaves maybe they should use 2 packs of hair instead of 6!
Shay's picture

i guess i dont watch enuf

i guess i dont watch enuf chickenhead tv because i dont recognize 99% of these folx on that bootleg red carpet. the big rich atlanta chix have some tall ass weaves. are they supposed to look like that?!? da brat looks cute tho. at least her look is honest. feeling those sunglasses too.
shuga's picture

Where were the

Where were the celebrities???? I didn't see any.
SkeeWee's picture

me neither.

me neither.
wildlife's picture

The Wrights look nice.

The Wrights look nice. Latavia is absolutely glowing...and beautiful!!! DaBrat is still just that, I see.
MrsCPA's picture

I like the Big Rich Atlanta

I like the Big Rich Atlanta show..the other women are ratchet.. why oh why are black folks rushing to see this movie.. I am baffled .. If the movie was about the Harlem Renaissance black folks wouldn't even support it like the have for this movie!
ZenLea's picture

too many Wigs

too many Wigs
Jesus H. Christ's picture


wildlife's picture

agree everyone looks the same

agree everyone looks the same
Mouse's picture

LMAO!!!! I so agree!!

LMAO!!!! I so agree!!
Mama Mia's picture

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