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SPEAK ON IT: Folks Are PISSED That BET Founder Bob Johnson Wanted His Daughter To Marry A "Gentleman"....While He "Pushed" Thugs & "Non Gentlemen" On Other Young Women Through BET

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When the founder of BET, Bob Johnson, walked his daughter Paige Johnson down the aisle to marry a white man, it stirred some mixed emotions among those who couldn't help noticing what they called "the irony" of the situation. SPEAK ON IT inside.....


Businessman Bob Johnson and his ex-wife Sheila became billionaires after founding Black Entertainment Television.  With a life-story that's a true blend of capitalism and the American dream, the couple went on to provide a fabulous life for themselves and their children. 

And last week, the couple's daughter Paige, an equestrian champion WHO'S been featured in Town & County, went on to marry an insurance broker with a really fancy sounding name, Dudley Payne III.  Now...we're not saying she should have married a black man...but it's interesting...that she didn't.

The blog beyondblackwhite.com put it nicely,

This is the ultimate irony. Bob Johnson, co-founder of BET, a vehicle that has single-handedly tarnished the name of black American women all over the world, wants a “gentleman” for his daughter. Funny, because he’s made his fortune convincing black women that thugs, drug dealers, and gold teeth should be the standard of sexiness and allure for us mere-mortal regular black chicks.

And you'll recall that Bob had this to say about his son-in-law.  “This guy is the perfect guy for Paige...He’s a true gentleman.”

Beyondblackwhite.com went on to offer,


Take a goooooood look at the last paragraph. Mr. Johnson said that this WHITE INSURANCE BROKER IS THE PERFECT GUY FOR HIS DAUGHTER. I’ve said this before on other issues but it bears repeating like a broken record on a Victrola: Be careful of those who advocate a lifestyle on others that they would never desire for themselves. Do you think Jay-Z is going to want his precious little Blu Ivy gallivanting with the progeny of his homeboys? Doubt it.


Bob Johnson may very well have been "ok" with Paige marrying a Donnie Simpson type (for the older BET viewers) or perhaps a TJ Holmes type (for the younger crowd), or would he?

And with all of the controversy that's surrounded BET over the past two decades with the images and stereotypes of Black people that it's helped perpetuate, are folks right in feeling some type of way about Bob walking his daughter down the aisle into the arms of "the perfect" white man? 






Why should anyone care who

Why should anyone care who she marries?As long as they are happy.
KingJussIII's picture

I'm very disappointed that

I'm very disappointed that you guys decided to write this post concerning Bob Johnson and his daughter, because it was totally unnecessary. I just wanted to make a few points in response to this post because it irritated me that you guys decided to even write this, as a black entertainment blog... - Nothing wrong with Bob Johnson calling his son-in-law a "gentleman," but it seems as if the person who wrote this is assuming he doesn't feel the same way about black men because his daughter isn't marrying one. Not true and not fair, and you guys are way out of bounds. - Bob Johnson did NOT "push thugs and other non-gentleman on young women through BET." That is such a dangerous and false statement to write. Stop holding one man, one company, one network accountable for a community and a race of people who are responsible to make their own choices of what we decide to watch. He simply founded BET, which allowed all of these artists, businessmen, entertainers, producers, filmmakers, and etc. to have a platform. Now everyone can sit here and argue whether or not BET is responsible for filtering every single thing that they show and whether they represent the whole black race or not - everyone has an opinion on that - but the fact is that they are a business. Their programming is the best that it's ever been right now, today, and they nitpick the videos they show and people still trash them and the BET Awards EVERY single chance they get. Just thought it was in extremely poor taste for the writer to post this story and for the YBF to actually go ahead and publish it. I just thought that quoting the original article and writing this post is an attack on Bob Johnson's character and creates this impression amongst gullible readers that he did not want a black man to marry his daughter. In addition to that, you decided to include completely unfair parallels of that topic to his legacy at BET with false statements. Just ridiculous. Please be cautious about the content you write moving forward and I hope that you either edit this post so that it contains more RESPECTFUL title and content. That way your readers can have a serious discussion about this "speak on it" piece you decided to put up. But ultimately, I just think the entire YBF team agreed to write this from a completely negative place or someone there has an issue with Bob Johnson/BET.
thadd's picture

This fucking post is the

This fucking post is the dumbest bullshit I've ever read. Because he's happy for his daughter and he did what fathers are suppose to do on their wedding day you guys had the nerve to write this. Where the fucking hell do they get the so called journalist from. The writers for BYF are about as sharp as a bag of wet hair. I swear these black sites look for racism. Sometimes post things to bring about degrading post, they place bug bloggers to start shit. They allow all types of negative, disrespecting, racist comments about black women in general and black men in general but want to turn a round and talk about this father walking his daughter down the isle. Handing her off to a man that's suppose to love her and cherish her. As if BET is the only network with garbage. If the founder of MTV or VH1 daughter was getting married and her dad was walking her down the isle would they talk all this shit. I fucking hate this site and barely come on it. I swear to god every time I decide to give it a chance some bullshit like this pops up. All they do is fucking hate black people on here. And it "supposedly" owned by a black woman. Mind you some post they don't let on because you are outing them on their shenanigans. I seriously can't believe they made this an issue.
kimaras31's picture

"Pushed" thugs and

"Pushed" thugs and Non-Gentleman on to Black Women? Wow,that is Hyperbole at its highest level! BET much like Most Urban Radio Stations didn't "pUSH" anything onto its audience,they provided what the audience DEMANDED! Why do you think Viacom is so successful with its lineup of Minstrel How's on VH1 as well as all the other"Reality Show" Garbage like RHOA and BGC that Black Women watch in HUGE Numbers? No one is pushing anything,take some PERSONEL RESPONSIBILITY and develop some STANDARDS and stop blaming everyone else for your poor choices.

Why is there an assumption

Why is there an assumption that because Paige Johnson likes horses and married a white guy that she was not "raised black?" I live in the Virgin Islands where everyone likes horses regardless of race. In fact, a black jockey from the Virgin Islands raced in the Kentucky Derby last weekend. Maybe Paige Johnson was "raised black" and "acts black" but simply fell in love with a white man. I am a white man dating a black woman and people are constantly trying to figure out which one of us acts like the other race. Sometimes people simply fall in love and dating outside of your race does not mean one partner had to "act black" or "act white." http://dontgetherhairwet.com/2013/04/19/my-girlfriend-is-not-an-oreo/
kemper's picture

probably because here in the

probably because here in the States the majority of children raised by billionaires and exposed to the equestrian sport are white---not asian, not black, not latino---white. also, Kevin Krigger is the FIRST black jockey in the kentucky derby so even thats not exactly a good example. I do agree with your last sentence tho---anybody can fall in love with anyone if they open themselves up to the experience.
shuga's picture

OH SHUT UP! this is the

OH SHUT UP! this is the ignorance of black people- just like how he can't force his daughter to marry a white OR black man, he can't force black people to watch BET. GEEZ why can't it ever be about a man and woman loving each other and wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. why does it have to be controversy at every stop. Not all white folks are perfect gentlemen. he could have just meant THAT guy- regardless of color. GOODNESS PEOPLE Get over yourself. it is so sad how our black history has been plagued with decisions made about us and for us due to the color of our skin and, how far too many of our ancestors died fighting for our rights for other races to see beyond our skin color....and now black people turn around and do the exact same thing! she married out of love- not because of color.

These comments are exactly

These comments are exactly why Blacks are suffering, these comments are so selfish. No one wants to be accountable for one another. This is why we will always be last, massah separate and conquer mentality
shaneice225's picture

His daughter leaves a lot to

His daughter leaves a lot to be desired in the beauty department...And I'm sure good ole Dudley is looking @ the coins
star's picture

This is absurd for a variety

This is absurd for a variety of reasons. For starters, Bob Johnson is, at heart, a BUSINESSMAN. He is in the business of giving people what they want. He is a billionaire because he has found creative ways of supplying the demand. Unfortunately, black people don't clamor for black sitcoms like The Jeffersons or The Cosby Show or 227 or Amen or What's Happening, anymore. Instead, we want the short, simple and easy. We want to watch shows that portray black people in the worst light. We want to watch music videos that objectify women over dope beats. Never blame the pusher. Blame the addict. Second, on a personal level, I would want my daughter to see beauty in me. Therefore, I would want her to marry someone that looks like me. If she did not, I would be sorely disappointed, but every parent wants their child's happiness first. FIRST. Besides, you didn't really think that she was "being raised black," did you? Equestrian?!? How many blacks can spell or even know wtf that is? Black people should stop complaining and start demanding more of themselves and each other. Stop laughing at Real Housewives of wherever...and start watching things that have nutritional value. Or better yet, read a fucking book. Stop worrying about Bob Johnson. Guy has 10 figures in the bank because he's not worried about you, don't worry about him. Bitches.
Be Real's picture

You have to ignore sites like

You have to ignore sites like this , black sites like allow the disrespecting of black people because it causes traffic to their site. Eventually people will stop coming to read their 3rd grade education writing. Trust me there are other black gossip sites out here where I don't have to read off every post what a piece of shit I am because I'm a black woman or just a black person period. I barely come on here because of shit like that.
kimaras31's picture

I completely understand what

I completely understand what you are saying but I also think this mentally will destroy black people altogether. We have to learn to be accountable for one another, have each others backs, and lift each other up instead of having the me, myself, and I mentality. You wonder how people from all over the world come here and get rich? Cause they look out for their own and build their communities together. One man cannot do it alone, so to some extent he should be held accountable for perpetrating certain things on our communities all the while secretly disgusted by it.
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tom026's picture

@Natasha, Thank you for

@Natasha, Thank you for blocking my previous account, when the likes of "LetsGetIt" and "Jesus H. Christ" are allowed to spew vile and ignorant statements at whim. I find your actions laughable at best (By the way, isn't it ironic that you can sit behind a computer screen and judge people everyday, yet cannot handle the same measure of criticism? DO BETTER, Honey.) Now...to the topic at hand. There is an old saying that goes, "Charity begins at home and ends abroad." If you are looking for Bob Johnson and the likes of BET to educate your daughters on how to choose the appropriate mate, you have already failed. Bob Johnson cannot be held solely responsible for the choices that us, Blacks, have made in the past and continue to make. It's not just what's being shown on television that's polluting the minds of our youth; it's also what goes on in the HOME - the family life structure, lack of proper parenting skills, and especially absentee-ism of Black fathers who play a pivotal role in the lives of their children, particularly in the lives of their daughters. Bob Johnson wants the best for his daughter - PERIOD. He wants her to have someone to care for and nurture her, to support her, to provide for her. Any man who loves his daughter SHOULD want the exact same thing, regardless of color, class or creed. This stipulation concocted by the African-American community that this young woman should've married a Black man on the basis that her father is a former owner of BET is ridiculous.
SunSandSea's picture

No but he should hold some

No but he should hold some accountability to community he helped sabotage. No, he is not solely responsible and yes we should learn to take care of ourselves instead of always pointing fingers. However, we as a community also need to take accountability for one another. This is exactly why people call Black folks crabs because instead of looking out for one another we pull each other down so we can lift up.
shaneice225's picture

The nerve of some folks

The nerve of some folks trying to dictate who this man's daughter marries. As to BET they lost me when they sold out to Viacom. I wholeheartedly agree with the post that highlights how often we complain about the trash but refuse to support positive shows. Case in point 'Dont Sleep' with TJ Holmes.
Realist's picture

People.....GET YO LIFE!!!!

People.....GET YO LIFE!!!!
Natasha Williams's picture



everyone and their mamas know

everyone and their mamas know bet perpetuated the worse stereotypes about blk folks (and continues to do so). the only bright spots from that network were donnie simpson, ed gordon, angela stribling, harold mccoo, tavis smiley, ananda lewis, sherry carter and jacque reid. i might be missing a couple of people but that's it. if you were an '80s kid then you know these folks.
wildlife's picture

Yea..dont forget teen

Yea..dont forget teen summit...*sips wine
Like Really's picture

It should be a parent's

It should be a parent's responsibility to teach their daughter and son, what's a gentlemen....not some tv network. That blog is a fail
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Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bob Johnson has always been

Bob Johnson has always been kind of an ignorant fool. The bottom line is that Sheila Johnson was always the brains, and that is why after the divorce she invested her money and became a billionaire, whereas Bob had all those stupid business ventures that failed, and he is not a billionaire. Plus Shelia married the Black Judge that handled her divorce while Bob is just an old fool want to be a player - player - ignorance at its finest. Their daughter is where she is today because of her mother, she knows her dad is a silly fool!!

Shaming Bob Johnson ain't

Shaming Bob Johnson ain't nothing but plain ole class envy and nigga nonsense. His daughter deserves to be happy and as a father he's done his job to protect and provide for her. Now it's her husband's job. When I read criticism like this all I hear are hurt feelings and jealousy. Bob Johnson is a successful entrepreneur; not your DADDY...so get off his dick and project your anger where it belongs...with your father!!!! `If your daddy protected you and treated you like a princess then maybe you wouldn't have grown up desiring for BET to give you some self-esteem. GTFOHWTBS!!!! Bob Johnson don't "owe" you crying niggas shit...some ninjas take entitlement too far...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

Hey he's pushing whatever is

Hey he's pushing whatever is selling. I wouldn't want my daughter to marry one of them either.

I think the article sucks.

I think the article sucks. Whoever wrote it certainly didn't check their facts. BET used to be a great channel that I used to be proud to watch. I have not watched it in years mainly because of the garage programming. You can not blame Bob Johnson for it's demise in recent years. After he sold it, the station started to go downhill so blame the new owner. With that being said, it is 2013 and we are all free to marry whoever we choose to regardless of race. Most fathers wish for their daughters to marry a "gentleman". Who wouldn't? No one said that the man is a '"gentleman" because he is white. I know plenty of a**holes that are white and plenty that are black. So what?? Obviously he's a nice guy who treats his daughter right and that's what's important to him. Everything doesn't have to be about black & white. It's that kind of thinking from prejudiced black and white folk that keeps racism alive and kicking!!

This might be a stretch, but

This might be a stretch, but it has some relevance. I've always thought that BET had the opportunity to influence our black youth. However, all they hear on 106 & Park are those annoying little kids ACTING. Boo Woo and the other three actors get paid to "sound cool" with words that they would not use if they were on another channel. As an example, we can look at that queen, Terrance. Not that he is on a major network station, he doesn't act like he did on BET -- neither does AJ on Extra. I think it's disgusting that kids look at BET and mimic what they hear and see from people that go home to lavish places and nice cars. They're not living the thug life they depict on video, but our lost children, believe what they're seeing and head down paths that have been led by BET and the celebrities that manifest this lifestyle they know nothing about.
Child Please's picture

its a free country, so change

its a free country, so change the channel , it is time to take personal responsiblity for our actions. dont blame the media, blame the parents that should be raising these children. if your upset that the man made billions of money off of people swarming in to watch 106 and park, maybe you should email all those people who tune in to watch it . cant knock the mans hustle for making legal money and wanting the best for his kids
mybigboy1979's picture


ZenLea's picture

Nicely stated

Nicely stated
sista2sista's picture

Where's LetsGetit when you

Where's LetsGetit when you need him, lol
Grown Man Ish's picture

WORD! I would love to hear

WORD! I would love to hear his feedback on this.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

JEWS are the DEVIL...and are

JEWS are the DEVIL...and are responsible for the Evil & Greed of society
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Criticize BET all you want.

Criticize BET all you want. They only broadcast what we watch. BETNews, Tavis, Teen Summit and all the rest would be on the air if enough people supported it. Bills don't pay themselves. We as a people will complain about the wrong things, yet continue to support what we deem as "trash" by watching it.

Co-sign!! If that ish didn't

Co-sign!! If that ish didn't have an audience they wouldn't show it do you really think they would keep broadcasting this trash if there was no money in it??
Mouse's picture

Right on!

Right on!
Sunflower Jones's picture


Like Really's picture

That blog is doing a stretch.

That blog is doing a stretch. The programing including that late night dirty video show "UNCUT" was after Bob sold BET to Viacom. I personally don't blame him for selling. The direction in which black entertainment is headed is horrible. Young blacks didn't want to watch the news and older blks still preferred to get their news from da white man at ABC. All of his news programing had to go because the ratings was too damn low. All we wanna see is entertainment new bout who is sleeping with who. We didn't watch Black enterprise or the news with Jackie Reid & that fine red guy who went on to 60mins.
Somerknight's picture

Somerknight, you are right.

Somerknight, you are right. What's frustrating is how many blacks complain about horrible programming, yet when good, solid, educational, NON-ENTERTAINING programming occurs, many of us don't support it! What do we want? Trash or quality? Many of us need to make up our minds and start supporting quality programming instead of whining and complaining about it.
Sunflower Jones's picture

The bar has been set so low

The bar has been set so low on black "entertainment" quality would go right over most heads look at the previous post about the "celebrities" at the Gatsby premier all reality stars that's not entertainment but we accept those shows and those featured as celebrities.
Mouse's picture

This story is a disgrace. It

This story is a disgrace. It is 2013 people need to let people live. Why do people focus on color SO much??? If the man treats her well, that is all that matters sheesh. I get so sick of hearing black women complain about black guys with non black women. Or, black men complaining about black women with non black men. It's ridiculous and it's reverse racism! If that were the founder of MTV and his daughter married a black man, and tons of white people were complaining about it, black people would be up in arms. I swear you can't win for losing. Shameful
nikki6's picture

You missed the whole point of

You missed the whole point of the article, Reading is Fundamental
shaneice225's picture

I'm sorry, but Sunflower hit

I'm sorry, but Sunflower hit the nail on the head...and you can disagree all you want...but BET (when it first started) was fantastic. There was Bev Smith and "Our Voices," Ananda Lewis with "Teen Summit" (not that trashy 106 and Park), Donnie Simpson and his couch...it was all about the black community. Then...VIACOM came and presented THEIR view of us. Don't demonize Bob Johnson. He did what he did and raised his daughter well. I'm not a fan of the whole interracial thing, but God bless the union. We all deserve happiness.
stx's picture

Thank you, stx. See, you know

Thank you, stx. See, you know what I'm talking about!!! I forgot about "Our Voices." I loved that show.
Sunflower Jones's picture

People have been brainwashed

People have been brainwashed by all these damn thug lovin babymommas if they're mad this girl got MARRIED, WITHOUT being pregnant. I could give a damn what race he is.
whatev's picture

The BET programming under Bob

The BET programming under Bob Johnson was much different from the programming now. There were of course music videos but there was also quality programming at one point. It seems the quality went down once he sold it. Secondly, why are people relying on a television network to dictate the standards of the people they seek to attract or the lifestyle they desire. People need to realize that TV is mostly entertainment and is not the standard or goal people should strive to meet or attain. Finally, Bob Johnson didnt run BET by himself. You have to think of all the people who write, direct, produce, create etc the shows that demonstrated the lower quality people are complaining about....Personally, I think people should be happy for the new couple instead of judging, placing blame or finding fault. Let he without sin cast the first stone... Side note being a gentleman has nothing to do with color. Gentlemen come in multiple variations. Being a gentleman has to do with values and actions towards people not race and ethnicity.

This is a very convoluted

This is a very convoluted topic. But I think the most important topic here is that you have a black man decendent of slaves who made sometng out of his life and has done nothing of recognition for the people of his kind. YES WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ONE ANOTHER. Except for degrade himself his people and in the long run share his fortune to a white person whose family likely had a hand in the enslavement of his people. I just can't see it for myself, to forget what my great grandmother told me of how they were treated killed and frightened just to be themselves in the company of white folks. It's a shame. Black women wear their mixed children and white lovers as a badge of honor like they are now somehow equal or are special, when not too long ago black women and their mixed children were thrown away by the white fathers and made to raise the children alone or even worse, the sister's husband would help her raise the child. We have forgotten our past is why BET can get away with and get rich showing images that degrade and humiliate us without so much as a hoot from us.
Thelioness's picture

"Be careful of those who

"Be careful of those who advocate a lifestyle on others that they would never desire for themselves." This is so true! Just because someone is "black," that does not mean that they have the best interest in mind for the "black" community. Bob Johnson "pimped" the "black" community much like Mona Scott Young "pimps" her "stars" on all of her reality shows. SMDH

If my recollection serves me

If my recollection serves me right, when Bob Johnson owned BET, the programming was a lot different than now. Maybe some of you are too young to remember Teen Summit, BET News, Video Soul, and all the rest of the great programming BET used to offer. It wasn't until BJ sold it to Viacom that the raunchy programming began. Blame the Jewish run media for ruining BET and Hip Hop all together. All this other stuff about who his daughter married is not even worth mentioning to me at this time.
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