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Mister Cee ADMITS He Has An "ADDICTION", RECORDS "AIDS" PSA + Nick Cannon REBOOTING "Soul Train"

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In a new PSA for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Mister Cee admits to having an addiction and urges people get tested for STDs.  Watch the PSA inside and get deets about Nick Cannon reviving "Soul Train".  

After a  long week of denials, Mister Cee has released a PSA on behalf of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation where he encourages listeners to use condoms and refrain from risky behavior.  In the clip, he admits to having an "addiction" and says he's getting help.  You'll recall that he told HOT 97 listeners that his addiction is to "instant gratification" not prostitutes.  SMH...  

And in television news...

 photo NickCannonAmericaGotTalentJudgesHitUEwNnl6Rfvcx.jpg

"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon has purchased the rights to "Soul Train."  The "RHOH" star plans to revamp the show and bring it back to the small screen with a total overhaul in the next few months.  A source close to Nick's camp joked that Nick now "owns everything except Don Cornelius' corpse."  

Are you ready to get on board?




He's dickmatized- lmao!!!

He's dickmatized- lmao!!!

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julia1239's picture

Mr.Cee take a PEW OF

Mr.Cee take a PEW OF SEATS!!!!! You are thee LAST person I'm taking sex advice from!!!! NO SIR!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Smart business move Nick. I

Smart business move Nick. I was trying to create something like that, but my money isn't long enough YET! Congrats, I'm truly happy for you!

Hello my name is Calvin aka

Hello my name is Calvin aka Mister Cee and I love sucking and fucking MEN! Please don't judge me I have an addiction! Gtfoh with that bullshit, I can't stand these down low ass men. If sucking dick makes you happy then by all means do it and be out in the open about it, STOP fucking women who don't have a clue and end up with AIDS! You don't know HOW many beautiful young women come to my job with the MONSTER because of some dirty dick under the closet fag..SMDH sad! I can't leave out the men, its a lot of guys come in too with the MONSTER just sad and heart breaking.
AintNobodyGotTimeForThat's picture

What A Disgusting,Vile Man.

What A Disgusting,Vile Man. And Yall Say This Fool Married? Anywho, I Hope Nick Does Revamp Soul Train. I've Been To 3 Weddings This Year And At The Reception, Somehow A Soul Train Line Always Got Started. You Talkin Bout People Actin A Pure Fool. It Was Hilarious. Good Luck Nick. Can't Wait.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Mr. Cee is the worst kind of

Mr. Cee is the worst kind of human being there is - contributing to the down low problem we are now facing in our community is very serious - fat fuck is trying to do damage control I do not get any sincerity from him all - all of this came as a result of getting his ashy ass caught - if he did not get busted he would still be on the scroll - someone should put this disease cow out of his misery!!
lifeisgood's picture

And as Rihanna saids in one

And as Rihanna saids in one of her earlier songs.."you're only sorry you got caught" so now put on quite a show.....very entertaining......And I agree this nigga would still be creeping!
star's picture

Dang Nick....that's big

Dang Nick....that's big thangs poppin!!! Congrats!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Somehow Nick pulls off those

Somehow Nick pulls off those GAWDY Suits. Impressive.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

dude looks like willy wonka.

dude looks like willy wonka.
shuga's picture

I think it's a step in the

I think it's a step in the right direction and that he is trying to rectify the situation. The PSA angle seems to be a textbook/PR101 maneuver, but the message is still relevant (safe sex). The message is more important than his sexual preference. However, I do believe he enjoys being with both men and women (maybe one more than the other). But it's his truth to tell not ours. It remains to be seen, however, if he'll do a PSA for Gay Men's Health Crisis down the line. lol
AnoniNYC12's picture

I hate that everyone is being

I hate that everyone is being so hard on him and expect so much of him. Let's look at the bigger picture and see things from his perspective. If you were a BLACK man caught with a male prostitute TWICE, would you be so bold as to announce to the world immediately after the fact that you are gay and risk the chance of losing your career... losing your family... losing your friends... losing basically everything you've ever worked hard for? He's only human ...... But then again, opinions are like assholes
SHEnanigans's picture

All I see in his response is

All I see in his response is damage control... And him trying to revert the subject by bringing up that organization. *Sigh* But, in his defense, coming out is never easy. It would be especially hard for him because, let's be honest, the odds are against him in every sense. I just hope that he finds peace of mind. God bless him smh
SHEnanigans's picture

Okay Maybe Mr. Cee just needs

Okay Maybe Mr. Cee just needs to ADMIT that he's gay? You can get Instant gratification from a woman... he chooses to do so with young gay men. Now these young gay men are not prostitutes but he chooses to compensate them for their time. It just sucks that hes hiding behind a wife and children instead of just saying "I like gettin' dome from other men and I'm okay with that!"

Yes,,,,,he does have an

Yes,,,,,he does have an addiction,,,,,to dick!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Chile bye Lol He admitted

Chile bye Lol He admitted that he has an addiction, but he did not say to what Lol And I hope the new Soul Train works out alright..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

i am ready to get on board

i am ready to get on board that damn train. thank you Nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i miss that show especially the soul train line. it was my favourite part of the show
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Me too!! I still watch the

Me too!! I still watch the repeats on Centric or any other station that airs them!! The Sooooooooooulllll Train!! :-))
goeze's picture

An addiction is right but

An addiction is right but also he's hiding a nasty secret from the public. You know who you truly are and sadly he's in denial when he can use his position in HipHop as a platform to help the youths own their truth and to not be ashamed. Instead Mr.Cee is a COWARDLY FOOL. smdh
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