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SIBLING LOVE: Rihanna Chills Out With Little Bro Rajad in NYC...And Is Being Courted To STAR In "Josephine Baker" BIOPIC?

 photo bbr2.jpg

Rihanna spent some quality time with her little brother Rajad Fenty in New York yesterday.  See them shopping and posing for flicks inside and find out which legendary diva she might play in a upcoming biopic.

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Now that she's recovering from her successful Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna has a few moments to rock her fave short shorts and bask in the sunlight of being a world famous pop star.  Yesterday, she posted a few pics of herself posing in her Chanel garments on a NYC rooftop terrance saying, "I'm so #CCcertified u aint een know it!!"

 photo bbr3.jpg

While she's on break and plots her next move, producer W Lance Reynolds is courting her to star in an upcoming biopic of Josephine Baker.

 photo bbr8.jpg

He told the Press Association, "Rihanna is one of the most talented performers of this millennium and with her unique acting and performing abilities, I have no doubt she will bring Josephine back to life on the big screen."

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 photo bbr1.jpg

RiRi has also been spending a lot of her downtime with her cute little brother Rajad after her official break up with Chris Brown.

 photo bbr8-1.jpg

During their trip to Best Buy, Rih copped him a Razer Naga Gaming Mouse.  It must be nice to have a superstar as a big sister! 


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Lover her mary janes.

Lover her mary janes.
Realist's picture


LOL ONLY A CRAZY PERSON PAYS A FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHER TO TAKE PICS OF HER EVERY DAY AND NIGHT! maybe we'll get lucky and all that flash bulbs will permanently blind her, and we wont have to be subjected to this crap every minute of the day. INSANITY IS REAL!
cassandra29's picture

Rihanna could possibly do a

Rihanna could possibly do a great job in the role, with right acting coach...she's already got the sex appeal...and her lil' bro looks like Frank Ocean (light skin version) in the first pic...
Afroch1c's picture

the perfect part for rihanna

the perfect part for rihanna is to play grace jones. they have the same background, accent, long tall body type, i could see her living with 2 white men and having orgies with them and her stripper friends every night. SHE IS NOT QUALIFIED TO PLAY JOSEPHINE.
cassandra29's picture

Omg I LOVE those flats!

Omg I LOVE those flats!
star's picture


MAYBE THAT WILL HELP HER GET A MODELING JOB lol. how much were u paid to say that lol
cassandra29's picture

Lynn Whitfield KILLED as

Lynn Whitfield KILLED as Josephine Baker. Please for the love of all that is holy, do not sully the great artistry she did in bringing Ms. Baker to life by putting a pop star at the helm. Between her accent and the fact that she's not yet a WOMAN of acting credibility and standards, this would be a sad disservice

yes yes and double yes. lynn

yes yes and double yes. lynn was amazing. i suspect this is a lie about redoing that film and just another example of a loser tooting her own horn
cassandra29's picture


wildlife's picture


Eden Hansom's picture

I dislike when famous singers

I dislike when famous singers play other singers or entertainers. For example, if Rihanna did this role, all I would see is Rihanna. Lynn did an amazing job and the legacy should be left alone.
opinionatedlady's picture

Ok...as mush as i love

Ok...as mush as i love Rih...NOOO if she lands this role the producer/director/her/writer and anyone who has anything to do with this movie has no respect for this woman. We are talking about Josephine Baker here, no disrespect to aaliyah but i can see her playing that role, but no Mrs.Baker, i dont no some of you can't see Bey playing her but i can, if anyone knows beyonce she lives for Mrs.Baker, so give it to her or Zoe.S somebody anybody but Rih, no love you baby, but your not classy enough to pull that off, I mean josephine was a rebel in her own way, but classy, i would just have mixed emotions about this.
_speak's picture

I've seen Bey recreate her

I've seen Bey recreate her infamous banana outfit and she put on a good performance. Overall, she would do very well with the performances for the movie, but I personally don't like when Beyonce acts.
opinionatedlady's picture

ciara is the only one with

ciara is the only one with the regal body, style and grace of josephine baker. that would be a great break out role for her.
cassandra29's picture

please don't give this chick

please don't give this chick another acting job
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I agree, it should have

I agree, it should have stopped after Battlefield. Hot mess.
Yas's picture

Rih can act better than Bey

Rih can act better than Bey but that's not hard. I can't see Rih playing Josephine useless they hire someone to do the dance scenes. It can be done because Halle played Dorothy Dandridge and did just enough to be passable on the dance scenes because Dorothy was so much sexier naturally than Halle was and she could dance unlike Halle could but Halle still managed to get an Golden Globe more so her resemblance of Dorothy than even really for capturing the true essence of Dorothy Dandridge. Dorothy really could act circles around Halle. So Rih playing Josephine B is possible! We will have to see!
Shay's picture

Nobody will ever play

Nobody will ever play Josephine Baker like the great Lynn Whitfield did! She was spectacular in it and Hollywood need to leave some things alone. I'm tired of singers trying to pretend they can do it all...they can't. There are some exceptions, but Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, and others need to stick to singing.
Coffy's picture

Waymint! Rihanna Finna Play

Waymint! Rihanna Finna Play Who? Chillle No! Leave That To A Professional Please.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Chris is gone again! Even

Chris is gone again! Even after the beat down forgiving him and as the New York Post wrote stood behind him in court like a lost puppy dog, he left you looking a FOOL AGAIN! Rih needs to REMAKE "KISSING A FOOL" by George Michael! I just love that song and it's so befitting for her!
Shay's picture

Josephine Baker??? lol!!!

Josephine Baker??? lol!!! Lynn Whitfield palyed her in a TV movie and she was excellent but, Lynn is a actual actress and a good one at that. Rihanna is just like Beyonce when it comes to acting, stiff and awkward and not believable. There are so many AA actresess that need the work who can pull this off, hollywood needs to stop with hiring po singers to act in movies in hte hopes of bringin in huge dollars, it does not always work.
sweetpea1989's picture

especially when said pop

especially when said pop singers don't have a lick of talent!
A1913's picture

Ms Baker was a soprano, and

Ms Baker was a soprano, and could really move !! Dance lessons ASAP, she as the look of Josephine though.

I like her shoes :-)

I like her shoes :-)
Tren's picture

She is not an actress, they

She is not an actress, they might as well ask Beyonce if they want people who can barely read and talk. Goodness, Josephine deserves better.
lola69's picture

Rih playing Josephine Baker

Rih playing Josephine Baker or anyone for that matter is such a joke. smh...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

another Nina Simone

another Nina Simone moment,....she does not have Josephine's look at all
Tren's picture

She doesn't have the look nor

She doesn't have the look nor the acting chops and plus being the lead role is a lot of work and I don't think hard work is her style.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Jesus found a new affinity

Jesus found a new affinity for RiRi Fenty....she treats her fans with Love & Respect
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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