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Willow Smith DONS Vertical Stripes For Jada Pinkett's "From Slavery To Freedom" Event + Alicia Keys PERFORMS "Tears Always Win" On "American Idol"

 photo cast6.jpg

Jada Pinkett Smith and daughter Willow raised awareness for the anti-slavery movement last night.  Learn more about their cause inside and see Alicia Keys perform on "American Idol." 

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Last night, Jada Pinkett hosted the 15th Annual From Slavery to Freedom Event. The evening honored business leaders, volunteers, donors and students who are invested in social and systemic changes that aim to end modern-day slavery. You'll recall that Jada has done several PSAs about human trafficking and other forms of modern-day slavery as the issue is close to her heart.

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Jada's fashionably eccentric daughter, Willow, supported her at the event, held at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles.  The younger Smith turned heads on the red carpet in a stripped pantsuit with a cropped leather jacket and bowler hat. 

 photo cast2.jpg

Jada, who wore a salmon-colored trouser suit, was also supported by singer Nicole Scherzinger, who attended in a sexy white slash-neck midi dress, which she belted at the waist.

After the event, Jada continued her efforts to raise awareness, tweeting her followers, "The #antislavery stats matter b/c they represent real people. We need to share stories that show stats AND dignify survivors. #DSBChat.'"

In other news about Jada, she's set to produce a romantic drama called Salsa, starring the William Levy, who's known as "the Cuban Brad Pitt."

And in television performances....

Alicia Keys appeared on "American Idol" last night where she sang "Tears Always Win".  Apparently, the singer was a nervous before she hit the stage to performed the Bruno Mars-penned tune tweeting, “Looking at the audience is giving me butterflyz!!!. Feels like I’m trying out for the show too!!!”  But Ms. Keys had no need to worry, her vocals were amazing and we're sure she got America's vote! 




Photos via SPLASH/FAM





Willow is so beautiful. I

Willow is so beautiful. I love the Smiths

I honestly looks like Willow

I honestly looks like Willow Smith is so over it. She truly just wants to be a kid and do kid things. The pictures did not turn out to be cute because of Willow's demeanor. Pics wouldve been perfect had she smiled.
Kris's picture

Willow just being willow, &

Willow just being willow, & still looked cute. Mrs Swizz Beatz knocked another one out of the park with that performance.
Realist's picture

i think willow said it best a

i think willow said it best a couple of months ago when she told her dad, 'can i just be 12 years old???'
wildlife's picture

I CAN'T! I loatheeeee parents

I CAN'T! I loatheeeee parents who dress to the NINES!!!! and let their kids look like alley walkers!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Jada looks like Steve

Jada looks like Steve Harvey's wife in these pics...And Willow would look so much better in her outfit if she dropped the wig
star's picture

Willow's wig was a bit out

Willow's wig was a bit out there but I love how she's coming into her own.

maybe Willow is acting out

maybe Willow is acting out her teenage exploration yrs...I sure hope so...she looks like a weirdo from Edward Scissorhands
tdixon's picture

Willows Outfit Is Cute.

Willows Outfit Is Cute. That's All Umma Say.
Keyths'Girl's picture

That little kid is

That little kid is drepressing and I hate her hair.
Suga Bear's picture

That suit is fierce Mrs.

That suit is fierce Mrs. Jada!
Denise2007's picture

How Ironic of Jada promoting

How Ironic of Jada promoting anti-slavery, while Willow look n' dressed like she's been jailed!! Anyhoo...kudos to them both! Smhlol...*sips mimosa
Like Really's picture

I recently saw of picture of

I recently saw of picture of Jada as a child on Lipstick Alley and she was such an adorable babydoll, I guess when you're not as pretty as mom or big sis you go the weird strange route like Solange! Untradionally pretty does not always mean you are ugly and it does not mean you have to turn to drastic measures of being or looking ODD or BAZAAR!
Shay's picture

I think Willow looks nice,

I think Willow looks nice, not a fan of the wig but the outfit is cute and age appropriate...

......and she's hiding her

......and she's hiding her hands!!!! she prolly CHEWED OFF all her nails...and bit them off like a nervous person!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Willow needs to stop worrying

Willow needs to stop worrying so much!!! All her hairs turned silver!!!!!! She looks 90 years old!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

***Ummmm…”If you don’t have

***Ummmm…”If you don’t have anything NICE to say…shut the hell up”. *** (And this is why I'm quiet.)
And There Ya Go's picture

Same here. SMH...

Same here. SMH...

Jada's face...

Jada's face...
_In_Tears_'s picture

So what about her face?

So what about her face? She's an activist and doing some great things..so shut up!
ZenLea's picture

ZenLea, not a very zen-like

ZenLea, not a very zen-like response...
KellyKaine's picture


star's picture

Hopefully she will grow out

Hopefully she will grow out of that style soon. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have good reads and videos on there
V's picture

Willow's expression in that

Willow's expression in that first pic says "Awww hell, go on and roast me, i'm used to it". lol
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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