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CHECK OUT THE BUMP ON KANYE'S HEAD! Kanye's Two New Tracks Get PREVIEWED, Goes At Kris Humphries AGAIN

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Aww Kanye.  It's been a rough start to the weekend with him walking head first into a steel pole, then getting caught going BEZERK on cameramen...twice...and now a couple of his songs got previewed in Poland.  And folks are wondering why he's still going at Kris Humphries....

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Kanye West was spotted leaving his baby mom Kim Kardashian's house early this morning in L.A.  And the bump from yesterday's run-in..well, walk-in.... with a steel pole has popped up on his forehead.

As Kanye prepares to drop a new album, DJ Hudson Mohawke, who's also in the G.O.O.D. Music fam, previewed some of his new tracks at the Freeform Festival in Poland.

Part 1

This first one may be a track he worked on with Daft Punk and sounds like the same song he performed at the MET Gala. And he unleashed another diss to Kris Humphries in a line saying: “Black d*ck in your spouse again”.

Part 2

Check out the second one as well.

By the way, a new video has been released of Kanye popping off on photogs after he slammed his head into a pole while walking to 9021Pho restaurant yesterday. Check it below from TMZ.  He's REAL mad:


This guy....




Dude looks miserable, wtf.

Dude looks miserable, wtf. His eyes are so sad
nikki6's picture

Why is Kris Humphries still

Why is Kris Humphries still even relevant enough to be given a bar?¿ Is his sword bigger than Mr. West's ~ I don't get it. However, the audio from the pole bump is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. "Don't take a phucking another photo man!!!" I hope Kanye finds some peace when Baby West gets here.
GetUrLife's picture

Poor Kanye he's so miserable.

Poor Kanye he's so miserable.
Realist's picture

I can't stand his ass and he

I can't stand his ass and he aint gonna say shit to ray j tho huh? smh I hit it fiiiirrrrrst I hit it hit it hit it hit it........
I Am Anonymous's picture

Kanye West needs

Kanye West needs understanding, and not people mocking him. This happened right before Mother's Day. That is the hardest day of the year,trust me. I would be irritated to, if I had to be hounded by the paps, while dealing with not having my mother here. He was really close to his mama, so he's going through it, but people don't understand, they only see a celeb, so they harrass him for a pic. Sad.I feel you Kanye.Hopefully, Kim is there for him, because she lost a parent, so they can support each other.

How will he feel when nobody

How will he feel when nobody is checking for him and all the cameras and paparazzi disappear?
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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julia1239's picture

Lmao "That's what he

Lmao "That's what he Gets"....
REd™'s picture

He can't stop somebody from

He can't stop somebody from taking photos of him out on a public street, if it was possible some celebrity would have been done it. The paparazzi know the legal boundaries of what they can and can't do, so Kanye' is an absolute retard if he thinks he has some right to privacy on a public sidewalk. And why is he so worried about people taking pictures of him? You would think he'd have come to terms with his own celebrity by know. Mentally, something is wrong with him.
jgraves58's picture

It makes me angry that of ALL

It makes me angry that of ALL the paparazzi out there, and THIS is their JOB mind you all, not one of them got him actually walking into the damn thing. But the sound... oh! the sound almost makes up for it. That sounded soooooooooo funny, I played it back three times. I only wish I could've seen it.
Peace Silas's picture

This man has serious issues.

This man has serious issues. I feel a bad breakdown coming. Kim do you know what you got youself into?

Such a shame...seriously! A

Such a shame...seriously! A genius lile Kanye procreating with someone so beneath him..someone with no talent but to stage photo-ops. Why didn't he do like Jay and marry his match?? Such a crying shame....no matter how hard she tries, she will never erase her past, her sloring and her sex tapes. That's the first thing anyone thinks of when they see her. Run Ye RUN!
jexy66's picture

Umm lets leave jay o/the pic

Umm lets leave jay o/the pic bcuz he's cheating azz ain't nobody's match either... Hahaha u Stan's kill me! *sip sip
Like Really's picture

What proof do you have that

What proof do you have that Jayz has cheated on Beyonce? Don't be mad because you don't have anybody. Keep taking a sip because that seems to be the running theme of your life. Being Drunk.
cutethatsall56's picture

I guess nobody remembers all

I guess nobody remembers all those depressing songs beyonce was making throwing subliminal hits telling Jay Z to get his act together back during the Dangerously In Love/B'Day years. Not to mention that hidden track from B'Day called He's My Man
A1913's picture

But Kim kardashian has had

But Kim kardashian has had alot of black penis Nick Cannon, Ray J, Joe jackson, Reggie, so what's Kanye point? I bet he don't pop off at Ray J.

This is bad all around. Bad

This is bad all around. Bad energy all over him and his relationship. The fact that he's still taking digs at Khris Humphries is ridiculous and very immature...especially since you clearly got the chick. As far as I know, Humphries hasn't even said anything about you publicly. But you don't have ANYTHING to say about Ray J doing a song and video disrespecting your girl? Right. I think if the media and paparazzi s started ignoring him and Kim, he would have a temper tantrum "We the greatest couple of all time". He likes attention but then gets mad when he gets it? And what's crazy is musically he's brilliant...all of this crazy make for good albums. By the way...the audio and visual suck in the videos posted. I was able to catch a few good notes...looks like he dipped into a little euro/electronic sounding stuff too. Bet you his album will be good...as usual.
AnoniNYC12's picture

2 things come to mind

2 things come to mind regarding K & K: 1). Am I the only only one who thinks of Usher and Tamieka and how Usher embarrassed himself and defended Tamieka and tried to prove how great Tamieka was to everyone...just like Kanye does for Kim (Ana Wintour at Vogue) and 2) doesn't his temper and random rants concern Kim on how he will most likely be toward her and the baby some time in the near future? All he needs to do is add in a twitch and he is a bonifide crazy person. Just my thoughts....
Meee's picture

The man is obviously annoyed,

The man is obviously annoyed, imagine being followed all the damn time that shit could get annoying he probably just needs some space. Sometimes u just need ya space ya know, celeb or not!
taela's picture

Kanye is suffering inside and

Kanye is suffering inside and the only answer is for him to turn His life over to God, not a Kardashian, another hit, or a different country. These men are celebs and non-celebs are crying out and no one can hear them. They are trapped and a lot of them had no father figure to have shown them how to grow-up and become a man. Kanye's reaction reminds me of my five year old cousin's reaction. The way he charged, the creaming and cussing, and the way he walked off is that of a child that has never been taught how to be a man. His mothers passing is still painful for him, but the void left by not having a father in his life is what's crushing him and all our fatherless men.
Praise's picture

Lmao "black di*k in your

Lmao "black di*k in your spouse again" dead
cutethatsall56's picture

Kris H got the last laugh..he

Kris H got the last laugh..he walked away from the hoe..Kanye got her, baby and mama for 18 years, 18 years!!!!!lol
Missy's picture

Kanye got his mouth all

Kanye got his mouth all pouted like a mad little kid. Time to grow up Ye.
cutethatsall56's picture

Kanye is looking real Kray

Kanye is looking real Kray Kray.

please get away from them

please get away from them gypsy kardashians. if that baby looks too black they're going to treat it like dirt.
cassandra29's picture

Kim is going to be the death

Kim is going to be the death of his career by association alone.....better walk away while you still can!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Another tragedy in the

Another tragedy in the making...Kanye, please take a break and go into seclusion on an island in the Pacific for about a year. No cameras. No interviews. No photo-ops. Nothing. Dude, you need a break in a major kind of way.
ThatsAFact's picture

Yeezy! Y'all should checkout

Yeezy! Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads and vids too
V's picture

that was god bumping kanye on

that was god bumping kanye on the head...let's see if he will take the sign...
wildlife's picture

Damn I feel so bad for Kanye.

Damn I feel so bad for Kanye. He just has not been the same since he lost his mom. It seems that he was so grounded then. I really wish someone in his camp would care enough about him to tell him to get some counseling or something. I am not sure why he got with Kim K. if he likes his privacy so much....I mean, she is the thirstiest celeb out there...I dont get it!!

You know what Angel, that

You know what Angel, that saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink," is what I think when I see Kanye. It could be his camp has told him, but he seems like the kind of guy that doesn't listen to reason. I do believe that losing his mother was his downfall. It's very hard. I lost my mom who was my best friend on the planet, and it takes a toll on a person, BUT he's a grown man. He's going to be a father. He's needs help and he may not accept the fact that he does. Your last sentence is exactly what I was going to say!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Sorry for your loss. Yes, he

Sorry for your loss. Yes, he probably does not listen to anyone and he just does what makes sense to him...which probably does not make any sense at all:/

“Black d*ck in your spouse

“Black d*ck in your spouse again,” does he realize he's disrespecting Kim also? IDIOT! I could never procreate with a BITCH like him. If he should diss anyone it should be Ray J. But no he's probably turned on by the fact many men have been inside Kim (seeing how he admitted to masturbating to her sex tape) sick BASTARD!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I can never understand this

I can never understand this smh he disrespects her so often in his songs, but she stays? I thought it was mad weird that he brings up her sex tape multiple times in his lyrics when she herself hates to talk about it. He seems like he mentally abuses/ plays with her head a lot. She hasn't looked truly happy in a while. It's time for them both to go have a seat...preferably in a therapists office
A1913's picture

Imma need this fool to get an

Imma need this fool to get an MRI......, and that's for what was going on BEFORE he hit his head.
Brick City Babee's picture


YOU GOT IT RIGHT!!!...I am not a KK fan but even i feel sorry for her for choosing/being with Kanye ......he is going to mess her up...but i hope she deals with him first ..........I mean Kim would have never allowed a man call her a bitch ...but Kanye call her one and she loves it...smh
HAPPY's picture

He was just pissed that he

He was just pissed that he ran into the pole. lol... DUMBASS!!! That's what his ass gets for holding his head down pretending like he don't like attention.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Cosign! I have no sympathy

Cosign! I have no sympathy for his silly a$$.


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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