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TV SHAKEUP: NeNe Leakes' "The New Normal" & J-Hud's "Smash" CANCELLED! + "Scandal" Gets Renewed For Third Season!

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Gladiators rejoice!  "Scandal" has been officially renewed for a season 3.  But NeNe Leakes & Jennifer Hudson weren't so lucky in the TV department.  Check out who got the axe and who's coming back inside...

Now that (we think) we pretty much know who the mole is (can we talk about how everyone needed a BOTTLE of wine while watching that last episode?), it's only right we continue the rollercoaster-o-scandals with a Season 3.  ABC has renewed Kerry Washington and co. for a season 3.  So more of OliFitz, Quinn & Huck's lethal shenanigans, and Harrison possibly taking over Pope & Associates are all on the way!

By the way, last week's episode copped a series HIGH in ratings, beating out "Idol".  And next week's season finale will probably be the best ish on TV period.

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Genius creator and writer Shonda Rhimes responded to the news about their NAACP Award winning show saying:

And now I can tell you that GA Season 10 Writers Room and Scandal Season 3 Writers Room have been going since May 1. So we're already ahead.

Yassssss.  On another note, Kerry's new movie Peeples is bombing at the box office in the #3 spot this opening weekend.  But it's all good.  She's got a hit show on her hands so she still WINS.

ABC also renewed a few of our other faves: "Suburgatory," "Revenge," "Shark Tank" & "Modern Family."


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But there were lots of shows on the chopping block yesterday.  And one of NeNe's 3 shows was one of them.  While she'll be continuing on as "Coach Roz" on "Glee," she won't be on "The New Normal."  Because that show just got axed.  NBC seemed to pretty much clean house as most of their new shows and a few of the veteran shows all got the boot.

NeNe spoke on about the cancellation saying:

I worked wit some of the most amazing people ever on The New Normal! I love u all! We will meet again...I love my fairy God Mother @MrRPMurphy & @AliAdler 4 believing n me & givin me an amazing opportunity! No mo New Normal but we r forever

But don't cry for NeNe!  She's got "Glee" and "RHOA" and her new wedding reality show spinoff "I Dream of NeNe" all to keep her cozy at night.  Work.

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Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson also won't be appearing on network tv this fall.  After two seasons, and this last season barely got the greenlight, NBC gave "Smash" the axe.

The show tried to give Jennifer a more prominent role to beef up ratings, but that apparently didn't work.

So Jenny will be focusing on belting out those Weight Watchers tunes every 5 minutes on commercials and working on her own music.


The Randomness:

1.  The Butler movie release date has now been pushed to August 16th. STORY

2.  "Beverly Hills Cop" tv show has been rejected by CBS, and is being shopped to other networks.  STORY

3.  Regina King's show "Southland" and Hill Harper-starring "CSI: NY" both got cancelled. STORY

4.  Damon Wayans Jr. and his "Happy Endings" show--cancelled by ABC.




Scandal has yet to disappoint

Scandal has yet to disappoint ~ looking forward to season finale this Thursday. OWWWWWW¡!¡
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Jokat's picture

I will really miss Southland

I will really miss Southland 5 GREAT SEASONS, great cast,good writer's I'M PISSED! Not surprised by New Normal I was telling my sister from day one that show won't last long, I was right! NeNe should have a least waited until she had a couple of seasons on that show under her belt before trying to be all Hollywood, but that BAD show with her BAD acting and the BAD writing was never gonna make it!
Shay's picture

I'll only miss Southland

I'll only miss Southland
Realist's picture

til I looked at the paycheck

til I looked at the paycheck which said $4630, I accept that...my... cousin was like truley receiving money in their spare time at their laptop.. there uncles cousin has done this for only about nineteen months and just took care of the dept on there house and got a great new Mercedes-Benz S-class. read more at………. fox85.com
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NeNe is nothing without

NeNe is nothing without gregg. he is the real star in that family, but they're best together
cassandra29's picture

Smash was never Jennifer

Smash was never Jennifer Hudson's show.. she was a special guest star on maybe 2-3 episodes to boost ratings... that clearly didnt help.
opinionsarelike....'s picture

NeNe will get another

NeNe will get another Hollywood gig. I like her because she doesn't put up with even 1% of bullshit.
wildlife's picture


Awwwww Shucks's picture

I tried to give Smash a go

I tried to give Smash a go but just didn't keep me. Damn! I liked Southland, CSI: NY, and Happy Endings =(
Peace Silas's picture

i get the feeling nene will

i get the feeling nene will be starring in her own sitcom soon anyway..so this show cancellation wont effect a thing in my opinion..its not like she was the star of the new normal anyway..but im sure this was an ego check for nene
blk's picture

Hollywood don't play that

Hollywood don't play that coonery........she didn't even give the rest of the coones in coonerville time to miss her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL! Agreed!

LOL! Agreed!

Now Ne Ne can stop running

Now Ne Ne can stop running around with the big head. Now that she is a loser low life Peter will be more careful about putting her up to talking bad about her costars. She repeats everything he says, and it is pitiful she tricked that stupid cynthia into marrying him. She wouldn't have him for herself if he was wrapped in gold. Afterall he stole from his own fiance, and the fool still married the thief. I wish those 2 would get off that show. then he'll divorce cynthhia and take all her money. she should have listened to her sister and mother. he got them kicked off the show I bet. what kind of fool stays with a man who does that?
cassandra29's picture

Aww I liked the New Normal

Aww I liked the New Normal
dances with weaves's picture

in the 3rd spot isn't bad,

in the 3rd spot isn't bad, considering it's up against Gatsby/DiCaprio. Congrats to Scandal for a Season 3;obsessed with Olitz. Great T.V. Fitz is sexy

Well i'm glad they cancelled

Well i'm glad they cancelled the new normal only because Nene leakes was in it -_-
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

New Normal cancelled? I saw

New Normal cancelled? I saw that a mile away. I hardly ever saw promotions and when I did it looked stupid. I love Kerry but I knew her movie was going to do bad, because it's been done so many times. Woman or man brings home fiance... parent(s) don't like him or her... they learn to co exist in the end... Boring! I saw promotion for this movie maybe a month and a half ago NOT GOOD. Plus it was released on the same day as Gatsby NOT SMART! Kerry needs to do action type or dramatic movie roles, she would be really good at it as a leading lady.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Applauding for "NeNe's show"

Applauding for "NeNe's show" being cancelled. I don't picture anybody else hiring her besides Tyler Perry.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

SCANDAL isnt going anywhere

SCANDAL isnt going anywhere anytime soon!!! The show is amazing! She makes so many subtle statements in the show!! I enjoy every single character on the show!!! :) Real sad about deception..I wanted to know who committed the crime!
nikasosmo0th's picture

I'd rather eat fresh dog shit

I'd rather eat fresh dog shit on a cracker....than the NEW Micky D's Egg White McMuffin.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I am so upset, I LOVED Smash!

I am so upset, I LOVED Smash! And why are they calling it jennifer's show? she was on it twice!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

I loved it too until she came

I loved it too until she came on I blame her
JamaicanGal's picture

NeNe Leaks is what is wrong

NeNe Leaks is what is wrong with America. She makes this ENTIRE COUNTRY look STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Yes, Lord, she really does.

Yes, Lord, she really does.
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