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PREGNANT MOMS TAKE THE WEEKEND! DJ Envy's Wife's Baby Shower + Halle & Nahla Hit A Birthday Party + Alexis Stoudemire Shows Her Baby Belly

 photo hbl1_zpsa2b0bc46.jpg

Pregnant moms in the YBF world spent their Mother's Day Weekend with fam and friends.  We've got pics of mommy Halle Berry at a picnic birthday party with Nahla, DJ Envy's wife Gia's baby shower and Alexis Stoudemire showing off her baby belly...

Nahla loves a good day at the park!  So yesterday she and her celeb mom Halle Berry hit up a friend's birthday party outdoors in the springtime Cali weather:

 photo spl536699_001_zps884da908.jpg  photo hb12_zps8db26b07.jpg 

Nahla kept it cute in a striped multi-colored top and pink leggings and matching sneakers.

   photo floralhb8_zps0fb04e1c.jpg photo hbl3_zps3020d408.jpg

And Halle rocked a cute and comfy sundress that perfectly covered her burgeoning baby bump for the occasion.  Cute!

 photo photo1_zps05d9e5fa.jpg

Over in New Jersey, The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy is back in wife's good graces.  After his cheating scandal with "LAHH" chick Erica Mena and all.  So he dished out the cash for wife Gia Casey's baby shower as they prepare to welcome baby #3:

 photo photo2_zps5e6d2b66.jpg

He said, "2dys baby shower was worth every penny."  We're sure it was.

 photo photo3_zps110b2945.jpg

His co-host Angela Yee came out to support (Charlamagne skipped it) and kicked it with Wyclef & Jersey's own Naughty By Nature.

 photo photo4_zps8ab03629.jpg

And in the midst of NY Knicks baller Amar'e Stoudemire balling in the NBA playoffs, he posted a pic of his, his kids' and his wife's hands all touching Alexis' baby belly.  How precious!

Check out our gallery below of YBF's expectant and NEW moms who make mommyhood look easy and FABULOUS.


Photos: SPLASH/Amar'e Instagram/DJ Envy's Instagram



lol!!! what in the sam hill

lol!!! what in the sam hill does Envy's wife have on?!?!?! whoever made that outfit should get donkey of the day. smh....you just dont do that!
shuga's picture

DJ Envy is a piece of sh*t.

DJ Envy is a piece of sh*t. Loser ~ dedicating to his wife "Started from the Bottom" as a Happy Anniversary song. Phucking douche bag moron. . . . Bow Down B*tches ~ Ms. Halle Berry is in the hizhouse ~ what 46 year old woman looks THIS GOOD PREGNANT¿? ~ I repeat 46 YEARS OLD ~ Absophuckinglutely F-a-b-u-l-o-u-s!¡!
GetUrLife's picture

Good grief does absolutely

Good grief does absolutely eveyone look better pregnant than Kim K?
Denise2007's picture


EFFIN FLATLINED______________________ LMAOOOOO
Realist's picture

@Denise2007 ~ YES!¡ ~ LOL ~

@Denise2007 ~ YES!¡ ~ LOL ~
GetUrLife's picture

Halle Berry in the same post

Halle Berry in the same post with these losers is an insult.
PacificGirl's picture

Here mutherfukin here. My

Here mutherfukin here. My thoughts exactly.
LaFord's picture

I concur ..... Plus Envy wife

I concur ..... Plus Envy wife look ridiculous in that zebra getup LMAO Shop.A-ttitudeApparel.com
Jokat's picture

With the way he cheated

With the way he cheated constantly on her and Ciara, her and somebody else, it is amazing that he believes that baby is his. Why would she be faithful to an azz who gets on george lopez and beg the world for a date, when she was sittin there with 4 of his kids. I'm glad ciara wasnt a gold digger, and using a baby to get her ring. She's going to do it the right way, and her marriage will last. This girl here marriage wont last 2 years. He doesnt respect her one bit, and respect is a huge part of marriage.
cassandra29's picture

Halle always looks so natural

Halle always looks so natural and pretty.
JJFad's picture

Nahla is gonna Axe Murder a

Nahla is gonna Axe Murder a Paparazzi some day. Angela Yee is 100% Chinese & Oriental (she NOT YBF)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Nah google it..Angela's mom

Nah google it..Angela's mom is black. Dad Asian.
cutethatsall56's picture

Is Angela Yee drunk?

Is Angela Yee drunk? Something is off about this pic of her, and that zebra fit is a no go!!!!!
cutethatsall56's picture

The Good Lord slipped some

The Good Lord slipped some Propofol in her Jesus Juice
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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