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YBF'S MOTHER'S DAY EXCLUSIVE: Actress Reagan Gomez Dishes On How SHE Wins The 'Working Mom' Struggle

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We met her in her first starring role as the cute teen everyone had a crush on during "The Parent 'Hood" TV show back in 1995.  Now, Reagan Gomez is 33, a wife of 14 years, a mom to two ridiculously cute kids, and one of the feistiest (politically) chicks we know on Twitter.  And while she expands her acting career into the world of creating her own web series around black actors, she's had to fight to win the struggle of every working mom: Being the best available mom to your kids while simultaneously giving your best to your career.


In a special Mother's Day post for TheYBF.com, Reagan dishes on how she wins that 'working mom' battle in the acting world...

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Reagan Gomez (pictured above in the studio where she creates her webseries "Almost Home") pens her own advice, exclusively for TheYBF.com, about how she and other mothers can beat the working mom struggle:

Being a mom has totally changed my perspective on many things...including the business.  Having my children has really inspired me and given me the courage to get behind the camera.

I had my daughter, Scarlett, after my last tv show (Love, Inc.) ended (in 2006), and I immediately got "The Cleveland Show" which gave me SO much time at home with she and my son, Tyger, who's now 2.  I never want to give that up.  Ever.  My family comes first.

I feel like so many women in the business have to put LIFE on hold, because we're always waiting for that part that might change our lives.  I'm glad I decided to live my life.  Career and work will always be there.  My real blessing in life is my amazing husband and beautiful family.

-Reagan Gomez


Smart words from one of the most fab actress moms we know.  Reagan, who's joining the cast of TV One's "Love That Girl" next season, also relived the days of her second pregnancy as she showed her fans a never-before-seen pic with her two babies:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-12at90424AM_zps6dbd6e22.png

She said, "Nothing better than posting a, "ready to pop" preggers pic for Mother's Day, as you slide into your skinny jeans. I was 8 months in this avi.  And lemme tell you.....I'm getting heartburn all over again just looking at this Avi! Lolol! Ladies, we go through a lot. Love being a mom!


And you can check out the latest installment of her webseries, "Almost Home", with this episode featuring Jackie Long:


Check out lots more cute pics of Scarlett & Tyger:

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 photo ScreenShot2013-05-12at90648AM_zps02745c38.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-12at90759AM_zps6312f313.png

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 photo ScreenShot2013-05-12at91012AM_zpsd3cecaaa.png


Happy Mother's Day all!


Photos: Reagan Gomez




GetUrLife's picture

Reagan is a trip on Twitter.

Reagan is a trip on Twitter. Loves her!
SassyFace11's picture

Love Reagan. I've always been

Love Reagan. I've always been a fan. She's hilarious and real on Twitter.
Tagirl27's picture

I see her in the Grocery

I see her in the Grocery Store all the time, she seems really down to earth. Those kids are beautiful!
Chocolate's picture

Beautiful! Wow a wife of 14

Beautiful! Wow a wife of 14 years at age 33...she's doing something right!
cutethatsall56's picture

Yes ma'am!

Yes ma'am!
C2C's picture

Awww...love Reagan! Such an

Awww...love Reagan! Such an intelligent young lady. And those kiddies are way too cute!!!
MrsCPA's picture

I always like her. Good job!

I always like her. Good job!

Jesus of Nazareth wishes The

Jesus of Nazareth wishes The Virgin Mary a Happy Mother's Day (even tho she got knocked-up @ Age 12) **Dips the Baby Jesus's pacifier in Whiskey to calm him down**..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Ha! you give me life lol

Ha! you give me life lol
Mouse's picture

yeah...Jesus had a bad day

yeah...Jesus had a bad day one time & accidentally got his ass nailed to a Cross....smh..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

@Jesus H. . . ~ you are too

@Jesus H. . . ~ you are too damn much. SMHL
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