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Diddy Pulls Double Duty On Mother's Day With Baby Mamas Sarah Chapman AND Kim Porter

 photo curldid5_zps1cdf6baf.jpg

Diddy made sure to make all the mothers of his children feel special on Mother's Day yesterday.  So he pulled double duty spending time with both Kim Porter & Sarah Chapman and the kids.  Andhe had some sweet words for Misa Hylton and his own mom.


Check out pics of Daddy Diddy and his fam inside...

Sean "Diddy" Combs treated his baby momma Kim Porter to a dinner at BOA Steakhouse in L.A. with the kids they have together.  Diddy was spotted carrying one of his twin girls out of the restaurant after Kim posed it up with their son Christian, their twins Jessie & D'Lila and Kim's son Quincy (whose father is Al B. Sure) that Diddy has been like a father too.


 photo curldid6_zps5560c350.jpg

 photo curldid4_zps7bdc7a95.jpg

 photo curldid2_zpsa44844c9.jpg

Kim, who took a night off from all the nanny lawsuit drama as of late, looked hot as usual in a flirty nude skirt and striped ankle strap heels.

 photo curldid3_zpseb969578.jpg



 photo curldid1_zpsfa53b19b.jpg

But earlier in the day, Diddy spent some quality time with his daughter Chance Combs and her mom Sarah. 

Diddy also posted a pic of his own mama Janice Combs saying, "Happy Mother's Day mom. Love You!  Aint nobody like mama."  And a pic of his oldest kid, Justin's, mom Misa Hylton and said, "Happy Mother's Day. To the mother of my 1st born, Misa."

This dude may be the most fertile hip hop CEO ever, but he makes sure to take very good care of all his kids.  And their moms.  Loves it.


The Randomness:

1.  Barbara Walters announced her retirement from television today on "The View, and her retirement will start summer 2014.  She said she does not want to appear on television in any way after that time, but will remain the Executive Producer of "The View" as long as it runs.  Congratulations to her on 50 years in television and all of the incredible strides she's made for women in journalism.


Photos: Fame/Instagram



Oh my.....Mother's Day with

Oh my.....Mother's Day with both baby mama's. I'm through.
JewelryLover's picture

Kim wears the cheapest

Kim wears the cheapest looking outfits.
star's picture

I'm mad at the ghetto braids

I'm mad at the ghetto braids with the balls on the end that Kim has in that child's head....
tinytexan's picture

I think they look adorable!

I think they look adorable! and I love that their teeth fell out in the same place at the same time. how cute is that?
shuga's picture

I Would Absolutely Knock Kim

I Would Absolutely Knock Kim Over And Take Dem Shoes Rite Off Her Feet. I Don't Care For Puff However,I Admire Him For Being The Epitome Of A Great Dad.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Kim looks like one of the

Kim looks like one of the kids in that group pic, kudos to her.
Realist's picture

Dang where have I been......

Dang where have I been...... I didn't know about this other baby momma and child. hmmmm. Anywho, glad to see everyone is getting along. Not a Diddy fan, but he does seem like a good father. Kudos to them all
MsFiFi's picture

Cute kids.

Cute kids.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I will give it to Kim, she

I will give it to Kim, she looks great for 4 kids.
PacificGirl's picture

Wow! that Kim is a stunner,

Wow! that Kim is a stunner, and she's had so many babies. She looks like a younger version of Diddy's mother. Diddy does what real men do, THEY TAKE CARE OF ALL THE WOMEN IN THEIR LIFE TO THE BEST OF THEIR ABILITY. It seems to me that a larger percent of young black men in the rap community take better care of all their women and children, than the so-called respectable old black men like steve harvey (you can bet that he spent his glorifying a woman who didnt give him one baby), same is true for that low life michael jordan, usher, deion sanders, dwayne wade, etc. They claim they are the upstanding men in the community but all their actions say, SELFISH, IRRESPONSIBLE, UNAPPRECIATIVE, AND EMOTIONALLY NEGLECTFUL and EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE. A woman can recover easily from a slap in the face(chris brown) that doesnt put her in the hospital but, she cant recover from having her babies taken away, reduced to poverty, and disgraced by the very one she laid her life on the line to bear his children.
cassandra29's picture

I will be soooooo glad when

I will be soooooo glad when you start getting support checks - u delusional. REAL MEN don't have 2 baby mama's pregnant simultaneously (so lump in your "real man" Lil Wayne too) - GROW-up! It takes more than $$$$ to prove manhood! So to you, it's cool that he's splitting mother's day between 3 women BC he couldn't keep his dick under wraps???? Ridiculous. And until MJ is PROVEN the Daddy of that "other" child, CHILL on your indictment of him as well, bc ALL of his children by Juanita are WELL taken care of, so according to YOUR definition, he's a real man until proven otherwise. And FYI - I spent yesterday with a REAL MAN, my husband, and OUR children (and no, there are no outside ones either), and it started at 6 a.m. in the morning and he was by my side ALL day making sure he celebrated me birthing and mothering our children with surprise after surprise! THAT's what REAL MEN do! I pray you find one.
Brick City Babee's picture

Steve Harvey is such a Phony

Steve Harvey is such a Phony borderline sociopath. Jesus sees right thru that guy.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Wow Cassandra, you definitely

Wow Cassandra, you definitely hit the nail on the head with everything you said! Especially, about that Steve Harvey, every time I think about his second wife I cannot help but shake my head. His treatment of her is why I no longer care for or support him. He's placed that Marjorie on a pedestal that his second wife paid for with her blood, sweat and tears!!! SMH
M.Faith's picture

Love Kim's look and those

Love Kim's look and those shoes...ahhh, super cute!!! Diddy has strong genes.
MrsCPA's picture

i'm just glad everyone gets

i'm just glad everyone gets along. that's good parenting.
wildlife's picture

I rather see a family

I rather see a family together rather then torn apart and Diddy seem like he do a good job of trying to keep things together. You guys should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have some good reads and videos on there
V's picture

awww thats nice. Kim's shoes

awww thats nice. Kim's shoes are fierce!!! she looks amazing. im happy that the kids are happy. Al B. Sure must feel like a dick.
shuga's picture

Kim and Sarah have already

Kim and Sarah have already favored to me. One was just lighter than the other.
Keys's picture

Father's Day is next & that's

Father's Day is next & that's ALWAYS an awkward day for Jesus & all his people (Kim's Legs are very DISTRACTING!!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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