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SPORTS: Kobe Bryant's Parents Swear He's LYING, Say He GAVE The Memorabilia To His Mom

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Kobe Bryant's parents have filed their own paperwork claiming their son GAVE his memorabilia to them!  Find out what they said inside....


We suspect that Pamela Bryant, the mother of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, didn't have a great Mother's Day yesterday.  We told you earlier about Kobe's legal teaming putting the smack down on Goldin Auction and preventing his mom from selling off his memorablia.  Now, we've got the deets on the situation from the perspective of Pamela, Kobe's dad Joe and even Kobe's grandma and sister.  Talk about some family drama...

Apparently, the court documents filed by Kobe insinuate that Kobe's mom stole the items from Kobe's home.  But in their defense, both Pam and Joe filed sworn declarations that Kobe willingly gave the items to Pamela over the years.

Joe specifically said that over the years, Kobe had given Pamela a number of items and said, "Here mom, these are for you." And Pam insists she never took anything without permission.  And since he willingly gave them to her....she has a right to sell them.  Also, Kobe's grandmother got dragged into the drama filed a declaration supporting Pamela.

Oh, and there's another sibling.  But she supports Kobe.  His sister, Sharia Washington says their mother has been conspiring to sell Kobe's items for a long time and wants to profit from his stardom.  Damn homie.

We guess the family won't be getting together for fireworks on the 4th of July....unless it's in the court room. 

For now....the auction is still postpooned. 






I don't think that Kobe's

I don't think that Kobe's mother stole anything....it probably was left behind once he moved out but a mother should treasure any type of symbol of accomplishments that their child/children achieve. Kobe doesn't owe them anything, they chose to bring him into the world, its their duty to make sure he reaches his highest goals & seems as though they we doing good way before he became famous. His parents need to keep living their modest life & get along as one big happy family!
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Note to parents: Some lessons

Note to parents: Some lessons our children can only be taught by life. Give him everything that he says you stole, and leave this mess to God. He sits high & looks low... sees everything. This is not worth the energy, time, or relationship strain this may cause between you and your children. I don't believe you stole a thing, and while any truly greatful child with this much money would make sure that every need the people that produced him made is met, every debt is cancelled, & that they don't have to work another day in their life, Kobe may not be such a child. Count the costs, and let this foolishness go, cause to continue this fight will only drive him further off the path he should be on. Just saying..
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He also bout his mama a home!

He also bout his mama a home! We have not idea abut their relationship and how it was... we also don't know what his mother in law does, maybe she watches their kids or has helped him emotionally when his parent's did not... I don't know either way but I do know his mama looks hella crazy and medicated in this photo!!! WTF On another note, I would never sell my child's things (especially for a bigger house!!) ... It's sentimental and should be passed down

Whether he gave it or not,

Whether he gave it or not, why would you sell it? Assholes! I'm no Kobe fan, but damn mom and dad. That shit is wack!
JewelryLover's picture

What kind of parent sell

What kind of parent sell their child stuff? Is it not worth something to you? You just need a bigger house don't you? This is absolutely rediculous for his parents to be selling stuff that should be held on for memories! It's like selling stuff that was passed on from generations down to you!!!!!! Money hungry idiots!
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Oh Kobe, Karma is going to

Oh Kobe, Karma is going to eat you alive.
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What most people don't know

What most people don't know is that he bought his wet back momma in law a 1.4 million dollar home. He has set Vanessa's mooching family's butt up for life but will drag his momma into court over $450K. That ain't a man.....,,

Yes those items were of

Yes those items were of sentimental value and most mother's wouldn't sell them, but if your son is Kobe and is acting like an ass, why not? If he wanted those items kept sacred he should have kept them his damn self! Further more, how a man treats his momma is indication of how he will treat the woman in his life... You follow? Take note Vanessa!
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I see some one been on u tube

I see some one been on u tube looking at eyebrow tutorials...smh! Why not just bless your parents with luxuries so they can keep your butt raping self out the media.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

lmao @looking at eyebrow

lmao @looking at eyebrow tutorials. chiiiillle, she need to go back on youtube and look at a few more. But yup, Kobe the asshole needs to humble himself. I mean, his parents are the ones that got him to where he is,,,,,ole arrogant self.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Sharia must still be on

Sharia must still be on Kobe's payroll. SMH.
PacificGirl's picture

Even if he did give them to

Even if he did give them to her willingly, what kind of mother sells her child's memories? Shame.
CheyPie's picture

I'm thinking he did give them

I'm thinking he did give them to her, of course not knowing that she would ever stoop to such a level. It's funny because before I read through the post, I was about to write he probably said some corny line like "this is for you mom" and as I read through it, there it was. smhlol......and how batshit crazy does she look in that photo?
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Punk A** Kobe Bryant

Punk A** Kobe Bryant
Reign's picture

Not surprised. I said it

Not surprised. I said it before and I'll say it again ~ Kobe Bryant (I rechristen him NIGGAlie] can save the planet and I STILL wouldn't like his a$$.
GetUrLife's picture

This is so saddddd lol

This is so saddddd lol
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

According to that photo...all

According to that photo...all 3 of them look CRAZY!!! Best they keep away from..each other anyway...........
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