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MORE BAD BOSSES?: Usher's EX-Nanny SUES For Six-Figure Settlement, Claims She Was OVERWORKED & UNDERPAID

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Usher's former nanny has filed suit claiming she wasn't compensated for the overtime she put in.  See how his camp responded inside...


Rich folks just don't know how to treat "The Help"....so the nannies say.  First we find out that Kim Porter "allegedly" had her nanny sweeping the floors and living out of a suitcase (with a door that didn't lock) and now, according to TMZ, Usher's ex-nanny, Cecilia Duncan, is claiming that Usher's is JUST AS BAD when it comes to treating his "help" nicely.

You'd think that celebrities would be kind to the people whom they've tasked with helping raise their kids....but maybe not.  Just ask Cecilia Duncan.  Cecilia says she started working for Usher in December 2010 (caring for his two sons, ages 4 & 5).  But pretty soon,  she says the job started veering into the 40+ hours category, but there was no increase/overtime in her pay. Hmm....sounds just like Kim Porter's lawsuit.

Cecilia says she made her frustration known (for over a year), then Usher up and fired her last September without ever giving her the overtime she asked for.  Again...sounds like Kim Porter's situation.

You'd think that the celebs would fear the disgruntled employee might take their anger out on the kids....but that doesn't seem to be a "Hollywood" concern.

Naturally, Usher's camp says the lawsuit is frivolous (just like Diddy's camp did).  We're sure we will hear that Cecilla had some "past arrest" record that they "just" discovered and that would explain why she was finally fired.

Not sure why one would choose to continue to work somewhere in which the felt they were being treated unfairly.  But it's very possible. 

Until they attempt to settle or dismiss the case, Cecilla wants six-figures for wrongful termination and failure to pay wages.

Good luck with that......




All I know is that in the

All I know is that in the state of CA employment is "At-Will" and and employer or employee can seperatet the relationship at any time for any reason. In addition, Nannies DO NOT make OT. They are in a catetgory that makes them exempt from making OT. They make their flat rate for OT. Even after an 8 hour day and 40 hour a week shift. the rate is STILL the same. Sounds like this nanny is misinformed or trying to come up.
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Also, it should comes as a

Also, it should comes as a red flag that working for celebrities is not what it's all cracked up to be. Some nannies prefer to stay silent, others are brave enough to stand their ground. Celebrities have to keep up with each other. They pretend they have the best of everything but it's a lie, and they know it.
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Nannies!! Nannies!! Nannies!!

Nannies!! Nannies!! Nannies!! When will you learn? Working for high profile people has it's ups and downs. Yes it's great having a nice paycheck. However, you pay the consequences as well: long hours, no breaks, attitude, gossip from staff, going away with the family but you work, etc. I work on Park Ave in NY for a great high profile family but by God's grace they treat me really well. Don't wait for years to complain if you don't get paid. Put it in writing and then follow up. After at least a month, you should give your letter of resignation. One word of advice: Do not lose yourself in the process.
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These nannies are looking for

These nannies are looking for a come up. Puffy is not going to pay or Usher. What do these thirsty arse nannies have? A under rground union?

Sounds like 'some' people

Sounds like 'some' people need to try raising their own kids..I'm just sayin
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He told the lie to oprah that

He told the lie to oprah that his mother and grandmother would be helping him raise the kids. Now we find out that this no good piece of horse sh8t would rather pay strangers to take care of them, than provide for the woman who brought them into the world. The most important thing a man can do for a child is to take care of their mother. He's a piece of sh8t
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I hate to say it but i agree

I hate to say it but i agree with your comment 300%, Usher did all that fighting with those boys mother after her child died tragically last summer, he lied on Oprah about his village to raise them and then fired the Nanny directly after the court gave him custody. It's very sickening when you think about it. He will crumble for his ways. In order for a nanny to actually hire a lawyer, file this claim, theres more to this story and i hope she comes clean for the kids sake. He acts like one of these young artists not paying help, child support, hotel bills, clothing tabs, Usher is too old and established for this type of foolish act. Isn't that old woman that tags along with him his manager too? She too is responsible, as wifey/manager/chief handler she should make sure a nanny is paid. He isn't thinking with the right head. LOL, this is pure stupidity for an entertainer of his caliber. Usher is petty, I can't support him at this point. I was off him after Oprah anywayz.
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I don't feel sorry for anyone

I don't feel sorry for anyone that works for free. You're stupid for doing so.
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I would if I loved the

I would if I loved the children involved, but we don't know all the facts. Maybe she liked to travel or the other perks. She might have been promised money, never know. To file this she is steaming mad tho.
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Next big you know...the

Next big you know...the nannys will have a reality show. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have sme good stuff on there as well
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You'd think all these YBF'ers

You'd think all these YBF'ers would treat "The Help" better....smh (take note Jay Z (Defendant)........
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