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Tamar Braxton DISCUSSES Her BATTLE With VITILIGO, HEALING From Her ABUSIVE PAST, Says She HASN'T Had Plastic Surgery

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Reality tv star Tamar Braxton did a very candid interview with Ebony.com where she discussed issues with her skin, the abusive relationships of her past and addressed rumors of plastic surgery.  See the highlights inside....

As she prepares to become a mother for the first time, Tamar Braxton sat down with Ebony.com where she opened up about sensitive issues like her skin disease (vitiligo) her abusive past ("one of her ex-boyfriends had dragged her out of her apartment by her hair"), and plastic surgery rumors.   Though we think we've seen all there is to see with Tamar Braxton, her interview revealed a vulnerable side that's never been exposed on camera.  Here on the highlights:


On Being Abused:
“I almost had to tell my story to each individual and then I decided that’s not what I’m going to do. I can’t make anybody believe, I can’t change anybody’s mind about anything. (The abuse,) it happened. I’m not all the way comfortable with sharing a lot of what happened to me (yet), but what I said was true. When I’m ready to talk about my abusive past I will, I’m sorry that I’m not. But if it wasn’t for (God), I wouldn’t be here.”

She added,

“My husband (Vincent Herbert) definitely doesn’t abuse me,”

On her struggle with Vitiligo:

Anybody with skin issues knows that that’s a very sensitive subject. And that’s why I’ve never shared that I have Vitiligo, because I do. I’ve always had it, since I was a young girl. It’s not as bad as others because everybody has it differently, but I’ve certainly had mine diagnosed. That’s why I tan. People say, “You bleach your skin!” But I tan just so I can have a better tone on my skin, boo!

It’s gotten worse since I’ve gotten pregnant. If you shake my hand now, to me it’s more noticeable. But when you get diagnosed with a skin disorder, it’s hard. It does weigh on your self-esteem. It really does.

On Plastic Surgery:

"I don’t have plastic surgery. I never had plastic surgery. I had a nose procedure done because I had to. I had no cartilage in my nose, I have a piece of cartilage from my ear put into my nose. I had a medical procedure done. I have no plastic in my nose. And when I shared that with the world, now I have Botox, and different kind of fillers. Now I touch my face, which I never touch my face…Everything is real on me."

But, she hasn’t written plastic surgery off, just yet:

"After I have my baby, I might can’t say that everything is real on me. I might get my breasts done. Who knows if my breasts gonna go down to my ankles--I can’t do that!”

Read the full article here.


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Response from Tamar's interview prompted her to post childhood photos on IG showing her skin disorder. "Although I have NOTHING to prove....I have NOTHING to LIE about!" #donetalkingaboutthebleachB.S. #tamartheone

The Randomness:

1.  The "Annie" remake starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx will change the title character's name to "Isabella".  Story. 




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slenia43's picture

Tamar is definitely

Tamar is definitely bleaching. Maybe it is to blend in the vitiliago, but she has done some things with her face. I wish our Black women would stop trying to be "Hollywood" being insecure and putting all these fillers and crap in their face. It looks so awful. I still love her though
getyourlife33's picture

I believe Tamar.

I believe Tamar.
C2C's picture

This chica is bad for real!

This chica is bad for real! How you gonna lie and tell people that you have NOT had plastic surgery? The writing's on the wall are so obvious Tamar! NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

im so sick of black women

im so sick of black women wearing these wigs and weaves every black celebrity with the exception of Halle Berry is rocking someone else's hair. I can understand a few tracks for volume or length but the ish just looks soooooo freaking fake. but hey, if her man likes it then who am I to judge???
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

I believe her. Why would

I believe her. Why would someone lie on themselves and say they have a sickness when they don't? Plus, we all know Tamar has nothing against surgery, so for her to deny having it means that it's true or she woulda just come out and say she's had it since she doesn't mind the idea of it. Also, she clearly stated Vince never abused her so stop accusing him.
queenkyc's picture

lol....tamar got mind control

lol....tamar got mind control over deebo. all you have to do is google tamar's first album cover and compare it to the single cover she came out with last week or so. her cheekbones are completely different. her lips are different. her color is different and her nose is different. a lot of us have seen ppl with vitiligo and it creates spots. VITILIGO DOES NOT STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR, TURN YOU ALL WHITE AT ONE TIME OR CHANGE YOUR LIPS AND NOSE.
steezo's picture

I just saw a previous picture

I just saw a previous picture of Tamar with a Jackson 5 nose and now this nose. The truth must be told. We all know the differences between nose surgery and cartilage being added INTO your nose Mrs. Herbert :/
Illustrious08's picture

this bish lying like a

this bish lying like a muthafuckka. she should have just told them not to ask about plastic surgery so she wouldnt have to answer with some ol bullshit. she really does have the Michael Jackson syndrome after all. she got vitiligo the same way rick ross and lil wayne got "epilepsy" and jennifer hudson is on "weight watchers". bitch, puhleaze!!!
steezo's picture

She had me until "I've never

She had me until "I've never had plastic surgery. I had cartilage put in my nose, but no plastic surgery." So what was that Surgery called??? I had my nose done,for a "deviated septum." That's called plastic surgery imo, even though the doctor was an Ear,Nose,Throat specialist. So do my implants not count as plastic surgery either? In my Tamar voice"I didn't have plastic surgery. I had saggy boob socks, and had some Saline placed in them.That's not plastic surgery boo." SMDH

This bish is lying!! Just

This bish is lying!! Just unnecessary lies!!
BaddieBeyFans's picture

She says she was abused in

She says she was abused in the past, but I see that Vince, disrespecting, verbally abusing and mistreating her on that show. I hope it is for the camera only because I would never allow a man to treat me like that.
cassandra29's picture



i'm w/ you.

i'm w/ you.
wildlife's picture

This feed has always been

This feed has always been harsh but to accuse people of lying about a serious medical condition is reaching a bit.
cutethatsall56's picture

Focus on your weaves

Focus on your weaves girl..never mind your face

Damn leave her alone.

Damn leave her alone. Whatever she did/didn't do is her business: if she has underlying issues and was abused by an ex, some of the work might have been reconstructive & might have taken more than one surgery to fix.

woo woo diva. you must be

woo woo diva. you must be feeling sentimental today....lol...cuz you know good and well Tamar is a lie and the truth aint in her right now!
steezo's picture

I guess I don't understand

I guess I don't understand people like you..If this was her business and we should leave her alone..Please answer me this...Why the heck is she giving interviews to Magazines? When you put yourself out there what do expect people to do...just believe everything she say as gospel...if she does not want people commenting then don't put your business out there, plus she is putting out there in a Magazine interview...shhhhh...

THANK YOU!! Better yet why

THANK YOU!! Better yet why are people on gossip blogs if they want everything to just be hunky dorky??!! They come on here for juicy gossip but when its celebs they like or topics that hit close to home suddenly they want everyone to hush or move on.
JJFad's picture

Vitiligo? Girrl... Michael

Vitiligo? Girrl... Michael Jackson done been there and done that excuse! Try again. Lol. No seriously if that's true I wish her the best. But girl you didn't have plastic surgery?? Then please explain how your face transformed over episodes. S/n: Annie's name changed to Isabella? WTF? How bout ya'll just don't consider this a REAL Annie remake then. Nigga's always messin up shit... DAMN!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That is so disrespectful to

That is so disrespectful to people to people who really have vitiligo. Tamar is right. She didn't have plastic surgery, she had a mockery made of her. That doctor clearly wanted her to look like one of the lost characters from Looney Tunes. Ironically, on the show she makes it loud and clear that she is all about plastic surgery. God gave black women a gift of unique beauty that he doesn't give to many others. We don't age at all. If we take care of our hair, we can grow it down our back and rock any style: wavy, cornrows, you name it. We have lips women pay big bucks for. I can understand a tiny nip tuck but phucken with your black features is clearly a sign of not knowing what all God has blessed you with.
Lisa's picture

Something is just weird with

Something is just weird with these scary looking sisters!!!
Missy's picture

I've known Tamar since she

I've known Tamar since she was a teen. We use to go to the same church. She was never as light as she is and she did mess around with her face. She use to look like a normal cute girl and now so different. She is lying through her teeth. I'm someone that saw her on the regular when she was 16-19 years.
JJFad's picture

It's possible that people

It's possible that people features change without plastic surgery. When I was younger I went through a phase where my nose was wide,but one day my mom was laughing, because my nose was suddenly smaller. She knew I didn't, but it happened. My nose is smaller, and I know for a fact that I didn't get plastic surgery. So, Tamar could be telling the truth. Our bodies change for whatever reason. And MJ did have the disease. Amazing how MJ admitted , his doctors, doctors have looked at pictures , and confirmed it, his family , friends, even the autopsy report documented his vitalago, which was in connection to his lupus, but people who never knew the man, wants to continue with the assumption. Do people realize the psychological damage that disease causes

Ma'am I know this girl. She

Ma'am I know this girl. She looks very different from what she did and most people do not change facially or complexion wise that much unless you had surgery or any illness like lupus, etc. Even weight loss does not change your face that different other than size ( slimmer face). She does not look like the same cute little Tamar I knew. She looks like someone that had surgery and messed up an already pretty face.
JJFad's picture

so basically you grew into

so basically you grew into your ugly or you just lost weight. Same thing. anyways we are talking abotu Taaayyyyyyyymaaaaaarrr Brrrraxton not u and ur nose issue! That is all no fux given. No need for a reply goodnight. Kim has left the building!
SlowNeckBecky's picture

So if a person has a big

So if a person has a big nose, than their ugly, wow! So, a person that is overweight is ugly, wow! So, trying to relate to another person's issues of what they experience, isn't worth commenting? I could attack you, and be spiteful, but what would be the point, from your numerous posts, and that unflattering pic of Lil Kim, you have some serious issues that you need to work out, and me trying to demean you, wouldn't do me or you any good. Keep doing you, and being you, because the only people that can tolerate such an attitude, are people like you, in need of a hug, and a good Tyler Perry film. I hope you are only taking out your anger on the world online, and not in your everyday life. GOD Bless you, and keep you. I'm not mad,or sad, or insulted, it's your opinion and that, you should always value.

no I said you must have grew

no I said you must have grew into your ugly or you lost weight! even your mother laughed at u according to what you previously typed! duh! no one would know u had a wide asz nose that suddenly got small unless u didnt type it therefore leaving one to assume u grew into your tragedy or lost weight. but in some cases weight loss wont gaurantee a small nose...google Monique. Dont come for me unless u send car service and a bottle of vueve. dont worry about what i post. this is the internet and its all about ribbing sensitive B!tches No I do not need a hug but the pic of Kim is funny get over it
SlowNeckBecky's picture

not only did you say she grew

not only did you say she grew into her ugly but you said that shit twice so i know you meant it. cracking the entire fukk up!!! ooh chile. grew into your tragedy! lawd a murcy! that made me miss my nigga katt williams.
steezo's picture


wildlife's picture


BaddieBeyFans's picture

Damn just when I almost

Damn just when I almost started liking her she goes and starts with the BS. We don't believe you Tamar!! You need more people!!!

I LUVV ALL the Braxtons ~ but

I LUVV ALL the Braxtons ~ but they seem like some sickly people. Toni's constantly battling an illness, the son/nephew are fighting something as well. And in Tamar's defense ~ if that Kim Kardashian can claim she didn't have a nose job ~ I don't see the problem.
GetUrLife's picture

this usually happens in big

this usually happens in big families. the more ppl, the more likely for a disease or two. i know a few ppl with 7-8 siblings and at least one is sickly one and/or died young. I guess its just a matter of numbers.
steezo's picture

I love them too tho. Tamar's

I love them too tho. Tamar's Legs!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

How can this woman lie so

How can this woman lie so blatantly with a str8 face? She is dangerous!!
Realist's picture

Come on now, her face dang

Come on now, her face dang near look like Lil Kim's. y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they usually have good stuff on there too
V's picture

Toni doesn't have Lupus

Toni doesn't have Lupus either. These chix are Batty Screwballs.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

This muppet bitch is a liar!

This muppet bitch is a liar! Not only has she had multiple plastic surgery procedures, but she doesn't have no damn vitiligo. She is bleaching. So pathetic!
Elle's picture

Damn u bishes are

Damn u bishes are harsh.....lol
star's picture

no cartilage..deviated

no cartilage..deviated septum..snoring issues..you've had plastic surgery. Stop acting like it wasn't to make you look more mainstream. As far as the vitiligo, i don't know if i believe all that because the lighting in that pic was changed to make her more marketable. Just like India Irie's recent one. You know damn good and well if you were insecure about your skin tone you would not put it on the cover of your damn single. Stop playin...no cartilage..smh..if anything they should have took some more out muppet head!!
TrueThinker's picture

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