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Celebs Flock To Niecy Nash's Book Launch -- Brandy, Gloria & Laura Govan, Sheree Fletcher, Jill Scott & More

 photo fnak4_zps10c6c21c.jpg

Niecy Nash is pushing her brand new book It's Hard To Fight Naked.  And while the semi-newly married woman gives relationship advice to couples on how to argue, and how not to argue, she hosted her book launch party in Beverly Hills yesterday.  And plenty of her Hollywood friends came out to support...


Brandy and "Hollywood Exes" star Sheree Fletcher posed it up with their girl, actress Niecy Nash, as she celebrated the release of her new relationship advice book at the Luxe Rodeo Drive hotel.  Niecy's looking great these days as she popped up in a green Olivia dress by LRK (available at Saks).  Loving the brown & blonde tresses.


 photo fnak3_zps5176e5e9.jpg

"The Game" star Brandy looked super cute in a Camilla And Marc multi-colored striped and floral peplum dress with pink pumps.


 photo fnak1_zpsc4b6523b.jpg

Niecy's hubby Jay was there to support, along with newly engaged couple Kat Von D and her fiance, Deadmau5.

 photo fnak8_zpsbfec95bd.jpg

"Basketball Wives: LA" stars Gloria Govan Barnes and her sis Laura Govan came out to support.  Doesn't seem like they're taping a new season anytime soon so why not hit up a few parties...

 photo fnak10_zpsda0d5e81.jpg

Brooke Bailey was also there.

 photo fnak11_zpsedfcf5fd.jpg

Comedienne (and Kevin Hart's ex-wife) Torrei Hart had some fun with Niecy's "Soul Man" costar Cedric The Entertainer and her comedy partner Simone Shepherd.

 photo fnak12_zps4b53a4f2.jpg

Jill Scott made a supportive appearance.

 photo fnak13_zpsec173c6c.jpg  photo fnak14_zpsefcf504d.jpg

And all the ladies snapped pics together while having some outdoor springtime fun.  Congrats on the book Niecy!


Photos: Niecy's Instagram/Brandy's Instagram/Laura Govan's Instagram/Torrei's Instagram




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slenia43's picture

Niecy and that wig....No

Niecy and that wig....No Ma'am
star's picture

Niecy Nash couldnt quite get

Niecy Nash couldnt quite get that WTF look off her face hard as she tried in that pic with those Govans, I cldnt stop laughing. Brandy looks gorgeeeeee.
Realist's picture

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patterson952's picture

Everyone looks great. Brandy

Everyone looks great. Brandy is glowing and I'm truly so happy for her! Even my dad was like "I'm glad she found love because she seems a lot happier" lol Mizz Laura Govan you know that outfit is too slutavious for a book launch. Come on...
cutethatsall56's picture

can Matt Barnes slap these

can Matt Barnes slap these hoes and put their asses back in the field.
lola69's picture

Brandy looks Fab...and yea

Brandy looks Fab...and yea those Gavon hoes just arent attractive inside nor out! Smhlol...*sips Singapore sling
Like Really's picture

Brandy looks flawless as

Brandy looks flawless as usual. Everyone elses beauty sadly pales in comparison.
Denise2007's picture

The Govan sisters need to go

The Govan sisters need to go back to the Trailer Park. Brandy looks great.Love the Hair and make up. When will those Basketball ho's be gone??????????
lola69's picture

Torrei and Simone are VERY

Torrei and Simone are VERY corny. Brandy looks cute. That's all.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Brandy is smokin' hot..get it

Brandy is smokin' hot..get it girl!
ZenLea's picture

Brandy looks beautiful.

Brandy looks beautiful. Everyone looks pretty nice. Torrei Hart has a nice body to have 2 kids. Go girl!
JJFad's picture

Brandy is skyrocketing up the

Brandy is skyrocketing up the Top 20 YBF'er List!!!!!! But no close-up pics please (see the last photo compared to the first two pics)..........
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