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Zoe Saldana CONFIRMS Her BISEXUALITY, Wears Golden Sheer Midriff DRESS At "Star Trek Into Darkness" Premiere

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Actress Zoe Saldana raised a few eyebrows on the red carpet yesterday when she confirmed her bisexuality and rocked a sexy see-thru gown at the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness.  See the pics inside....

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Last night, actress Zoe Saldana walked the press line at the Dolby Theatre for the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness in Hollywood, CA.

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   photo urt8.jpg  photo urt9.jpg

Zoe, who plays Uhara in the film, wore a sheer Rodarte Fall 2013 Gold Ruffle Gown. 

 photo urt3.jpg

Ms. Saldana, who made headlines with her nude spread in ALLURE, she raised a few eyebrows when she told the mag that she could imagine herself raising her children with a woman.  When asked about the comment by HollyScoop, Zoe confirmed her bisexuality saying,

“No, it wasn't a generalization.  It was a statement that I strongly stand by. As of today, I've been attracted to the male species, but if one day I wake up and want to be with a woman, I will do that because it is my life, therefore it is my decision."

 photo urt1.jpg

 photo urt2.jpg

Meanwhile, fomer Star Trek star and "Reading Rainbow" host, LeVar Burton attended the premiere with his daughter Michaela "Mica" Jean Burton and they shared a few laughs on the carpet.



Photos via Jason Kempin/Getty Images North America




Girl, to hell with your

Girl, to hell with your midriff AND your damn bisexuality. Who cares??? (I'm hearing crickets chirping...chirp-chirp). 2 burgers and some Botox please - STAT!
TICS's picture

lol I 2nd that!

lol I 2nd that!

this girl is not cute.i hate

this girl is not cute.i hate how hollywood tries to get a mix girl that looks like a uglier verison of a white women that an actual cute black girl. I mean she's pretty but why no get a actual looking brown skin black girl to play the roles she playing cus I seen much prettier!

These stars never answer a

These stars never answer a damn question. This the same half ass answer Will and Jada give to having an open marriage. The same answer Monique just gave about allowing her man to fuck other chicks. She never answered the question. When someone asks you are you gay,bisexual, or in an open relationship the answer normal folks give is yes or no. They don't give maybe one day I will raise my children with a woman. They don't say maybe one day I will be. They don't say I trust my husband to be honest with me in response to the open marriage couple. The stars are deliberately letting mystery to set in to keep up the chatter and to cater to the alternative lifestyle folks who own Hollywood. Also they leave the question unanswered in case they fuck up. Say Zoe likes to lick a little pussy from time to time, but she really into men. Well, if some chick come to the media and say "Zoe and her boyfriend ate my chocha," then it is no big surprise. That is also the reason stars leave the open marriage question unanswered. If Zoe's momma asked her if she is bisexual, the answer would be yes or no.
The ZuluKing's picture

I am no Fan of hers, but I

I am no Fan of hers, but I see no reason they have to provide us straight answers to personal questions about their lives. We may want them to but they don't owe us the public direct answers about their personal lives, we need honest answers when it concerns other lives about things they are doing for charities and other work.

I could agree with your

I could agree with your stance if these stars didn't put out half ass business out there. They wouldn't be asked personal questions if they never ever gave personal information to reporters. There are tons of gay folks in entertainment. Some we never hear anything about. The reason we don't know their personal business is because they keep things to themselves. Zoe gave the interview to Vogue and mentioned raising a child with a woman. Had Zoe focused that interview about her upcoming Star Trek movie, this would have been a non issue. They can't have it both ways. They can't say stuff then when questioned about it provide fluff half ass answers. If someone ask me if I do cocaine and I say I might try it one day, then the next person ask me if I have tried cocaine yet. Then if I say it is none of your business then that is a fucked up half ass answer. The answer is no or yes.
The ZuluKing's picture

I absolutely agree with you,

I absolutely agree with you, but you missed my point I think..I have no problems with her being asked questions about her sexuality that she put out there, but I understand her vague answer when asked to be specific

I read your first response

I read your first response again. I understand you don't cafe about vague responses regarding their personal life. Myself, I could care less about their personal life in general, but I wanted to point out the hypocrisy. They put things out there for whatever reason, then half ass it. That kind of phoniness speaks to what kind of person they are. You mentioned Zoe's answer on charity are more important. How can you trust those answers when you can't trust the person.
The ZuluKing's picture

Her relevance has dropped

Her relevance has dropped considerably since Columbiana. So sad.
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patterson952's picture

Ermmm! Those Pic Of Zoe Are

Ermmm! Those Pic Of Zoe Are Very Unflattering. Secondly, Why Do Celebs Has To Confirm Or Deny Their Sexual Preferenes? I Could Careless If She's Bi-Or Tri-sexual. *Pushing* A Chair Toward Ms.Saldana...Take A Seat Chile!
Keyths'Girl's picture

Zoe lol didnt anybody tell

Zoe lol didnt anybody tell her that blacks are higher up in the social ladder than latina..Nobody want you and your not that 'beautiful' sorry....

everybody knows it, but they

everybody knows it, but they keep hoping they can convince the world otherwise.
cassandra29's picture

zoe is straight as a pencil.

zoe is straight as a pencil. the problem w/ this chick is that she got rid of her long-time white bf, thinking she could now pull ANY high profile white man since she is a well-known celebrity at this point in her life. reality is starting to sink it. white men have no problems fucking you but they, for whatever reason, won't publicly announce you are their woman. the only reason zoe is NOW jumping on the blk bandwagon is because she has the nina simone joint coming out soon. if it wasn't for that film she would still be screaming, 'i'm latina! i'm latina!' in addition, zoe looks EVERY bit of 34 years-old. personally, i think she looks like she's in her very late '30s.
wildlife's picture

and the truth speaks. negroes

and the truth speaks. negroes need to stop supporting users period.
cassandra29's picture

The blonde-haired,

The blonde-haired, blue-eye'd, Sweet Lord, Baby Jesus...senses that YOU are trying to start a RACE WAR............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Just read an article online

Just read an article online that Allure Magazine is catching backlash for posting Zoe weight 115lbs on there cover and she's 5'7 so she's underweight.
Babyjane's picture

ZoeZoeZoe! #1The starvation

ZoeZoeZoe! #1The starvation thing is aging her badly! Zoe is much younger than, Gabby Union, Sanaa Lathan and Thandie Newton and she looks OLDER than all of them because of the BULIMIA or ANOREXIA! Dark circles under the eyes are not CUTE and makes you look OLD! The gay stuff! REALLY? The break up from the long term boyfriend and the recent DUMPING by BIG NOSE BRADLY COOPER has sent Zoe over the edge! It's time for Zoe to try SOMETHING NEW like different men from other races, even Halle in her early years gave black men a go and was married twice to black men! Halle did her part but Zoe has not and instead of even thinking about swinging to the other side, Zoe needs to first HEAL FROM THE HURT caused by the MEN she CHOSE in her life! STOP with the STUPID STUFF posing NUDE and giving up on men just because she's kissed a few albino frogs! Stop the pity party because don't nobody got time for it!
Shay's picture


Oh BTW IN HER OWN WORDS "IM NOT BLACK, IM LATINA" not realizing that black is a race, Latina is a culture, and the Dominican Republic WAS A SLAVE ISLAND can join Young, Latina, and FABOLOUS! BYE BYE
cutethatsall56's picture

Girl BYE!!!! People are

Girl BYE!!!! People are riding the gay wave to $$$$ Since when Zoe?? Two white boys just broke your heart now you think you're gong to draw sympathy points for saying you lick carpets??? SIT ALL THE WAY IN A SEAT!
cutethatsall56's picture

Since when?? Boo b**ch....

Since when?? Boo b**ch....
Grown Man Ish's picture

Girl bye! Now all of a sudden

Girl bye! Now all of a sudden you're a carpet muncher?!? I ain't buying it. Chick only said this ish for press. Everybody and they Mama trying to be gay because they think it's trendy and keeps them relevant. But have ya'll ever seen her at a Pride parade or lobbying for gay rights? No!
DesignDiva's picture

The Lioness hit it right on

The Lioness hit it right on the nose. Zoe wants what she can't have. The white guys just hit it and quit it and move on to the next beauty. She may need to give another race a chance. There are so many other nationalities. Bradley Cooper didn't want her. He's one of the hottest things on the scene right now so he got it and kept it moving
Nikkij's picture

This dress looks ridiculous

This dress looks ridiculous on her shape-less body.
Peace Silas's picture

zoe looks nice...i cant

zoe looks nice...i cant believe that nelly was involved in kelly rowland's abusive relationship..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Zoe did not "confirm her

Zoe did not "confirm her bisexuality". This headline is completely wrong! What she does state is that she's so far only been attracted to men. Where's the bisexuality in that? This blog is the worst at getting the facts straight.
The Real Thing's picture

Part of Zoe's problem is that

Part of Zoe's problem is that she wants what she can't have. She wants a white dude and white dudes just want to fuck her and move on to the next exotic beauty. She should stop throwing tantrums cause these white dudes don't want her and take the time and give someone from her own ethnicity/race or whatever a chance. Sista's stay killin me chasing after these fuckin whites dudes...need to stop that thirsty shit.
Thelioness's picture

For some reason, I don't get

For some reason, I don't get "exotic beauty" when I look at her. But then, I don't find her any type of beautiful, so...
NinaM2012's picture

me either. it must really

me either. it must really pain her that her african blood is so pronounced and her latin blood cannot be seen. but then on the other hand she uses her black blood to fool the public when she steals parts that should go to american black women, but she cant have it both ways. i bet she really offends those white men when she tries to distance herself from blacks to try and get a ring, with that i'm a latina crap when she thinks it will benefit her. they aint falling for i.
cassandra29's picture

Oh and that dress is shocking

Oh and that dress is shocking only because it's that awful and I'm going to need for her to stop wearing a red lip; it's making her look old. Red lips ain't for all.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

who cares...live ya life. MR

who cares...live ya life. MR Burtons daughter has beautiful smile

She was not confirming

She was not confirming anything from what I read. All she said was I will do whatever the hell I like and I don't care what anyone thinks. There was no confirmation of anything in that. YBF is turning into Mediahorridout day by day.
JJFad's picture

That's how I interpreted her

That's how I interpreted her remarks as well. She's open to doing what she wants, but to date hasn't been attracted to a woman romantically.
SweetDivaT's picture

she either needs to find a

she either needs to find a stylist or fire her current one
SlowNeckBecky's picture

No man OR woman wants a bag

No man OR woman wants a bag of bones!
Denise2007's picture

Yeah but on the same note, no

Yeah but on the same note, no man or woman wants a fat sloppy ass person with meat hanging off their neck and back.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture


Suga Bear's picture

My my my, I swear she need me

My my my, I swear she need me in her life! Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good stuff on there too
V's picture

Zoe, please sit down. IDGAF

Zoe, please sit down. IDGAF about your sexuality. And anywho, the dress looks raggedy and the shoes look ratchet. And you look sad and depressed. I hate the name Michaela,,,,thats all.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I swear this website is

I swear this website is getting more and more like media takeout! False news to get a headline.
ibetite26's picture

Yeah there was no

Yeah there was no confirmation of bisexuality. That's one of those things that the person has to say outright and she's clearly beating around the bush about it...for publicity imho. Keep the tongues wagging I guess smh.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

beating around the bush?

beating around the bush? tongues wagging? puns intended or no?
steezo's picture

LOL no but it works.

LOL no but it works.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Jesus doesnt care who people

Jesus doesnt care who people have sex with as long as they live happy. Black Folks should be the LAST people on earth to discriminate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Last time I and a lot of

Last time I and a lot of people checked God's Words, He is completely against homosexuality. He loves us, but He is against all sin (why do people try to make exceptions for some sins?). People like to make excuses to justify wrong so that they can continue to do what they want w/out a thought to stop. He also hates people trying to change His Word. Wow....
Quirky79's picture

Don't tell me what I should

Don't tell me what I should be the LAST person to do! And why, in your opinion, is that anyway? Because I've been discriminated against? Because let me tell you, you cannot classify what Black folks on this planet have been through as simple discrimination. period. Discrimination is human nature and we are AS entitled to engage as anyone else. If you think gays don't discriminate, you don't know many gays. Most people prefer their own in one way or another and such is mostly harmful when exercised violently or by those who have power over the ones against whom they discriminate. Otherwise, it's just an individual preferring something...but don't tell me that I, as a black person, 'should' any-fucking-thing. And you and your screen name are annoying and childish as hell and I ain't even Christian.
NinaM2012's picture

Then don't read my

Then don't read my stuff...Jesus is a RedBone by the way and YOU are NO Longer Highly Favored!!!!!!!!!!! fyi - Gays get murdered still for being gay. not too long ago...a gay man was tied to a fence and beaten to death. And i'm 100% STRAIGHT but i wanna live in a civilized society.....NOT like wild animals with no brain!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Your right Jesus does love

Your right Jesus does love everyone but he also hates things or actions that his farther hates as well and homosexuality is one of them. You don't have to hate an individual to hate what they do so I'm not sure which Jesus your speaking about but maybe you should read the bible before you quote it. Read 1 Corinthians 6:9 then tell me Jesus loves the act of homosexuality. People or so confused no ones saying they hate gay people but I can and should be free to say I hate the act of homosexuality without being scrutinized.
ibetite26's picture

You said: "People or so

You said: "People or so confused no ones saying they hate gay people but I can..." We shouldn't hate people, but we should also NOT be pleased with their sin just like God is not pleased with our sin. I would not even expect someone to be pleased with my sins. Wrong is wrong. But we should still not hate the actual person. Other than that, you are right. Homosexuality is just as wrong as any other sin we as humans commit. People are breaking their necks to justify it, though. That's evil.
Quirky79's picture

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