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RAPPERS' DELIGHT: Kanye Performs New Track "Awesome" & RANTS At Surprise NYC Show + Drake (& His OVO Fest), Khaled, Swizz & More Shoot "No New Friends" Video

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Kanye West returned to NYC yesterday to give a secret concert last night at the Adult Swim network Upfronts.  And, once again, he performed his new track "Awesome" and dedicated it to his baby moms Kim Kardashian.  And he also did a surprise listening session (pictured above) in the City last night.


We've got pics and video, plus Khaled, Drake and more on the set of their "No New Friends" video...

Before heading backstage or elsewhere in the city (we can't tell) to preview his music for a room full of folks, Kanye West took the stage at the Roseland Ballroom during the Adult Swim Upfronts (like he did 5 years ago as well) to rock out.  Kanye style. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at80842AM_zps59eb0bc0.png

This means a performance, inside of a pyramid, of his new song "Awesome" no one knows (and it seems no one is really feeling) complete with interstitial rants about the paparazzi.  He must still be mad about walking head first into that steel pole in front of them.

Check out video of his rant below.  He said he's "not apologizing to no muthaf*ckers" and he's not a celebrity.  This guy is hilar:

And videos of his performances of "Awesome" and "Yeezy Season":

Kanye's set to perform on the "SNL" season finale this Saturday, May 18th.


In other rap news:

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at81115AM_zpse5758c4a.png

DJ Khaled got all his homies together to shoot the video for "No New Friends" off his upcoming Suffering From Success album.  The DJ--who rarely ever does anything more than scream out "We The Best" on every track--brought in Drake (who appears on the song), Birdman, Ace Hood & Swizz Beatz to shoot the vid.

Everyone else was just there to make a cameo and to drink up: 

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at80949AM_zps5a32dc1f.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at81156AM_zpsd4f52a17.png


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at81039AM_zpsf1f7b4f6.png   photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at81124AM_zps712b54a1.png  photo ScreenShot2013-05-16at81132AM_zps272029e3.png

Rick Ross is on the track and showed up to shoot the vid of course.  Looks like Ricky's getting a beard shapeup.... 

By the way, Drake announced today that the 4th annual hip hop summer festival OVO FEST will for the first time span two days and take place August 4th and 5th at Toronto's Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.

The T.Dot native sent out a press release about his festival:

Tickets to OVO FEST go on sale May 24th at 10:00AM EDT and will be available as a two day festival pass, with a limited number of lawn seats available as single day passes. Night one of OVO FEST will feature a headlining performance by rising star Frank Ocean with special guests including James Blake. Night two will be headlined by Drake and feature other artists to be announced. OVO FEST, which last year sold out in seven minutes, will once again see Drake bring hip hop's most buzzed about artists to his hometown in advance of his upcoming album NOTHING WAS THE SAME.



Photos: 1cychitheprynce Instagram, Questlove's Instagram, DJ Khaled's Instagram, Swizz Beatz's instagram

Videos: Miss Info, Ddotomen



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xvbdhfd356's picture

that song about kim k has no

that song about kim k has no passion it almost sounds like she forced him to write something so he threw something together. The songs about his other exs had more feel to it
lewiscd's picture

Is it me ¿? or do light

Is it me ¿? or do light skinned people start looking alike when in a group ¿? ~ too much light skin gives me a headache.
GetUrLife's picture


KANYE LISTEN CAREFULLY: None of your fans want to hear your song dedications to that slore KK. From this point on, every time I hear a Kanye song that social climber's face will flash through my mind. She really ruined his music for me. "C'est fini" as we say here in MTL
jexy66's picture

Kanye, stop trying to

Kanye, stop trying to convince us that you and Kim are good with all the shout outs and antics. If it's real, no need to beat a dead horse.
PacificGirl's picture

Kanye is gone...I feel sorry

Kanye is gone...I feel sorry for his unborn child.
ZenLea's picture

DJ Khaled, aka, the Champagne

DJ Khaled, aka, the Champagne drinking Palestinian who makes music with the same buffoons. Has Kanye ever said he's grateful or thankful for what he's been blessed with? Seems he just complains on the regular. Damn, I know money can't buy you happiness but it's a start. Keeping the angry black man stereotype alive.
Yas's picture

They look like a bunch of

They look like a bunch of grown babies. Grow up. No thanks.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

soo all these ninjas do all

soo all these ninjas do all day is drink and smoke??? I'll pass thanks. Kanye, everyone is tired of your diatribes and harangues. Get over yourself!
sayitlikeyoumeanit's picture

Answer yes and all these

Answer yes and all these regular loser ni**as on the street that look up to these loser ni**as with record deals think they can do it too and get ahead.
Mouse's picture

Why always the hate towards

Why always the hate towards Kanye. Using words like rant. I have been to many of his concerts and he talks to the audience he does not rant. This so petty of you Natasha. You manipulate negative posts about him because you are jealous and you are jealous of Kim K. You are a not a writer or journalist so stop acting like you are better or you are putting some kind of positive talent in the world. I said it and I am done with this site.
Myanow's picture

My thoughts exactly, why is

My thoughts exactly, why is this coming from such a negative place? and how do you know no one was interested in the song? were you there? this whole piece on Kanye screams ANIMOSITY. So sad.
kayla1010's picture

You'll be back

You'll be back
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You'll be back.

You'll be back.
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Hahaha...we've must've typed

Hahaha...we've must've typed this at the same time (even though the time says otherwise)........
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