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FINALE FAB: Tamar Braxton, Jennifer Hudson & Aretha Franklin Make APPEARANCES On "American Idol's" STAR-STUDDED Season Ender (PICS & VIDEO)

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Last night, Candice Glover became the first female to be crowned the "Amercian Idol" in five years. Along the way, celebs like Tamar Braxton, Jennifer Hudson and Aretha Franklin were there to cheer her on. See pics and performance from Mariah Carey and others inside....

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As she showed off her baby bump and mother's glow, Tamar Braxton walked the red carpet last night for the Season 12 finale of "American Idol" where Candice Glover was crowned the winner.  Tamar tweeted her support saying, 'Get it Candice! !! #REALSINGINGSTILLMATTERS'

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Meanwhile, as she prepares to give birth, Tamar is riding high on the charts with her breezy summer jam, "The One." 

 photo imnm.jpg

As all signs point to Nicki Minaj exiting "American Idol" at the end of the season, she smiled for the cameras at last night's finale. 

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-17at84425AM.png

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Frankin, also made an appearance on the show.  Via satellite, the queen of soul belted out a medley of hits with a few of the female finalists.  She told the two finalists, "Candice, tonight you are a winner, win or lose you are a winner, you and Kree both have promising careers."

Watch Aretha perform with the top 5 female finalists here:


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-17at82554AM.png

And former "AI" contestant turned Oscar-winner superstar Jennifer Hudson returned to perform with Candice.  The two dueted with Natalie Cole's "Inseparable".

Watch their performance here:


And then there's Mariah.....

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-17at84223AM.png

Mariah Carey made what might be her last appearance on "AI" (as a judge) last night.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-17at84259AM.png

In true diva fashion (with a diamond microphone stand) Mariah performed a seven-minute medley of some of her biggest hits like only she can, including "Vision of Love", "Make it Happen" and "Hero" with fellow "AI" judge Randy Jackson on bass guitar. She also sang her latest hit "#Beautiful".

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-17at84343AM.png

In a feathered fishtail dress, adorned with crystals, Mimi rocked the stage BEFORE Jennifer Lopez. And with Nicki Minaj AND J Lo in the building, we would have loved to be a fly on the wall backstage. We're sure the diva-tensions were high. 

Watch Mariah's performance here:



Jennifer Lopez closed out the show with her latest single "Live It Up" featuring Pitbull. And in case you we wondering, Mariah "smiled" throughout the performance....because she knew we were watching.  Gotta love her.


Photos via FOX/REUTERS



Tamar is looking like her

Tamar is looking like her sister Trinia now in her last trimester of pregnancy.....and that's actually kinda a compliment...lol
star's picture

That performance with Candace

That performance with Candace and Jennifer would have been perfect without all that unecessary screaming from Jennifer, Candace was superbly effortless.
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SISSIY88's picture

ARETHA looks and sings

ARETHA looks and sings beautifully on this event. At 71 she's right on the beat in this performance! MARIAH looks classy and is well-poised as a diva extraordinaire. JENNIFER AND CANDICE do a decent job with "Inseparable" and I'd give it a 95. There are some moments that they both smooth over impressively. Nice duet! AMERICAN IDOL shines brightly on this occasion. BEST WISHES to Randy Jackson!
gray skies's picture

Candice and Jennifer Hudson's

Candice and Jennifer Hudson's duet was Epic!...Love me some Mariah..hmmm, no Nicki performance? Guess old timers still got it huh Nick? #haveseveralseats
PacificGirl's picture

jennifer's body is WOW

jennifer's body is WOW
cassandra29's picture

Dear Mariah, don't wear a

Dear Mariah, don't wear a sausage wrapped mermaid dress if it means you have to perform standing still as a statue other than your hands and arms flailing around for an entire performance; visual torture almost bored me to def. I loved Candice and Jhud's performance and JLo surprised me, I was feeling it.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Aretha was the only true Diva

Aretha was the only true Diva that performed live without singing over the track, AND you can tell her health is failing! God bless her.
getyourlife33's picture

NATURAL WOMAN particularly

NATURAL WOMAN particularly sounds full and yet supple: so Arethafied.
gray skies's picture

Looking good Tamar!

Looking good Tamar!
C2C's picture

Just watched. Good Lawd

Just watched. Good Lawd Candice can sing. She clearly need to come out with an album asap and I would support her. JHud was over-singing and trying to control what is a very serene song. What was that all about? She need to save all that annoying hollering for her Weight Watchers commercials.
JJFad's picture

01:20 - 01:22 CANDICE GLOVER

01:20 - 01:22 CANDICE GLOVER almost steals the song, which explains why JENNIFER HUDSON has to snatch... 03:18 - 03:26 CANDICE GLOVER breaks it down. Jen could not fvck wit her at that point. Dem runs, baby. So long as she keeps them in control and to a minimum, the power will continue to shine through just as it does in those eight seconds.
gray skies's picture

Congrats to the sister

Congrats to the sister Candice. JHud is a douchebag. And Miss Aretha has a lovely voice,,,,I wish she would get a lifestyle lift tho. That would make her look 53% better.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I love Auntie "The Original

I love Auntie "The Original Ri-Ri" Lawd knows I do, but you ain't never lied. She need a lifestyle lift something serious. She still can sang though.
JJFad's picture

*chuckles* douchebag?

*chuckles* douchebag? #perfect!
Keonta's picture

MC lip synced because she

MC lip synced because she knows she's not comin back so she could give two squirts of duck poo what it looked like. She's a professional over 20 years in the game? She knew her staggered breathing was off mark from the track lol...twitter was on blaze criticizing her. SHE DON'T CARE LOL...SHE DID THAT ON PURPOSE. Her stamp to tell AI to kiss her 8 octave range butt lol

Wow… My friend Emily has just

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SISSIY88's picture

Tamar is one ugly pregnant

Tamar is one ugly pregnant lady. Damn, now her and Vince are a good match. with all that money she damn sure can do better.
lola69's picture

*hides face*lol it's

*hides face*lol it's sooooooo mean- but its true. She is ugly to me too, and so is her pot bellied pig for a husband. -_- ; at least she's kinda funny, and can kinda sing- right? lmao!
Keonta's picture

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