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MAGAZINE FAB: Dwyane Wade Speaks To JET About His Custody Battle & Relationship With Ex-Wife Siovaughn

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In the latest issue of JET, Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade opens up about raising his sons and tells how his drama-filled custody battle put a strain on his co-parenting relationship with ex-wfe Siohvaughn Funches.  We can only imagine.  See the highlights inside:


After penning a successful memoir on parenting, A FATHER FIRST: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball, and starring in DOVE's "Men+Care" Fatherhood Campaign, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade opened up to JET Magazine this week about the life experiences that shaped his parenting.  And his cover shot looks damn good.

From his prolonged custody battle, to his mom's addiction to heroin and alcohol, the gold-medal winning athlete gets candid about his role as a full-time dad.  Here are the highlights:

Wade on his reason for pushing through the difficult custody battle:
“I didn’t set out to get full custody but I wasn’t able to see my kids the way I wanted and I’m not a parent who’s going to run away from his responsibilities. I was probably a terrible husband, but I pride myself on being a good dad.”

Wade on his rocky relationship with estranged ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches:
“It’s been six years and hopefully one day she and I can get to the point where it’s a lot easier than it is now to co-parent.”

Mom Jolinda Wade on how Dwyane's dad impacted his fathering:
"Dwyane came up not having a father around, so he didn’t think he was missing anything. But having his father take over the key role in parenting was very impactful. That was the first view he got as a young man to see what to do and what not to do.”

Dwyane on his fathering skills of his two sons Zaire, 11, and Zion, 5 and nephew Dahveon Morris, 11 (who he has legal guardianship of):

“I’m the kind of parent who asks my kids questions like what would be your ideal thing to do in the summer? This year it’s Disney World,” explains Wade, the proud father of two boys. Even though I make the final decision, I want them to feel involved. Not only in vacations but other things as well.”


Elsewhere in the issue, JET talks to rapper Eve about her long-awaited Lip Lock album and romance to UK millionaire Maximillion Cooper. Also, T.I. and Marvin Sapp discuss raising their sons in a special Father's Day story.

Dwyane Wade's issue of JET Magazine hit the stands on May 20.




D-Wade is one of my favorite

D-Wade is one of my favorite players but he should have made it work with his ex, I believe he lost himself with all the fame. They were together since they were kids that has to mean something. In society things go bad in a relationship and the first thing we do is run. She should have better herself during their relationships so if things went south she could provide for herself. When there are kids involved and a long history you have to try and make it work. We have lost the importance of long term relationships and marriages they do not last 40 and 50 years like our grandparenst and its sad.

Dwade you are a true

Dwade you are a true inspiration for blackmen. The notion that a man is a secondary parent to his child is embedded in a lot of black women head. he has as much rights to his child as that crazy chick. When will black women stop disrespecting the father of their kids on tv to make money? This guy don't have anything to say to this woman but yet this woman keep bringing his name up. Get over it chick DWADE has moved on to bigger and better things!!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

i'm very shocked that you

i'm very shocked that you side with DW, given the fact that he is dating a brown skin chick.
wildlife's picture

Wow… My friend Emily has just

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SISSIY88's picture

Is he going to speak about

Is he going to speak about his homosexuality?
cutethatsall56's picture

Since you seem to know

Since you seem to know something about it why don't you speak on it? We're all quiveringly curious as to what u know

I have known the whole family

I have known the whole family (the Funches) plus the Wades from Robbins, Illinois since day one so judging Dwayne on the EX yall need to stop it early!! Shorty has been crazy from birth...Its a birth right!! Trust me this is a non-partisan opinion from the sideline
Money First's picture

I respect D. Wade's game as a

I respect D. Wade's game as a baller and his efforts to be a good father. I do not know who-did-what in his marriage so I'm not going to go there. But I will say this: I think the problem is that he & his wife got married too young, period. He had a sense of loyalty to her--and her fam for taking care of him when he was struggling. But once he got drafted, and got a taste of the $ & women that he suddenly had access to, he wanted to enjoy THAT--not be married. I respect him more for divorcing than staying married & cheating throughout the relationship. His ex made the mistake that alot of us make: we let a man become our WHOLE world & we lose ourselves. She has gone CRAZY. She STILL will not accept that its over. Her & her mother are giving interviews--on TV, online & in magazines about this man. Its been years now--start moving on!! Yes--she lost custody of her kids because she didn't show up in court when she was supposed to!! She needs to get HER mind right & get HERSELF a life--stop talking about this man. D. Wade does NOT bash her in public: which makes his ex seem even crazier. I know that I'm in the minority for taking the man's side in this situation but I feel how I feel. I wouldn't be able to get along with an ex who keeps trashing me & lying on me to the press--yet claims to be a fit mother who wants her kids back. Nope--chick needs professional help.

Cosign. I think she does

Cosign. I think she does need some help. She is not the total victim in this. Didn't she sleep with one of his team mates? She has also done some really screwed up ish. You need to go to court when there is a court date. Totally irrational. Give it up!.
LBA1's picture

Agree with you my young

Agree with you my young sista, but this is what i don't get about black women "and don't bring up other race doing it too cause i don't give a fuck about other races doing it" but they'll shit on the FATHER OF THEIR CHILDREN on live television , news articles, blogs, etc. If i had a child with a woman YOU COULDN'T PAY ME SHIT to downtalk the woman i had children with , EVEN IF SHE IS A AINT SHIT BITCH, i can't say shit BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE I FUCKED UP, AND THAT IS THE MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN. But alot of these women tend to talk shit about the man THEY SLEPT WITH and had children by. And to bring your mother into it to talk shit .....MAN WTF IS WRONG WITH BLACK PPL. Now if you read the comments on here you got black women saying men can't have a bond with their child LIKE THE WOMEN THAT HAD THEM when that's his fucking seed and he was there THROUGH THE PROCESS , black women try to make men feel secondary and then when they procreate with these weak ass men and they leave they act as if he suppose to have a CONNECTION ALL OF A SUDDEN!!
LetsGetIt's picture

"and don't bring up other

"and don't bring up other race doing it too cause i don't give a fuck about other races doing it" - LMAO!!!! yeah, i agree with your entire comment.
wildlife's picture

LOL well GM to you! Ok first

LOL well GM to you! Ok first let me get my chuckles out about a few of your comments before I proceed...LMAO @ "...and don't bring up other race doing it too cause i don't give a fuck about other races doing it...EVEN IF SHE IS A AINT SHIT BITCH...ok now real talk. For ONCE, I don't dispute anything in your post. I don't necessarily agree with ALL that you said but I understand how & why you said it. All I will tell you is what I tell men that I know: YOU ALL ARE NOT WOMEN. You don't have our hormones, our physicality--which is affected by our hormones sometimes, or our God-given intuition or nurturing spirit. When a woman truly loves a man and her EMOTIONS get the best of her--add to that the fact that she might not have any rational, sane, non-drama-filled, non-loud-mouth women around her--she could act like D. Wade's ex. A woman whose emotions are running so high, who was SO in love and ENTHRALLED with a man can become bitter & crazy in an instant!! People like that cannot let go & in this case, will tell anyone who will listen how much she was wronged. Such a person cannot step back, relax, reflect and say 'Ok; I made a poor decision effin' with this dude so I'm gonna have one last cry, own it & move on." The emotional maturity is not there so that can't happen. Now--let me ALSO say that sometimes people just break up! The relationship was NOT a mistake. The ex--D. Wade or otherwise is NOT a monster or a dead-beat. Sometimes things JUST DON'T WORK OUT. As for me, I dated someone a while back who made promises but turned out to be selfish, immature & trying to run game. When we ultimately broke up--cuz I let his sorry a$$ have it--I had the maturity to tell myself 'You know what--this -igga didn't have his -ish together from jump; u knew it & tried to downplay it & proceeded anyway-so EVERYTHING that happened after you ignored his eff'd up beginnings is on YOU!" I can take that kind of responsibility cuz 1-I know God & I put no man before him, 2-I love ME 1st so no matter who I fall for I know I always have to salvage me, and #3-life is too short to dwell on the past. But that is ME!! I know a woman who straight up LOST HER MIND--had a breakdown over a man. Had to stop working, get a care-giver, etc. I SWORE that would never be me. So ya see my resolve is different from other peoples'. Let me close by saying this: #1-There might be some TRUTH to what D. Wade's ex is saying, but the way she--and her momma KEEP harping on it--in the public eye DOES make her seem crazy and unfit...#2-There are alot of IMMATURE, -itchass dudes out here now who act like D. Wade's ex after a breakup, running their mouths & wildin' out too, and #3-As far as women saying their love & bond with their kids means more than their natural fathers'--there is some truth to that. LOL--again you wouldn't understand cuz you are not a woman. To carry a child, feel them kick in your belly and have them born through YOUR body...the bond and the love that experience produces cannot be matched by even the BEST, most attentive dads in the world. Sorry :-)

Sista no disrespect BUT

Sista no disrespect BUT NOTHING COMES CLOSE TO A FATHER'S love for his children BECAUSE THAT IS HIS BLOODLINE!!!! No feeling COMES CLOSE TO A BLOODLINE since the begining of mankind HIS SEED AND HIS LEGACY IS WITH HIS CHILDREN not the woman!!!She's just a vehicle
LetsGetIt's picture

An Adulterous And A

An Adulterous And A Homewrecker. I Can't Just Blame Gabby And Don't Blame Wade. Wade Was So Wrong To Invite Gabby Into His Marriage and She Was dead Wrong For Excepting. Even Though They May Have Been Seperated..... But Being Seperated Does Not Equate To Being Not Married. So This Is What A Role Model Does.
Keyths'Girl's picture

See I don't understand that

See I don't understand that mentality "Separated doesn't mean Divorce," yes I agree they aren't fully divorced but filling separation papers is taking that step. Filing separation papers gives both parties time to figure out what they want. In most cases so they won't feel guilty for dating other people, they're taking a break from marriage sorta like when people take a break in bf/gf relationships. Also Gabrielle Union did not break up their marriage it was already broke before she got there. And I mean he dated several women (including Hoopz) prior to getting with Gabrielle, she was just the first A List star that's why she got so much attention and heat from it.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

separation does not give a

separation does not give a person a legal license to fuck/see other people. separation is a time for self-reflection to see if you want to stay in the marriage or not.
wildlife's picture

lets get real here people. It

lets get real here people. It would have been nice, because they were not happy with other to separate get a divorce and then see other people in that order, but that is not it "REALLY WORKS" this is not "leave it beaver" or "I love you Lucy" you guys are living in fantasy world. You are unhappy in marriage you have kids so maybe you decide to stick it out, you find love somewhere else, then you tell spouse I have found someone else who makes me happy so I want a Divorce

Doesn't this fool know that

Doesn't this fool know that part of being a good Dad is to take care of and be kind, sensitive and caring to the mother of the children, whether he is married to her or not. WHY CANT NEGROES UNDERSTAND THAT???? When dads mistreat mothers they cause them to be nervous, sad, depressed, anxious parents. Every day that the mother is hurting, the child is hurting too. STOP LIEING LIKE YOU ARE A GOOD DAD NEGRO WADE. YOU ARE NOT. AND STOP WRITING BOOKS, YOU ARENT QUALIFIED TO WRITE. YOUR JOURNEY IN PARENTING JUST STARTED. Let's see how you are doing 5 years from now when you are getting burnt out with full responsibilities of parenting boys, dealing with 3rd world nannies instilling their values into your children instead of American Christian values, and dealing with your women who aren't interesting in you putting your children before them.
cassandra29's picture

Didn't he already talk about

Didn't he already talk about this in Essence? Does anybody really care....
Kelli99's picture

How he took those boys from

How he took those boys from their mother AFTER he cheated on her was DISGUSTING!! Now he gets all this praise.....the devil is at WORK! KARMA is real!
MsKnowIT's picture

Praise aint going to help him

Praise aint going to help him raise boys who have been traumatized from the separation of their mother. Those nannies are going to raise those boys with THEIR value systems, that may or may not be Christian. He and that ignorant Usher and Dion Sanders are going to rue the day, they thought they won a victory when the judge granted them full custody. NO ONE ON THIS PLANET WILL EVER LOVE A CHILD MORE THAN THE MOTHER WHO CARRIED IT.
cassandra29's picture

what a bunch of crap!!!! That

what a bunch of crap!!!! That is what wrong with blk women thinking their kids need the mother more than the father..Maybe they need both just as much, rather they are together or not

Thats some bullshitt!!!!!!!

LetsGetIt's picture

Wow… My friend Emily has just

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SISSIY88's picture

Personally can't respect the

Personally can't respect the man. His wife wasn't crazy to him BEFOE he was on the come up. Once he had a chance with Gabby he got brand new and then came the crazy accusations just like Steve Harvey did when he divorced his wife for his new come up. That's the new thing today....upgrade and use your money to make your wife look crazy. That is not manhood at all and when his sons grow up they will see him for the low life he is. Been with Gabby for six years but his son is only five????? Yeah real manly u punk!!!!!

And he hasnt married Gabby.

And he hasnt married Gabby. I say he is such a punk and woman hater, that he'll never marry her. Six years and she has never been married. She has got to want that bad. Every woman wants to see her wedding day. All those older supposedly respectable men who look down and point the fingers at the rap community arent half the men those boys are. I cant stand that Steve Harvey either since he tried to crucify chris brown for a slap that healed in a week, but his emotional scars on his ex will never heal and for that he can rot.
cassandra29's picture

Gabrielle Union was married

Gabrielle Union was married before.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


MsKnowIT's picture

Thank you! I'm so tired of

Thank you! I'm so tired of these stories where the man becomes rich and claims that the woman who helped get him there is so crazy! Yeah right! And your math is accurate! He ended up with the trash he was lusting after before he became who he was! Women like Gabby Union are high in numbers these days, but karma is real!
jdotty's picture

cosign. this dude has been

cosign. this dude has been shackin' up with a woman for years whom he's not even married to. that's really showing his boys what manhood is all about.
wildlife's picture

I am so sick and tired of D

I am so sick and tired of D Wade trying to make it look like his wife was at fault. The truth of the matter is he did her wrong, accused her of being crazy, and took her children away from her. He let those money grabbing people use him to destroy his wife, so that he could write a book about being a great father. They are all lies, and this was part of a publicity stunt to make money and sell books. When you know you are dealing with a liar such as Dwayne, you continue to try and tell your story until one day her jerk off ex husband Dwade has to admit he was wrong. Now all of a sudden he admits he was a bad husband. Really? He was a low down dirty husband, who abused his wife for the sake of his career. When his ass did not have any place to stay, while his mother was locked up in prison. His ex wife's mother embraced his ignorant but so that he would have somewhere to live in order to get away from his abusive father. Those basketball wives down in Miami, did not think Sivaughan was pretty enough, so they fixed him up with no acting Gabby. Who he will never marry. Those Miami wives tried everything in their power to pull them apart with lies and gossip. Matters did not get better Dwayne added fuel to the fire, by abusing his wife while she was pregnant, and taking her kids away from her. How would you feel if you were walking in his ex wife shoes, no money, no alimony, and no rights to see her children, because Dwayne has money and people will tell what ever lies they can when you put a nice piece of change in their pocket. This guy will reap what he sow. at the end of the day, God knows the truth about this pretentious fake of a father, husband, bisexual, weak and stupid man. People will do anything to sell a book or make others look bad. Another thing, what grown man walks around in tight Capri slacks, with a suit coat to match and some simple looking hat on? What kind of example is he setting for his boys. Give me a break. He should just pay his ex-wife the money that she deserves and give those children back to their mother.
Miss D's picture

Thank you!! I have been

Thank you!! I have been saying this from the jump. All money is not good money.
ThatsAFact's picture

That's dope that he is a full

That's dope that he is a full time father to three including his nephew.

he is leaving them children

he is leaving them children with strangers OR his crack head mother. this negro is never home.
cassandra29's picture

MY favorite player right here

MY favorite player right here and a great role model for being a father

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