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"Scandal" Season Finale Breaks Its Own Ratings Record + Kerry Washington & Shonda Rhimes ATTEND "An Evening With Scandal"

 photo AcademyTelevisionArtsSciencesPresentsBTkKQZ0dEoOl.jpg

Kerry Washington was joined by series creator Shonda Rhimes and her fellow "Scandal" co-stars for "An Evening With Scandal" last night.  Get the deets on the series pulling off its best ratings yet inside....  

 photo AcademyTelevisionArtsSciencesPresents3utRVFkHt-Bl.jpg

Last night, Kerry Washington (shown above with co-star Jeff Perry aka meanie Cyrus) attended "An Evening With Scandal" presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood last night.  Our fave fashionista "fixer" wore a pink sleeveless frock with a cute bow at the waist.

 photo AcademyTelevisionArtsSciencesPresentsvy3ruo6J0cGl.jpg

Meanwhile, series creator and head writer Shonda Rhimes wore a stylish blue coat as she celebrated what became the series' best night ever!  Last night's season finale (that had us laid out with multiple wine bottles and a racing pulse) became the series' most watched episode, easily winning its time slot and reaching an all-time high in each of the key women's demographic groups (W18-34/W18-49/W25-54).

Also, the show ended the season as ABC's most social program with over 4.3 million tweets. The season finale had over 571,353 tweets alone (the highest of any episode)!

 photo AcademyTelevisionArtsSciencesPresentsT0-PCOx6catl.jpg

TV personality Shaun Robinson turned up in a sexy hot pink frock.

 photo AcademyTelevisionArtsSciencesPresentsn8CQEYtvKnil.jpg

And the season finale's breakout star, Joe Morton, (whom you may remember as Sen. Byron Douglas from "A Different World") was all smiles.  We're sure Joe knows that his name is on the tip of everyone's tongue today.  And every Scandal fan knows why....






Jesus I see you!

Jesus I see you!

I think I'm the only black

I think I'm the only black woman who doesn't watch Scandal. I'm happy for Kerry's success though.
Username's picture

Shonda deserves all the

Shonda deserves all the acolades for her brilliant writing, she certainly got me. When Kerry acknowledged that man as her Dad I was floored. Wow!! cant wait for September!
Realist's picture

Kerry Washington is heading

Kerry Washington is heading straight to the bank!
C2C's picture

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SISSIY88's picture

I'm not a feminist so

I'm not a feminist so Olivia's decision to stay at the Firm because the gladiators needed her, so she left Fitz was pure stupid, imo. Those incapable, whiny crybabies will always need fixing. Well except Harrison and Abby. I was disappointed with the finale, she did all that , to be alone, jogging, happy that she found her "i'm Every Woman, smiling, alone, listening to music, jogging. I was done. But, the chemistry between Olivia and Fitz wow, nothing better.

It's really sad that women

It's really sad that women are rooting for the side piece, jumpoff, mistress....SMDH!!!
Somerknight's picture

It's just a television show a

It's just a television show a scripted one at that relax... besides if you watched the show you would know that his wife is only in it for the status of being the FLOTUS there is no love in this relationship
ADP's picture



Have only seen one episode of

Have only seen one episode of Scandal (In Season 1), but I am a supporter of quality programming...Kudos to the Cast and Crew...Not many of 'our' Prime time Drama shows can hold their own amongst 'other' shows, so it awesome to see it doing well!
Grown Man Ish's picture

I'm soooooooo happy to see

I'm soooooooo happy to see this show a success! Kerry is fantastic. I was skeptical when the show first aired as so many shows get axed these days! But Olivia and Fitz's chemistry, all the drama and suspense, is what makes it a dope show.
Yas's picture

Damn good show! So sorry I

Damn good show! So sorry I have to wait MONTHS for the new season to start.

Congrats to Shonda and Kerry

Congrats to Shonda and Kerry don't like or watch the show but kudos to their success! Perhaps their success will open more doors for other leading black females in a sitcom. In other news I LOVE LOVE THANDIE NEWTON in her show "ROGUE" now her ACTING ABILITIES are TOP NOTCH! Love Thandie N, Sanaa Lathan,Carmen Ejogo Regina King all A+ ACTRESSES. I'll give Kerry a B and Zoe S an A !
Shay's picture

The ending gave Jesus

The ending gave Jesus goosebumps & erect nips!!!!!!! Crazy. Kerry is a Star!!!!!!
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