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Beyonce's Pregnancy Mystery Continues...

 photo tumblr_mmyplvSDF81rqgjz2o1_1280_zps5031ad8f.png

The mystery surrounding Beyonce's reported second pregnancy is becoming more odd by the hour.  Her own "sis" Kelly Rowland seemed to not know she was pregnant when paparazzi asked her about it on the street yesterday.  And a member of Bey's crew has also semi-denied the rumors.  But there's still reason to believe it could all very well be true....


Kelly Rowland answered with a confused "What?!" yesterday when TMZ's paparazzi asked how she felt about Beyonce's new pregnancy.  She could have been playing it off, but we've seen her acting skills.  So either she honestly didn't know or her "act surprised" act bombed.  Because something seemed totally off here:

Then Beyonce's Graphic Designer, Matthew, RT'd a fan last night who said, "Bey definitely isn't pregnant.  She is posting videos and pictures and sh*t.  Kween is UNBOTHERED."

Oddly, he deleted the RT 15 minutes after, but everyone saw it.  So was he trying to make an official denial on Bey's behalf?  Or did he find out the actual truth and then decided to erase the fan's comment?

E! Online, who originally confirmed the news via multiple sources, is sticking by their story.  They also said late last night that a source told them her pregnancy should not affect her North American tour dates.

And Jay's friends like Russell Simmons and the company he partly owns, Carol's Daughter, have all tweeted an official Congratulations.

Meanwhile, Beyonce, who takes the stage tonight in Milan, did, in fact, post new photos last night.  There are a few from her and Jay's trip to Cuba and more from her concerts in Europe.  Check out the pics above and below:


 photo tumblr_mmypntpzAZ1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps2aa35601.png

 photo tumblr_mmyprnn5hq1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps6dcc1c8e.png

 photo tumblr_mmyp44C9pT1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps9086141a.png  photo tumblr_mmypgjC6jD1rqgjz2o1_1280_zps88ee844e.png

 photo 268915_386212008155055_1224719590_n_zpsd9776630.png   photo 971772_386208258155430_1207743122_n_zpsdc0f8e73.png 

 photo 936966_386208144822108_1165587448_n_zps4b665373.png  photo 936888_386205718155684_958136840_n_zps4c3f14f4.png 

 photo tumblr_mmzsceudEs1rqgjz2o1_1280_zpse34ecd33.jpg


Photos: Beyonce's Tumblr




Beautyfulones's picture

Casper is that you?

Casper is that you?

I hope she hasn't been

I hope she hasn't been touring for 2 months straight during her first trimester of pregnancy. Surely to goodness, her career does not mean that much to her.
Username's picture

Very cute pic with she and

Very cute pic with she and Jay in that 1st shot.....Actually love that hair styled like that for that Cuba trip....what what??
star's picture

She's so dumb and loves

She's so dumb and loves charades, here we go again with the weird pregnancy. Why can't she just say she is pregnant instead of needing all this unnecessary drama? Why because she gets her life off of ths stuff.
TeaNicole's picture

Shes the biggest star in the

Shes the biggest star in the world....Sure its newsworthy.

Miss Tina looks like a corpse

Miss Tina looks like a corpse I see why Matty stopped slaying that dragon! Real talk Kelly hasn't been in the loop with the Knowles for years. She tweeted around the time juelz was 3 or 4 how she missed them and how big he's gotten to Solo & Angie they used to ignore her azz. I personally believe the finally did a DNA & was like that aint my sis! What person would let their nannies child come live with them but the mom goes off to live her dreams as a nanny else where? Soon after Kells fired her Dad as her manager. Everyone in Houston knew the story and about his sex and crack addiction.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

I WARNED The President to

I WARNED The President to stay away from The Carters. Beyonce has been walking around the White House fence like a CAT IN HEAT since Obama was elected trying TO GET IN......Every since Obama gave them Special Permission to go to Cuba....its been nothing but bad news for Obama....HE's on the verge of being IMPEACHED right now with all these SCANDALS lately!!!!!!! The Carters will get you impeached and we will NEVER see another Black Family in the WHITE HOUSE ever again!!!!!!!!! smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I just saw Flotus doing a

I just saw Flotus doing a speech at Bowie State..,Going on and on and on about The importance of education and how 80% of our youth want to become singers and rappers!! Lol and all I cud think was well u're endorsing n' supporting two of the dumbest in the bizz right now... No disrespect but at that point I really cudn't take her serious.. !! Smh...
Like Really's picture

I'm sure lets Cray Bey in the

I'm sure lets Cray Bey in the White House b/c Sasha & Malia are STANS. Then POTUS is forced to make small talk with Jay.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Please don't tell me you're

Please don't tell me you're superstitious?!

The person below me is

The person below me is correct. Jay-Z hanging around the White House & getting favors from The President fires up the GOP even more. Then they dig even deeper for dirt and will find something........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Oh shut up clown! Those

Oh shut up clown! Those "scandals" are all fake gop ones, so go somewhere and grow up idiot. Either that or go back to your storm front/fox news pages.
Coffy's picture

bey is absolutely loving this

bey is absolutely loving this attention. i fucking hate this bitch. NEXT!!!!!!!!!
wildlife's picture

On every pic Bey and Jay look

On every pic Bey and Jay look somber - no passion, no joy, just sitting there like a couple that has been married 50 years. THAT is not love. That is a career come up marriage. Kelly looks way more joyful and passionate with her boyfriends than Bey does with that Camel, and actually Bey looks more happy with her fine bodyguard LOL Kelly just might end up the winner in this saga - money cannot bring you the joy of passionate love. We all cant wear but one dress at a time. YOU LOSE BEY.
cassandra29's picture

Which personality made Batty

Which personality made Batty Bey wear that hair (Cuba Photos)??? What is she TRYING to prove with that??????? lol.........
Jesus H. Christ's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

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SISSIY88's picture

DAMN she's short. A lot of

DAMN she's short. A lot of people think she's tall because she wears heels all the time. Well can ya'll find the story where she talks about her critics claiming she's pregnant? TGJ recently had a story on their website 'Beyonce Slams Naysayers: "I Laugh at these Lowlifes," in response to the false report claiming she was pregnant. But it was deleted shortly after so..... S/N: Is that Beyonce or Tina Knowles in the red and black shirt? If that's Beyonce then that's scary!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That wasn't on any of

That wasn't on any of Beyonce's Pages! You believe anything! She's 5'8.
cutethatsall56's picture

You all should know by now

You all should know by now how calculated Beyonce is. She knows what she's doing and it's always to spark THIRST from the masses, to keep her name in their mouths, and to create more attention for her. I wouldn't be surprised if she had an announcement ready to reveal whether she's pregnant or not. It's the same ole Bey.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

kelly was clearly in the know

kelly was clearly in the know already!
blk's picture

Let this woman LIVE! All she

Let this woman LIVE! All she needs is number 1's & that's it!!!!! Leave her ALONE OMG!!
cutethatsall56's picture

Why is it everybody's

Why is it everybody's business if she is pregnant...you'll know when it's time to know other than that SO WHAT let her live her life...damn!
eewhipple59's picture

God,Health,Baby,Family comes

God,Health,Baby,Family comes first....Ticket Master,Fans/Behives can wait...This one reason why you don't go off planning things ahead of time...you never know what's going change or happen
GOLDEN HEART's picture

Preganet and on tour comes

Preganet and on tour comes with many risk factors and if your doctor told you to stay under bed rest and you go out and do a show all because of your fans instead of listening to your doctor when it comes to the health of you and your baby..something must be off...not enough money and fame in the world will make me lose my baby...Smh Let's Pray For Beyonce Yall:-)
GOLDEN HEART's picture

It's clear that beyonce is

It's clear that beyonce is having another baby she may not have said it in her own words but it's comfirm...beyonce have never been a person who alllow her fans. Or media get to close to her personal life and matters....she needs to choose her health first....fans come and go
GOLDEN HEART's picture

Although Jesus wouldnt mind

Although Jesus wouldnt mind wearing that Purple Catsuit & Heels around the house........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Soo Kim announces her

Soo Kim announces her pregnancy B said ''hell nooo'' Kelly has a single and album coming out B said ''oohhhh heeelllllll nooooo'' We see houw your mind works beyonce!

lol. I seriously doubt Bey

lol. I seriously doubt Bey gives two cents about what Kim K is doing (she's no one's competition). And it takes Kelly years to release a single album with all the pushed back dates. What's Bey supposed to do? Put her career on hold while Kelly gets it together?
CheyPie's picture

WHO CARES??????????? For

WHO CARES??????????? For real.....get a damn life already!
EyeMedia's picture

Bey-Z pays her people to leak

Bey-Z pays her people to leak false PHONY stories like this. Especially on a Friday afternoon so people talk about it all weekend. Its another SHADY way to stay relevant. Using a baby. She's already used Blue to get her career back. Now Granny Tina is raising Blue & Solange's Bastard Child.....smh........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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