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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Kanye Rocks "SNL" With "Black Skinhead" & "New Slaves" (Plus Kanye's New YEEZUS Album Artwork)

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-19at15532AM_zpscaa3ce5d.png

Mr. West had a lot to scream off his chest Saturday night on 'SNL". As the musical guest for the fifth time, Kanye debuted a brand new track called "Black Skinhead" and his other new track "New Slaves."


Check out both of Kanye's rock-style performances where he's bringing his social consciousness to the world, plus his new album artwork for Yeezus....

'Ye debuted an interesting track called "Black Skinhead" on "SNL".  And through all of the screaming and slight auto-tune, we could tell he was saying some powerful ish.  While images of fire, political slogans, advertisements and more played in the background (one said "Not For Sale"), Kanye was on 100 living the crowd a rock-style performance.

And if you're thinking that all dude needed was black nails and lipstick and we could have mistaken him for Marilyn Manson for that performance, you're not too far off.  The music reportedly sampled a Marilyn Manson song.  Check out his performance of "Black Skinhead" above.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-19at12440AM_zpsf3fbcdee.png

 photo 247759_10151629827001745_1303590892_n_zps6888daf7.jpg

By the way, Virgil (Kanye's right hand) posted the lyrics to the track saying Kanye literally wrote "Black Skinhead" minutes before his performance. Luckily the network let him perform that piece on live TV (y'all know they like to know what they're getting before something airs live).


And here's his other performance from the night, "New Slaves." This performance comes one day after Kanye showed the visuals for the track guerrilla style in 66 cities around the world....projected against buildings. 

Your thoughts? Scary genius...or just scary?


According to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram pic, the Chi-Town native's upcoming album is called Yeezus (of course) and will be released June 18th.  Kim posted the album artwork below saying, "#Yeezus #RedYeezy's #SNL #Tonight #NewSlaves #YeezySeason #Donda #June18"  

 photo 4fvb0o_zps2ac3051b.jpg



Photos: NBC/Virgil's Instagram/Kim's Instagram




WACK.........Just because you

WACK.........Just because you yell and scream does not mean you deep and are a genius.....This dude is so overrated... #Next
Naomi's picture

for those praising yeezy on

for those praising yeezy on this site, if you went up to this nigga on the street and asked for his autograph he would be liable to kill you. kanye's self-control is at ZERO.
wildlife's picture

I personally don't

I personally don't see/believe the hype.
if_u_say_so's picture

you guys are exactly the type

you guys are exactly the type of people he talking about new slaves "be a dick" calling this man Yeezus please stop.
lewiscd's picture

A genius is Prince who

A genius is Prince who writes, produces timeless pieces for himself and others and can play every instrument. Kanye is a nut job. How are you going to talk about racism and such but have said some of the most vile things about black women then obsess over white and mixed women as better? I have nothing for Kanye and his ignorant trash he calls music. Please take that fake booty, cat face white woman, your future guaranteed to be nutty kid and go away.
JJFad's picture

ok i understand this is a

ok i understand this is a post about yeezy however i just have to turn the camera to Kim...........WTF does she know, she's talking "#NewSlave" and all this extra shit, like where is your connection to any of this. What oppression or discrimination have you experienced to be Ms "NewSlave" like hop off the bandwagon boo. I understand thats your man but that is something you are not going to understand because your parents didnt go though it and neither did you so stop trying to relate. I like kim and kanye as a couple, but i feel kim is loosing her identity...you are still you, just with this black man with a lot of opinions and the platform to share them with the world, but you are still you stay that way and stop trying to conform.
cece21's picture

Man shut that ignorant sh*t

Man shut that ignorant sh*t up, she is simply promoting her man's stuff, just like all the other non blacks that used the hashtag, don't start that ignorance on here, just go away with that.
kayla1010's picture

yeah, she's promoting her

yeah, she's promoting her man's stuff but the irony is that she has no idea what racism is all about. i think that's what the poster was trying to say.
wildlife's picture

Thank you @Wildlife that is

Thank you @Wildlife that is all i was saying clearly Ms. Kayla should think before she types and leave her ignorance some where else...it wasnt said against her, i have nothing against her, just dont act like you understand bc you dont #Simple #Relax
cece21's picture

How do you know what she has

How do you know what she has experienced, she is ethnic, when she went to school with white kids she did not look like other white kids, they are of Armenian heritage, so you don't know what she experienced, her family on her dad sides experienced mass murders just two generations removed, stop making assumptions about people, you don't know what she experienced. Look at Kim and look at your typical white girl, I am sure she was looked upon as being different, so don't ASSUME to know what others have gone through in their lives. Like I said stop the crap.
kayla1010's picture

Fucking genius.

Fucking genius.
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

I GUESS i'm old school cause

I GUESS i'm old school cause i don't no what the hell he was saying LOST

The bottom line is dude said

The bottom line is dude said REAL sh** on both of those songs and once again came with an EVENT to debut his music. It wasn't the typical rapper stuff that you hear nowadays but more like what you used to hear back in the day!
Money First's picture

Freedom is a state of mind.

Freedom is a state of mind. Kanye's own mind has him in Hell. Meanwhile, an inmate in Prison right now feels peace of mind b/c he's been off Booze & Drugs for 6mo's and can finally think straight. YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING that pertains to YOU (NOT anyone else)...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

blacks are not the only ones

blacks are not the only ones who are modern day slaves. Since the beginning of time, there has been supply and demand. No one is COMPLETELY FREE. There is some system or order you have to live by. ALSO...of course he can rap about labels not telling him what to do now...he earned that right. But in the beginning of his career he had to follow rules just like any other artist on a label. He didn't start off independent.
Classic87's picture

Oh and one more thing, for

Oh and one more thing, for the people who always talk that crap about I miss the old Kanye, I miss the College Drop out Kanye, just remember this, the College Drop out Kanye was a young man learining his way in the world, he has sense grown, suffered unthinkable loss, loved and lost love and seen the world through different eyes, it's called growth, you all expect people to stay the same and stay in a box, if you got College Drop Out Kanye today, that would mean that there was no growth, no experiences, no lessons. People grown, they learn, they see new things, he is an Artist, and artist usually use their lives and experiences to express their art. College Drop Out Kanye was a young man, MDBF and this new album is grown man experienced Kanye.
kayla1010's picture

Kalya, you are my new hero! I

Kalya, you are my new hero! I concur...well put!
Burself's picture

Oh how wonderful it must be

Oh how wonderful it must be to be able to sit back and evaluate someone else's life choices, mindset and heart. The man is an Artist, he speaks the truth, you don't have to like it, purchase it, or agree with it, but he has the right, regardless of his personal life choices, many artist bring truth, many actors portray truth, many authors write truth but it does not exclude them from being human, there is hypocrisy in each and every one of us, stop focusing so much on the messenger and pay attention to the message. You all like to call Kanye a media whore or whatever but be hones, Kanye don't go to the media to promote his albums, he is not on the radio stations and tv shows doing promotion SNL is the only show in how many years that he has been on to promote an album? he promotes his own stuff, he doesn't give interviews, when is the LAST time you seen him give an interview to ANYONE, he talks to his FANS in concert, they get the info straight from his mouth, people want to call him crazy but I have never heard anyone left his show calling him crazy or unsatisfied, bit by bit he is removing the corporate stong hold. Kanye is not forcing anyone to buy his music and make him rich, you have a choice, people buy his music because they like and appreciate it, those who don't like it, don't buy it. it's supply and demand like anything else in this world, he does not need to apologize for being rich, or for who he loves, he owes the people that buy his music good music and that is what he gives them, he doesn't owe them the right to choose who he loves, he doesn't owe them the right to chose what he buys with his money, he does not owe them the right to dig into his personal business, just like the grocery stores, clothing stores, electronic stores, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, that you make rich don't owe you anything but quality product. Supply and Demand. Stop trying to make these people responsible for the morals of society, every man is responsible for his own morality. Kanye is speaking truth if you don't like it don't listen and don't buy it, from what I can tell he really doesn't give a f*ck he just wants to do his art.
kayla1010's picture

an artist?? all this nigga

an artist?? all this nigga does is curse, rant and rave. he needs a therapist.
wildlife's picture

You wrote a whole lot trying

You wrote a whole lot trying to sound smart ...Like you said ..Kanye is not forcing anyone to buy his records which I agree.....but so are those people that love to spend their money ..be it on alexander wang or whatever its their money....Kanye is a designer and his items and his things are not cheap, what if people dont patronize his products because they do not want to be a slave to him?.............you are right it is just music...and thats how i see it personally ..music.....but when Kanyes fans try to act like he is one smart cookie and he is exposing the industry and so on ...i have a problem with that....cos the guy is no activist ...he aint living that life ...so lets just see it as music...
HAPPY's picture

These artists really need to

These artists really need to stop comparing themselves to Jesus! THERE IS NO COMPARISON!
Classic87's picture

U are still highly

U are still highly favored...my child
Jesus H. Christ's picture

....and you may hide behind a

....and you may hide behind a name but the real you has no purpose in life. I hope you are better than the person you portray to be on this site....my child
Classic87's picture

Kanye's Diagnosis: Paranoid

Kanye's Diagnosis: Paranoid Schizophrenia with Bipolar 2 Disorder (with manic episodes triggered often by Alcohol Abuse)..........Poor Kim.....smh
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Love, love, love "New

Love, love, love "New Slaves"! That thang go so hard even the DJ couldn't contain himself. I thought we had lost Ye' for a minute... #REDEMPTIONSONG
Teri lyn's picture

Honestly ... I loved Kanye

Honestly ... I loved Kanye West more than any other artist back in the day -- I remember listening to College Dropout and really connecting with him. But this ish ain't it -- He's trying to be deep, but it's easy to yell at everybody else when you're up on a self-constructed pedestal. You want to talk about new slaves but you also wants to talk about rocking your mink and having bad bishes everywhere that make regular women look like precious. YOU have contributed to the materialism Kanye, YOU have contributed to the idiocy and foolishness. Don't come back and talk your ish like you've been occupying some moral highground. What happened with project DONDA? Where you wanted to create and develop mechanisms for helping people to express themselves. Oh yeah that fizzled. FOH Kanye
Girl's picture

Just read a blind item that

Just read a blind item that Ryan Seacrest did a hell of a job pushing Bey's suspected pregnacy out there to get the heat about Kanye's gay lifestyle out of last week headlines & gossip sites. Ryan does not want to mess up his cash cow right now (KK). Besides, Ryan understands the downlow all to well considering he just broke up with his beard's brother.
Somerknight's picture

when i tell folks that

when i tell folks that seacrest is a flamer i get told that i'm jealous. wth? lol
wildlife's picture

SMH... No wonder old-school

SMH... No wonder old-school entertainers are making comebacks. You need to take a hiatus of at least three years Kanye - but I know your Masters won't let you.
ThatsAFact's picture

Yeezus is a musical genius I

Yeezus is a musical genius I tell u! He steps outside the box. Checkout thegrandreport, they have good reads and videos on there as well
V's picture

I cant take this man

I cant take this man seriously ...his hypocrisy is something else.....raps about racism ...yet would be the first to insult black women and marry a white woman......talks about co operation yet his sneakers and co are expensive, and impregnanted the queen of co operation...he buys his babies cloths in Paris/designers....said fuck snl...yet he is performing on snl......oh please it is one thing to talk and another to act ....until he starts acting what he preach ...i aint interested....just another ploy to sell records
HAPPY's picture

Yes. The problem with it is

Yes. The problem with it is that he needed a powerful woman with money by his side or he wouldn't have been respected for the things he is trying to do. And how many rich and powerful black women are there? He isn't going to get with Oprah and Kim K is his age but not a good fit for his style. He was trying to be the Bey and Jay but there is no other Bey because she keeps the competition squashed. So unfortunately she was the only choice. Now, to his music he does stay true to a specific message. And to him performing on SNL that man still has to make a living or he will be totally irrelevant. So get real.
fireinside's picture


Excuses,excuses, excuses,.....so now he has to make a living right?...so if he has to make a living why does he go on insulting this co operations?....the hypocrisy ...if he is tired he should leave and im sure his fans would still support him ....this is the same man that talks about balling and having bad bitches....even signs artist like 2 chains and so...rocks givenchy, D&G and so on...oh please dont give me that shit about Kim K being powerful and bla bla.....there are black actresses out there...hell why cant he marry a good black woman that has a comfortable job even if she is not so rich?....kanye wants Kim K cos of the buzz and headline it creates isnt that hypocrisy?....whats the difference anyways when they split is it not the same child support he would be paying?.....this man is confused ..tries to sound hard as f**k as if he is helping the black community but he is not...Kanye is an insecure boy/man...he would rather hang out with the likes of Anna Wintour and Ricardo ...before he does with any black elite...might I also add this genius of a man designed for louis vuitton?....what if no one bought his product?...
HAPPY's picture

I agree 100% . I

I agree 100% . I see/understand the message but I can't take it seriously coming from that messenger. I'm over rap music all together.
if_u_say_so's picture

I agree but to a certain

I agree but to a certain extent as i dont think he was ever really looking to start a family just yet just enough exposure from k to get him back on track but she played him at his game and did a Lauren london on his ass..

He doesn't do it for me. I

He doesn't do it for me. I don't care what the hell he raps about. Something's OFF. Do u Kanye.
Laia's picture

Yeezus!!! amazing performance

Yeezus!!! amazing performance
saHTC12's picture

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