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NEW MUSIC: The Dream's "Where Have You Been" Ft. Kelly Rowland (FULL SINGLE) + Brianna Perry's "Jungle" (SINGLE)

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The-Dream has team up with Kelly Rowland for "Where have You Been."  Listen to the new song inside and hear Brianna Perry's "Jungle."


After penning Kelly Rowland's latest single "Dirty Laundry", he's tapped the songstress for his latest record, "Where Have You Been" off his album IV Play.  He spoke about the record to Rap-Up.com saying “Just a signature R&B duet record, no games, no nothing, straight down the middle. It was a chance for me to bond with another friend now that I have, which is Kelly.”

Fans can watch the duo perform the track tonight on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno at 10:30CT.  Also, Extra TV reports that Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio will be joining "The X Factor" a judge.  An announcement will be made later today. 


Listen to "Where Have You Been" here:

In other new music....

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Brianna Perry kicks off Monday Mayhem with another hardcore single "Jungle".  The track does not appear on her Symphony No. 9 mixtape so we suspect she's readying a full length disc and this is a preview.  She gives a subliminal shoutout to Lil' Kim spitting, "You Wanna Rumble With the B..."  Someone knows how to salute the vets properly...

Listen to "Jungle" here:




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kevindean147's picture

I hate when producers think

I hate when producers think they can pick up a mic. The talent doesn't always transfer from behind the scenes to the stage. You don't see Michael Bay or Steven Spielberg starring in a movie.
Username's picture

Thank you! Not everyone is R

Thank you! Not everyone is R Kelly. The Dream fking sucks.
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brianna perry iz dat

brianna perry iz dat bitch....as far as kelly's song.....no thanks.
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I see it for this song

I see it for this song

maybe i'm too old school,

maybe i'm too old school, but i don't think all the profanity is necessary..like it doesn't sound good...it's sounds extra...it makes the song sound extra.
e'erybody'sacritic's picture

Nurp! I'll Pass

Nurp! I'll Pass
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