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Chicago rapper Chief Keef took his bad behavior down south and ended up behind bars in Atlanta yesterday.  Find out what he got busted for inside...

Despite being 17-years-old, rapper Chief Keef has amassed a long list of fans and an extensive rap sheet to match.  Earlier in the year, the rapper was was busted for violating parole (he loves guns) and he's also been to court a few times behind child-support support drama

As if that wasn't enough to rap about, Chief Keef aka Keith Cozart was locked up in Atlanta yesterday for disorderly conduct (which was later revealed to be marijuana related), according to TMZ.   Peep that mugshot where dude is CLEARLY high as usual. 

Now with another arrest under his belt, he tweeted,

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YOU'RE MAD?  We can imagine how mad your daughter will be when she grows up witout a dad around purely because of your own choices.  Just sayin'...

In case you missed it:

Chief Keef is featured on the latest video from Capo called "Hate Me". Directed by Azae Production, the two rappers wear white tees, smoke marijuana and drink Purple Drank out of Dunkin Donuts coffee cups. Throughout most of the video, the two look dazed and distant.  It will be interesting to see how Chief's parole officer responds to this video.  We imagine it must "violate" something....


*UPDATE*  TMZ reports that Chief Keef was busted for smoking marijuana at a hotel in Atlanta.




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yall just mad bc he makes wat

yall just mad bc he makes wat u make in a year in a day
fuckyall's picture

yall some hating ass hoess

yall some hating ass hoess
fuckyall's picture

Dry Snitch post.

Dry Snitch post.
GetUrLife's picture

since children are off limits

since children are off limits i wont say anything.
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Why do you publish stories

Why do you publish stories like these? Young, Black and Fabulous could be such a great platform to highlight the amazing things that Black people are doing. Why publish a story about someone getting arrested. This site has an identity crisis. Either be a platform for Black excellence or be just another gossip site. There are so many of the second and not enough of the first. Do better.
msjennyb123's picture

Maybe the platform is to

Maybe the platform is to reveal that just because you are suppose to be a celebrity and living the life, they do screw up. It's not all 'fabulous'. I don't know about anyone else, but when I hear kids gushing over some of these 'stars' like they are perfect and life is great, I like to inform them that hey, blahzah blah is a dumbass, far from perfect..
rant's picture

He's Young, Black and it's

He's Young, Black and it's Fabulous that he got his ugly, menace to society ass locked up.....IJS
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

who at 17 has Child support

who at 17 has Child support drama. This is a true representation of today's Black family. Ignorance continues to multiply and to think, people think he is great. That is why no one wants to live next to them, educate them or keep them alive. Dope and Guns should do the trick.
lola69's picture

Who cares! Most of society

Who cares! Most of society wants this waste of life behind bars for good anyway...lock him up and throw away the key.
ZenLea's picture

He should've got arrested for

He should've got arrested for public indecency, cause that muthaf--ka is just UGGGGLY! EEEWWWW.......and if my daughter go impregnated by something that disastrous, that would be the end of our relationship....no more invitations to the family barbecues.....NOTHING!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LOL!!!!!!!! I see Ms. Thang

LOL!!!!!!!! I see Ms. Thang tryna kill me again with her foolery today. talkin bout the baby cant even come to the cookout! Girl you bout crazy but Chief Keef's dna really should not be passed on to another generation. the buck shouldve stopped there......lol
steezo's picture

She could stand outside of

She could stand outside of the gate and look in though (shrugs)lol......yeah the buck should've definitely stopped there, but sadly it didn't. I shall pray for his child. (smh and sighs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I really dont care.

I really dont care. Everybody smokes weed.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I don't.

I don't.
Keonta's picture

Bitch please sit your Miss

Bitch please sit your Miss Goodie Two Shoes ass down and stop fakin like you dont like SOSA. lmao.....
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa.. u right I do,

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa.. u right I do, but BITCH I still DON'T smoke!
Keonta's picture

Jesus doesnt either (makes u

Jesus doesnt either (makes u LAZY) **feeds a Village of 5,000 with a single Loaf of Bread**.......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I coulda swore you smoked by

I coulda swore you smoked by some of the crazy shit u be sayin on here. You prolly lyin.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Ew, he looks like pissy

Ew, he looks like pissy mattress, and dirty mop water!! yuck!
Keonta's picture



lol @ that movie description.

lol @ that movie description. it reminds me of KIDS from back in the 90s. who gets arrested for smoking weed in a hotel tho? he must have just been being an all around a-hole to aggravate the staff into calling the cops.
steezo's picture

And these are the level of

And these are the level of black men in hip hop and on Twitter always talking bad about black women and saying they want a white or latin girl. Please white and latin women take them all. Give me a class of black man like Obama or on the level of a Morehouse man. Not this street trash.
Keys's picture

I LOVE this comment!

I LOVE this comment! Girl...let's be friends :)
Camavery's picture

Agreed women get all bent out

Agreed women get all bent out of shape when boys like this date outside their race but I say good, those niggas (yeah I said it) aren't desireable anyways. Every black male is not to be kept and those that are poisoned and too weak minded to see through what the media tells them beauty is in women outside their race we should cast them out as trash anyways.
Mouse's picture

I don't ever get offended by

I don't ever get offended by low life black men who date outside their race. Remember water seeks its own level..lol
Missy's picture

So very true. Just like when

So very true. Just like when John Mayer came out saying he'd never date a sister okay good we don't want you anyway same difference lol
Mouse's picture

Right. John Mayer proved he

Right. John Mayer proved he was nothing more than white trash the way he openly talked about sexual relations with those white celeb girls. They don't even check for him like that anymore. Like I said we need to date a level of class- education not just money, whether it be black or white not these low class street urchins. Just because they throw, catch or dribble a ball, rap/sing and act does not mean they have a drop of class or sense and most times they do not. Let white and latin women have all this trash and go be their cheated on/ abused wives, baby mamas, prison visitor and video hoes.
Keys's picture

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GORJONA333's picture

No big deal. Anyone can get

No big deal. Anyone can get arrested for that
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