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OFF TO REHAB: Lil' Scrappy ADMITS He's "ADDICTED" To Marijuana

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Rapper Lil' Scrappy has revealed that he's "addicted' to marijuana and plans to enter a rehab facility.  Find out what prompted the "disclosure" inside...

Lil' Scrappy appeared in a Georgia courtroom earlier today where court officials revealed that he'd tested positive for the use of marijuana. 

No big shocker there...but the "timing" of his decision to enter rehab has raised a few eyebrows.

After the court hearing, Lil' Scrappy's lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, told TMZ that his client  admits to being a marijuana addict and will enter into a rehab facility BEFORE his next court hearing in June. SMH....how convienent. 

By going to rehab BEFORE a judge questions him about his drug use, it will appear as though Lil' Scrappy is starting to take his probation seriously.  Right? 

Either way this plays out, we don't expect the rapper will be around for the season finale of "LAHH ATL".  He'll either be in rehab or behind bars for violating parole. 

Hmmm....we wonder whom Mama Dee will choose to escort The Prince Of The South to rehab? Will it be the baby mama Erica or the lady in waiting Shay



Photos via TMZ/Dennis Byron




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xzbxbsdhrwy458's picture

Why is he revelant???

Why is he revelant???
SpeakingMyMind's picture

*Scrappy Dialect* What kind

*Scrappy Dialect* What kind of "Shhiiizzzznyyyy-eeeee" excuse is that?!
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kay p's picture


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rotfl! what????

rotfl! what????
ZenLea's picture

Really Scrappy

Really Scrappy

Bitch... BYE! ...tight mouth

Bitch... BYE! ...tight mouth ass!
Keonta's picture

Every one who has tried that

Every one who has tried that stuff is not addicted. And when was the last time this dude put out a single. Is he still a 'rapper'? Or is he another 'ratchality' tv celebrity, and I use celebrity very loosely.
rant's picture

shit, me too. that nigga

shit, me too. that nigga aint said nuthin but a word....lol! but i "quit" everyday between the hours of 9am to 5pm.
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ok Scrappy, so is the rest of

ok Scrappy, so is the rest of the world. I'm no fan of Scrappy either.
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Chile, I said the same thing

Chile, I said the same thing when I read that.
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