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Since his $70 Million donation to USC went public, some folks have questioned why Dr. Dre didn't make a donation to a struggling HBCU.  Speak On It inside...


In a previous post, we told you about music mogul Dr. Dre teaming with Jimmy Iovine to donate $70 Million dollars to the University of Southern California to create the Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. And we praised him for doing so.  But not everyone is happy about it.

In an Op-Ed for the LA Times, Walter M. Kimbrough, the President of Dillard University was particularly vocal and questioned if Dr. Dre could have or should have made a donation to an HBCU. He wrote,

"What if Dre had given $35 million — his half of the USC gift and about 10% of his wealth, according to a Forbes estimate — to an institution that enrolls the very people who supported his career from the beginning? An institution where the majority of students are low-income? A place where $35 million would represent a truly transformational gift? Why didn't Dr. Dre give it to a black college?"

He added,

"In 2011, the National Science Foundation noted that black colleges are a major source of scientists and engineers. In fact, the top five producers of blacks who go on to earn science, technology, engineering and math graduate degrees are black colleges, as are 20 of the top 50. Once you add in the musical legacy of black colleges' choirs and marching bands, they are the perfect locations for an academy like this.

In the end, though, this is his money, and endowing a program geographically nearby, where he can have ongoing input and contact, makes sense. I do hope it will recruit and enroll a diverse class of students and not become some enclave for the already privileged student body there."

What do you think of Dr. Kimbrough's statement? Would Dr. Dre's donation have been better suited for an HBCU in need?  Or is education simply education, esp. since plenty of kids everywhere support and like hip hop.





Everything is not a race

Everything is not a race issue. He and Jimmy have been business partners for at least 20 years. When you speak on an "Community Effort" they are from California so the money is still in the proper community. As far as giving it a HBUC sure he could have given the money there, but I'm sure down the long run the money given will be for their own investments later down the line. If you're upset about not having any part of the money, send your kids there then. Otherwise, this is no big deal.
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PLEASEEE! Because he aint

PLEASEEE! Because he aint black no more! When black men make it to that caliber of success, they loose touch with the black community and the day to day experiences of being black in america. I sayhe aint black no more in the sense, on the inside. He forgot what it means. I mean look at kanye, hes on his way there too. Dr. Dre married white, his kid look white, everything he does is white. Have you heard him rap lately? He even sounds white. He aint one of us no more, so let it go.
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The sad part about Dre's 70

The sad part about Dre's 70 million dollar donation is that the money is from a wealthy Black man to a wealthy white private university where the majority in that program will be wealthy white kids. Trust USC does not have a large group of African American students. The only reason why they have rebuilt in that community, is not for the poor people but for their privileged students and for safety reasons - USC has bought up alot of land around the community for housing for their students because the neighborhood is so dangerous, like when the two asian exchanged students were shot to death. The people in that community do not work, nor go to USC. Think about the impact of what 70 million spread among various high schools, elementary schools in South LA and Compton could have made on our children, that is the issue. Programs such as music, art, general education can help thousands of children starting in Preschool to elementary to high school to colleges. I got news for you Historical Black Colleges have produced brillant graduates in all types of majors, especially the sciences. We as Black people need to support our Black colleges so they can educate and help our new generation of Black people be successful. White aint always right, especially when it comes to teaching us. These teachers don't care about teaching our students, I know I see it everyday, the white folks come to our commnunity for a check because they can't go else where. So I would say to Dr. Dre 70 million can go along way if you donated to help our own - After all you are from Compton, and bet Compton Commuity College could create a huge music/business/mixing etc program right there in the hood.


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whites put their money where

whites put their money where they can achieved "the GREATEST GOOD" for ALL the people, not where one or two will benefit and the masses will suffer. Dre checked out the schools and found that USC is making a greater impact on black education than corrupt HBCUs.
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lol omg!! this just goes to

lol omg!! this just goes to show, ppl will never be happy, damn if you do, and damn if you dont, like the man donated, who cares who he decided to give it to, the good thing is that he GAVE, my damn things like this anger me.
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So...this means that all of

So...this means that all of his 5 children should be able to get a degree from USC without paying tuition, right?...and his grandkids, too!
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I think at the end of the

I think at the end of the day, when/if you can, you give back to your community. Dre grew up in South Central LA. There are no HBCUs in LA the last time I checked. Dre put HIS money where he thought it would do the best good for HIS community. Enough said. Like someone said earlier, USC has done a lot for South Central. If folks are pissy about Dre's gift, you go earn $70 milli and donate it to whatever school you want to!
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Goddammit you tell them.

Goddammit you tell them. Complaining ass people. Shut up and you donate to HBCUs and please believe I am a product of an HBCU (Florida Memorial University C/O 2005) , and very successful; Associate Director of Admissions for a college at 33 years of age . But at the same time you can't make someone feel bad for a donation that is dear to their heart. . People, it is a donation which he will write off lol. But none the less its his money and he gave it to a cause that touched his heart. Stop belly aching and congratulate him. I'm proud of him.
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When did Dre attend USC?

When did Dre attend USC?
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Clearly all of you commenting

Clearly all of you commenting feel that there is NO need for HBCUs and black people have arrived. The blood that our ancestors have shed here in the United States NOT THAT LONG AGO was obviously for NOTHING. All of you think you have the same rights/privileges as whites. If the GOP has their way, they will definitely be schooling you real soon. Most of you probably are part of the GOP because you feel that is your right. A wake up call is definitely in order! If the young folks commenting on this site are examples of how the majority feels. We will cease to exist as a people very shortly.
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SHUT your stupid mouth! It

SHUT your stupid mouth! It is Obama's Secretary of Education, Ernie Duncan, who has made it almost impossible for black students to qualify for loans. Jesse Jackson son said that at their last meeting. And it is Obama's hand picked Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Immanuel who just closed 54 schools in chicago YESTERDAY. If the rich Chicagoan oprah winfrey had half the sense that Dr. Dre has, she would be educating black american chicago kids, instead of building schools and worrying about africans. Shut your dumb mouth. Democratic Obama is the one making it so that black kids education cease to exist.
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I like Dr. Dre.

I like Dr. Dre.
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As a Proud Graduate of a HBCU

As a Proud Graduate of a HBCU (Xavier University of Louisiana) I would say that it would have been great if Dr. Dre would have donated to a HBCU since a lot of HBCU's dont get the funding that they need to do have the things that a University like USC could. Walter M. Kimbrough has a point to which he speaks on how AFAM's can benefit from the amount of funds that he donated. Where I think Mr. Kimbrough opinion fails is that Dr. Dre donated to his community and Alma Mater to which many AFAM's attend. Also Kimbrough does not know any details that were discuessed as a result of Dre's money being donated. Many rich folk that make huge donation to school have stipulations as to what their money can be used for. I think Walter M. Kimbrough should more focus on why the Lil Wayne's and T.I.'s of the rap community are not donating to their local area Universities. Not to say that Lil Wayne or T.I. has not in one way or another that much I am not sure about. I remember being on the a committee that organized Xavier's Spring Concert and "Rapper" wanting 30k to come perform which was over doing it considering that it was just after Katrina and the school already had two building destroyed and half the admission that they would have in a normal semester due to a lot of students deciding not to return once the school re-opened in January for the "Fall Semester"

You talk like a fool. Why

You talk like a fool. Why would you ask a young man with many little children he is responsible for, to do the job that an older man like Dr. Dre is doing. Life is long, and the music industry is FICKLE. These boys dont know how long they will be making BIG money. They need to conserve their wealth until their children are grown and on their own. YOU SHOULD BE ASKING THAT OLD MEN LIKE STEVE HARVEY, JESSE JACKSON SR, AL SHARPTON, ETC., DO SOMETHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE, INSTEAD OF BEGGING US TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC AND FILL THEIR POCKETS WITH DONATIONS. Jesse Jackson helps no one but his own children, as far as I know.
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I think you are mis-reading

I think you are mis-reading my statement... What I was referring to them as examples of other people in the music industry who should donate to their own community... I agree that Dre did a GREAT thing for HIS community... All I was saying is that Dillard's (whatever he was) needs to ask why other in positions like Dre dont do for THEIR community... I agree with you that people like Steve Harvey and other notable AFAMs need to do things $$ wise instead of being the month piece for politics... But I also think that they (other than Steve Harvey) don't make the same money that Dre is making and will cont. to make... But I made the Lil Wayne reference because Dillard is located in New Orleans and T.I live in ATL where there are at least three HBCU's... And its not always about money sometimes being the month piece at a fund raiser for the school for example helps!

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Damn if you do and Damn if

Damn if you do and Damn if you don't. The mas has DONATED $70MIL towards a UNIVERSITY not towards illegal operations with drug lords throughout the country. Some folks are too petty. DrDre don't have to do what yall want him to do, he did what he wanted to do with his money.
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Are you not aware of how

Are you not aware of how affluent non-HBCUs are? Do you know how much money their alumni and boosters, ALONE, contribute to their universities?? Drugs or illegal operations has NOTHING to do with how Dr. Dre could have contributed his money. I suggest you learn more about HBCUs or maybe you should attend one. I'm pretty sure your perspective would change.
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Fool negro educators at HBCU

Fool negro educators at HBCU are no longer black americans, is what I have heard. They no longer focus on educating black americans. American negroes, all in the name of a false black unity, are embracing indians, asians, africans to run these schools, and because of that they SHOULD LOSE THEIR HBCU STATUS. i HAVE HEARD MANY HORROR STORIES ABOUT HCBU'S ENGAGING IN ALL KINDS OF SCAMS THAT CAUSE THE BLACK STUDENTS TO GO INTO MAJOR DEBT AND HAVE TO DROP OUT SINCE American negroes allowed foreigners to help run HBCU, and Dr. Dre doesn't want his money wasted on con men who line their pockets with his money.
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idk honestly the way i c it.

idk honestly the way i c it. if he would have donated to an HBCU then it would have been the issue over what school he selected and why not the school that is less well known etc... I attended an HBCU and I loved the experience, i learned so much and it taught me how to grow the hell up as far as what u get out of college but yes the school was a mess financially... financial aide never came n on time. money was constantly lost. the school constantly sent bills and more bills about increase tuition and how ur money was never received. every registration was a nightmare every second semester registration was a nightmare I enventually ended up back at a CAL state university near USC and guess what no more "lost" money problems. But at the end of the day I do feel as black people we do need to do more. whatever u can do DO! talk to the young people, educate them by giving them advice and feedback from the knowledge u obtained. USC is a good school and I admit it went from looking like crack head central to a great neighborhood. much much work needs to be done.. but the black community works at USC so at the end of the day the donation helps everyone! I LOVE HBCU you get a great education and a great culturally experience. Honestly the student body needs to just b able to pay the tuition and stop praying on student aide. It comes down to the parents we have children so prepar for their college education put the money aside a little bit at a time will help. together as a people we can save the HBCU's.

Money is NEVER lost when

Money is NEVER lost when thieves steal it. You persevered but many dont and drop out when money is stolen from them. Why in the heck would anyone want to save a corrupt organization, whether black or white??? Let them close if the corrupt are ruling the roost, LET THEM CLOSE. They are hurting children who finally get through high school. No student should pay for a college experience like that.
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You must have gone to

You must have gone to Southern?
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First of all, Dr. Dre comes

First of all, Dr. Dre comes from the SAME neighborhood I come from, South Central LOS ANGELES, which is the EXACT SAME LOCATION as USC! Not only was Dre giving back to his Alma Mater, but he was acutally giving back to the community. USC has done wonders in the South Central LA area by building things up, making the community safer and all that good stuff. So really he was supporting the City of LA when he made his donation.
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EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! (people are

EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!! (people are SOO Narrow-Minded. Its pathetic & sad):
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This isn't just a black

This isn't just a black supporting black institution issue, so let's stop right there. I rolled my eyes when my friend emailed me this article. It is HIS money to do as HE pleases with firstly. Do you know how many HBCU's are in trouble financially, not because of lack of financial support, but due to mismanagement of funds? The HBCU in my city is CONSTANTLY in the newspaper for such. Employees taking out loans in students' names and the students never seeing the money. Students not getting their financial aid in a timely manner because people are dragging their feet. I lived with girls who attended an HBCU. They got their money in April! The semester begins in January! That's absurd! Secondly, it's not just a donation. They are looking to build a program, and in doing so, I'm sure they'd like that done at a prestigious institution. AND USC is in LA, which is the entertainment capital of the world, so it makes sense. Now before you all call me some type of self-loathing negro for being logical, I am not. I love black people. But I want us to stop buying into this "support all things black because I am black" mentality. Everything black isn't right. Everything black isn't wrong. What we need to do is see that things that need fixing get fixed, and HBCUs have a lot of work to do.
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YOU ARE 100% RIGHT! There is

YOU ARE 100% RIGHT! There is a certain type of negro criminal who wants to be supported and support any negro criminal like himself, all the while complaining about black on black crime.
cassandra29's picture

you could not be more wrong,

you could not be more wrong, well actually being wrong is not absolute so it is possible to be even more wrong than what you are...Let me give you a a quick example then I can move on....I make millions of dollars selling my music to black audiences, black fans buy all 90% of my records, the concerts I give are filled with 90% black people who is screaming my name, but yet and still I give nothing back to them but instead give to people, whom many never heard of me...You find that odd in anyway? Have you ever heard of the phrase of giving back, that means giving to people who made you and gave to you!!!!

fact - white kids buy more

fact - white kids buy more rap than blacks
cassandra29's picture

that is not a

that is not a fact..LOL...just because you say it is OMG...I have been to many concerts and a few that Dr. Dre was at...Your facts are skewed

You could not have said this

You could not have said this any more clearly. I don't think some of the people commenting have ever been to an HBCU or know the financial inner workings of these institutions. But the major point here is the obvious: my people support me so I, in turn, support them. There is no way that my money would be going to a non-HBCU.
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What makes you think that

What makes you think that this doesn't give back in any way to his community. USC's proximity to South Central LA improves the neighborhood. Think about all the great outreach this school could do in the surrounding area. If you are a teenager interested in music in that community, you have a wonderful resource in your neighborhood. This is a way to carve a legacy for himself. He is providing a great example of philanthropy for his community.
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Well at the end of the day

Well at the end of the day Dre donated money to help students, that's all that matters. At the end of the day, we are all human beings and need to help each other. We need to get to the point, where we stop viewing others based on colors. Especially if we see ourselves as children of GOD.Personally, I want to get to the point, where I view all people as equals and not based on race

no, that is not all that

no, that is not all that matters...what matters is supporting the people who support you...What the hell is this Reverse "Robin Hood" Take from the poor to give to the rich !!!??????

Let me submit this, most

Let me submit this, most people would donate to the college they graduated from, secondly, there are certainly many minority students that will benefit from this donation. I graduated from an HBCU, so that's where I'd donate.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

that makes perfect

that makes perfect sense...and I wholeheartily agree...But let me just add. AGAIN....the people who buy his records and his gangsta persona are mostly blacks so it stands to reason if you want to give back give back to the people who made you rich...along with your Alma mater..by the way he is really . really rich

he should give to THIEVES who

he should give to THIEVES who STEAL from CHILDREN/STUDENTS??? u r crazy as heck. he did the right thing. ALL COLLEGES ARE INTEGRATED TODAY. HBCU's have all races just like USC does.
cassandra29's picture

you seem to be the stupid one

you seem to be the stupid one here, who said give to the thieves who steal from children/students? what wrong with giving to HBCU? what the heck is your crazy butt talking about

I can understand why he would

I can understand why he would contribute to a local school , but we need to also start realizing that if we as blacks don't support our schools who will? Some of the more notable HBCU's have great alumni support but there are less fortunate ones who this contribution would have been both substantial and much needed. In the future he should give equally to an HBCU where young blacks many of whom were the first to buy his records and headphones will benefit. Black america needs to invest our economic power in our communities! as a whole we are still economically disadvantaged to our white peers. Inequality still exists, and let's face it the average person can only do so much. but those few who have this kind of wealth need to give back. The worse thing that has happened to black america is that we have forgotten our sense of community. We (including Dre) are all in this struggle together as long as there are housing projects, slums, and lower income black communities. We should give to back to the communities where we can make a difference and HBCU should definately be first on the list!

I went to an Ivy League

I went to an Ivy League school; but if I will win the lottery (500 Million) I would give my donation to a HBCU school.thats it!

Its just like a black

Its just like a black man/woman. We support our Afro American hip hop and R and B singers when they first start out. Once they make it. The black men marry white women and support their schools. Then the black woman support and promote white people and their business. To be honest with you, I would never purchase another record from Jay Z; Beyonce; Dr. Dre, and the whole lot of them. Do some real research, they give absolutely nothing back to their communities or their people. You are right they can do what they want with their money, but like most things, once they become wealthy, they forget where they come from and don't want to have anything to do with their own people. Once they feel they have finally arrived, they tap dance over to uncle charlies' clique. Sad as it may be, we will never become a race of people that support each other, because, we are constantly trying to get Uncle Charley's approval. Wake up black people, Uncle Charlie only wants one thing from you and that's your money. I bet half of the black football players, and athletics, who lost their fortunes probably trusted some white accountant or lawyer. let's get real, at the end of the day, white people are not the only individuals purchasing their music, going to their games, or attending their concerts. Yes some one said, they can do what they want with their money. But that's only if Uncle Charley is telling them what to do and how to do it. Our people built this country, yet we are treated as the worst race of people in these United States, simply because we don't support each other.
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First off, thank you in

First off, thank you in advance for reading this long ass post. I also want you to know there is no intended shade in this comment. I'm an imperfect human with an opinion. I'm wondering how many of you chose to attend a HBCU. It seems people are forgetting our history. We created these school's because they were our only option. Are we to say they no longer fill a need? I'm extremely proud to have gone to a HBCU and a family history of such. There is no law as a black person that says you can't choose any college in the world to attend. Sometimes the choice these rich people make are based on politics and prestige over need. I know several people who will come out of USC (or any other major univ) owing 2 home mortgages when they graduate. Yes, they went to the school for a good education, but they went equally for the immense alumni connx. That's where the politics come in. It's a more powerful legacy to have a building/school of study at a school like SC than a HBCU. You cant make the assumption that no black school can manage their money. DRE could put provisions in place to make sure his donation would be handled at certain way. Yes, he has the right to spend his hard earned money any way he chooses, but when he was in Compton he wasn't in a position to go to any college. If he so chose, city college or a HBCU would have been his options. That's why I'd like him to think of the kids in his community that NEED to see positive young black folks doing their thing. They will be doctors, lawyers ,engineers, etc. These are the role models young black kids need to see to balance out Chief Keef.
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Asians support Asians,

Asians support Asians, Indians support Indians, Jews/White support Jews/White and so on, but Blacks don't support Blacks. It's extremely disheartening and sad to see how sick we are. It's like our consciousness is shut down or that part of the brain that does critical thinking is faulty, it's insane how we don't "get it." Our Ancestors literally died for us to be in this place, they laid down their lives for Future Generations, they understood the concept of self preseversation. And now that we've arrived or have the money and resources they shed their blood for, we're giving it back to Massa' and then there are those of us coming up with excuses why their own community don't deserve it...just Wow! Every Black University and College around this country should be thriving, they should have world class libraries with reference materials about us, for us, by us so we get the education we should have gotten, so we learn about people who look like us that contributed to the world, in every facet, how we were the originators, how people who look like us reside within every Culture of people and nook and cranny of this planet.
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You. Better.

You. Better. Preach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Charity starts where--at HOME!!!!!!!

I've been questioning Dre's

I've been questioning Dre's judgment since he married that white woman who's head is shaped like an iron. From NWA to that? Naw--I don't support him, 50 Cent or Eminem cuz they don't support me: so where he donates his money is irrelevant.

I think he should make

I think he should make another donation to education and give to an HBCU too because it is needed and would go a very long way. Considering that stereotypes promote false ideas that blacks are an intellectually inferior race of people; of course, he should want to donate to institutions that prove them wrong. Dr. Dre, if you are reading this, match what you gave USC to an HBCU! Its the right thing to do.
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