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CANDIDS: LeBron James & Savannah Brinson CRUISING Downtown Miami + LeBron NAILS Game Winning LAYUP

 photo icedae2.jpg

NBA MVP LeBron James was spotted with his fiance Savannah Brinson in downtown Miami earlier this week.  See the candids inside and get the deets on LeBron's game-winning layup during last night's NBA Playoff game against the Pacers inside...

Earlier this week, NBA MVP LeBron James was spotted driving through downtown Miami with his gorgeous fiancee Savannah Brinson. Savannah, while enjoying an ice cream cone, used a scarf to cover her head, preventing the Florida breeze from tussling her hair.

 photo icecream4.jpg

Once they reached their destination, Savannah let her hair down and basked in the glory of being one-half of the most beloved couples in Miami. Though details about their upcoming nuptials have been kept under wraps, a "leaked" invitation revealed that the twosome will walk down the aisle later this summer in San Diego.

And if last night's 103-102 victory over the Indiana Pacers is any indication of what's to come, Savannah could be adding another championship ring to her wedding set.

 photo icedae1.jpg

During post-game interviews about his game-winning shot, LeBron modestly took all the praise in stride saying, "I mean, I made a layup. It's not like I made something from half court. I made a layup. I've been doing that since I was 8 years old."

The Heat take on the Pacers in Game 2 on Friday.



Photos via: KEYPIXX / Splash News




Well, I just happen to hit

Well, I just happen to hit this out of curiosity. I avoid pro sports like the plague, except Serena. who is a multi-lingual (french speaking) quite intelligent person, in addition to her tennis talent. As a black/marxist/atheist and historian, I find the sociological discussions here, very interesting. Often when WE are discussing our "bizniz," it contains unique observations and criticisms. It is important to recognize that we have our own interpretations of how our culture functions, despite what the majority (white) has to report and say. However, at the same time, we must recognize the influence that culture has on us. Which makes the term African-american (first coined by whites in the 18th century) so ludicrous. Except for our typically darker hue, and the innovation of syncopated music rhythm, there is nothing, even vaguely, reminiscent about any of the over 65 major languages and 35 nations there. Of course ALL humans have descended from that continent. We decry white social patterns, yet mimic that culture at every turn. Even to straightening hair. Yes they originated the style, when the light and straight haired began to ascend to the dominance of the European continent. The Asians, (straight black hair) were not a factor. Much more problematical for US, is the tendency to worship the greed, and to manifest that mantra with showy materialism (cars, jewelry, clothes, property, etc.) Capitalism is a club for "white" people. WE are tokens there, at best (usually entertainers, which athletes are also.) We, even thought our acceptance and adoption of their Christian faith would gain us acceptance as equal human beings. Wes till labor under the supreme Court edict (1857) that, "the negro...has no rights... a white man should respect." Until that decision is overturned, white racism, although immoral, is NOT illegal. So, as several posts here do, decide for ourselves, what is morality? And, based upon what? After all, having "bastard" children, was introduced into our culture by white male slave owners. Self criticism: we all could do with some, sincerely done.

Lucky BITCH! She ain't me

Lucky BITCH! She ain't me though. Cause i would KILL the game if I was her.
Supermodel01's picture

These two always bring a

These two always bring a smile to my face, love them together. Savannah is such a natural beauty.
Realist's picture

Savannah looks cute in her

Savannah looks cute in her shorts, they could be a tad longer but hse looks nice nonetheless, the issue I have is those tats on her ankle and foot are so unsightly.
sweetpea1989's picture

I just love these two

I just love these two together. She been with him since H.S. since before anybody knew who he was. "Real "love". And just cus she's a mom don't mean she can't dress sexy. Yall acting as if Motherhood has a dress code! I think this is a cute look. It's not too much, but just right. Savannah girl, you are GORGEOUS! On a side note: Lebron is a BEAST on the court!
MsFiFi's picture

Amen. If I had that body

Amen. If I had that body after two kids, I would be wearing those shorts to the grocery store. LOL!!
Keys's picture

Future Mrs. James, you

Future Mrs. James, you looking hot girl!!
Keys's picture

I wonder how those bodyguards

I wonder how those bodyguards keep their eyes focused...they better keep them shades on.

Bron bron is my baller and I

Bron bron is my baller and I love them as a couple. Do you Savannah you are gorgeous. Bron better not leave her, the one who he knows love him before and after the fame. He looks like he love her to life too. Can't wait for the wedding pics... I ain't mad at her at all I would be stepping out the same way...What!!!

People really underestimate

People really underestimate how STUNNING Savannah is. The girl barely wears make up and never wears weaves and yet, she's still BEAUTIFUL. She has the body of Dollicia Bryant, the complexion of Halle and the face of Nia Long. She's a very beautiful girl! All of the women she's compared to have store bought hair, caked on make-up and fake tits and asses. I don't think it's anything wrong with those things. I just think everyone needs to compare apples to apples and not apples to oranges. Even beautiful, no-make up wearing Gabby wears a weave. I'm just saying...
Sabs4Prez's picture

Please don't compare

Please don't compare Savannah's natural curves to that ratchet fake body, Dollicia. Savannah is earning her curves the real way, by working out faithfully. Dollicia's escorts bought her curves.
Keys's picture

savannah is attractive but

savannah is attractive but she wears horse hair. let's keep it real.
wildlife's picture

and so do a bunch of those

and so do a bunch of those old ratchet face white chicks. so what the big deal?
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Yeah ok....anything u say

Yeah ok....anything u say Savannah........lol.......And oh, Im gonna tell Gabby what u wrote right here.......LMAO
star's picture

i love them. She looks good.

i love them. She looks good.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Wow… Unbelievable.. My friend

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xcnndfjrti569's picture

They look good! Nice legs.

They look good! Nice legs.
Denise2007's picture

She needed some classy

She needed some classy shorts. Is Angelina Jolie a baby mama? She has yet to be married. Anywho, I am a single mother of two. I hold it down. My kids enjoy their house and they are spoiled. And they see their daddy daily. What's the issue.
fireinside's picture

what's the issue: you need to

what's the issue: you need to define what 'hold it down' means. secondly, most folks on here don't give a fuck about what whites do or not do. this is an urban blog.
wildlife's picture

Recently the ones that are

Recently the ones that are married are getting the short end of the stick(Pilar, Kenya, Siohvaughn etc.). I don't condone having kids out of wed lock. For the kids sake. Nobody wants to be teased in school or in life of being a bastard child. If you want to screw around use protection. I wish I knew my father......allllll-right
YaHeard's picture

They're look good together.

They're look good together. Wish them nothing but happiness.
Sunshine's picture

I love this couple!!! Their

I love this couple!!! Their really cute, BUT my only thing is that for her size and as a mom I would say the shorts just need 2 more inches. Otherwise perfect!
cutethatsall56's picture

lol.....chile please!

lol.....chile please!
steezo's picture

she's nothing more than a

she's nothing more than a baby's mama. NEXT!
wildlife's picture

A rich one at that...but who

A rich one at that...but who cares, girl got it going on and her man knows it, stop hating...

Who knew Savannah was this

Who knew Savannah was this sexy?¿ Standing next to ole Ugg Mugg doesn't help matters.
GetUrLife's picture

Love this couple. Thank God

Love this couple. Thank God Lebron is too smart a man to fall into the spanish fly trap they have set for rich negro downfall down there
cassandra29's picture

Awww these two are too

Awww these two are too cute...and Samantha's ring is BLINGING!
C2C's picture

How thick is too thick for a

How thick is too thick for a thigh to be? My thighs are a little on the tremendous side of things (lol) and I always feel a little self-conscious. Hers look good though...Is it okay as long as they don't jiggle? Help me out y'all thanks.
Camavery's picture

if they're toned and no

if they're toned and no cellulite do your thang. some women just have athletic limbs. thick muscular arms and legs.
Username's picture

Damn! This is the best I've

Damn! This is the best I've ever saw her look...them thighs! My Lawd! Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good reads and videos on there too
V's picture

PS...ya'll know better than

PS...ya'll know better than to be eating ice cream and not taking none home to the babies!! lol!! They better not see these pics!

Man, I really like them

Man, I really like them together! I really hope their marriage goes the distance!! I don't like that they beat my boys though but I still wish and hope the best for them!

Her shorts fucked up the

Her shorts fucked up the outfit, but I'm loving her shoes.
Suga Bear's picture

I LOVE these two!

I LOVE these two!
PacificGirl's picture

LeBron makes that Porsche

LeBron makes that Porsche look like a Lil' Toy Car
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Love the driving scarf. She

Love the driving scarf. She looks great in heels w/shorts (its Miami afterall). There is no "Common Law" in Florida (thank GOD cause Jesus would've been SCREWED in his last relationship)......
Jesus H. Christ's picture

LOL-ahem...""...Our state

LOL-ahem...""...Our state does NOT recognize “common law” marriage unless it is from another state." These two aren't Florida natives. So if you dodged that mess consider yourself lucky :-)

Whew......... **wipes cold

Whew......... **wipes cold sweat**
Jesus H. Christ's picture

thats one lucky bish!

thats one lucky bish!

Look at Savannah all thicka

Look at Savannah all thicka than a snicka. Go head hot mama! Still hate the Heat though and hope Indiana keeps giving them hell.
Bird's picture

Lol give who hell? The Heat

Lol give who hell? The Heat is the shiiii Another ring on the way #BEPatient :p
Dgabbaba_'s picture

Love the look, Miss Savannah!

Love the look, Miss Savannah! And those shoes!!!! Ahhhhh.
MrsCPA's picture

She looks cute in her shorts

She looks cute in her shorts & I loveee those heels!! Her tattoo is cute too! Inside so it's not so ghetto very cute couple! Lebron is the KING babyyy Miami HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Dgabbaba_'s picture


Savannah, YOU BETTA WURK IT, BISH!!!! Sista girl looks great!! I always thought she was cute but NOW - she got her MOJO!! Keep makin em mad girl!!!
shylibra's picture

Baby Mama: The new sought

Baby Mama: The new sought after career by too many of today's lazy ass black women and Savanna is enjoying the hell out of it. Just gaze at the look on her face...lol...ooh-wee.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Huh??? And yet you LOVE you

Huh??? And yet you LOVE you some Kimye??? WTF??? Pot meet mofo kettle! Savannah is LeBron's finacee and--*AND* they can even be considered common law because they've been together since high school. Also, did you NOT know that there are unwed mothers in EVERY race/culture? #aintTHATaboutabitch...SMH...

true, there are unwed mothers

true, there are unwed mothers in every ethnicity; HOWEVER, 73% of all blk children are born out of wedlock. that's a fucking EPIDEMIC.
wildlife's picture

Well since these two are

Well since these two are engaged to be married she's not included in that number is she?? Also, don't believe every percentage or stat that comes your way. White couple are GOOD for getting pregnant and THEN getting married on the sly, like ppl can't count, can't tell that their kids were perceived before their (shotgun) weddings. AND-who said that being married is the fucking cure-all, end-all resolution to all of the world's problems? Many-a-married couple creates a dysfunctional environment for their kids.

a few things...first, this

a few things...first, this couple's children are 100% part of the 73% out of wedlock births because the parents are NOT married. the federal government keeps an accurate accounting of births in the u.s. secondly, lebron is a joke. a real man doesn't keep impregnating a woman and not give her his last name. thirdly, empirical data has repeatedly shown that children born into two-parent homes are less likely to drop out of school, get involved in crime, take drug/alcohol, get involved in gangs, lower suicide rates, etc. lastly, i never claimed marriage is a "fucking cure-all".
wildlife's picture

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