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Ray J BRINGS His "Kim Kardashian Look-Alike" To "106 & Park" + Sevyn Streeter's "It Won't Stop" (SINGLE)

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Singer Ray J dropped by "106 & Park" yesterday to discuss his "I Hit It First" single and to introduce the world to his "Kim Kardashian Look-Alike" co-star Luna.  See their clips inside and listen to Sevyn Streeter's "It Won't Stop" track...

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Grammy-winning songwriter Sevyn Streeter joined Bow Wow to co-host the latest episode of "106 & Park".  The "I Like It" singer wore a Jeremy Scott jersey, Zara shorts and boots from Blumarine.

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During the show, Ray J appeared to discuss his hosting gig on "Bad Girls All-Stars" to dish on  his "I Hit It First" video.  When asked who the song was about, Ray would not mention any "specific" names, but did admit,

“The song is about something I did. I try not to go so hard with the record ’cause it’s self-explanatory. There’s other relationships that I’ve been in too, just not as popular as others that I’ve dealt with.”

He also revealed that there's an album in the works and it will feature songs with more substance than "I Hit It First".  “There’s records coming with a whole lotta more substance. We havin’ fun with this. It’s summertime, let’s live, let’s have fun.”

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During his appearance, Ray J brought out his video co-star, Luna.

Watch the interview clips here:


And in new music.....

In addition to co-hosting "106 & Park", Sevyn released her second single "It Won't Stop" this week. The track was co-written by Jean-Baptiste who spoke of Sevyn's musical talents saying,

"I would best describe Sevyn as a rarity and the experience of working with her as a gift. She's a talent beyond words and I can't wait for the world to discover that. 'It won't stop' is a testament to her artistry as an amazing songwriter and a great artist. I think we wrote that song in less than 30 mins. That session was pure magic."

Check out the track above...

Photos via John Ricard




WAIT!!!! QUESTION: How did

WAIT!!!! QUESTION: How did this post MISSPELL her name as "LUNA" when they not only SAID her name was "LUBA" multiple times AAAANNNNNDDDDD SPELLED it TWICE?!?!?!?! #ijustcant

Pam Anderson made a diss

Pam Anderson made a diss track to Ray J's called I did it First I guess she thinks hers was better lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tUW_Q7e-BA



This bug eyed man just can

This bug eyed man just can not get over Kim can he.
Martine's picture

Well Ill be damned, had no

Well Ill be damned, had no idea Ray J was so short. He and Wow are practically the same height.
Realist's picture

She looks more like Melissa

She looks more like Melissa from RHWO New Jersey
ebyruff27's picture

Love the song!

Love the song!

I see all of this Kim

I see all of this Kim Kardashian, exotic obsession mess going out of style very soon. When black people pick something up and starting running with it like it was just created, you know it will be short lived and later viewed as junk. Ray J is a joke and has no talent other than being Brandy's brother. I can't stand Kanye or KK but Ray J's thirst for more fame off their backs is ridic.
Keys's picture

Why are folks even supporting

Why are folks even supporting this dumb ass song?!?! I just can't..............This dude is SUPER LAME! She gets with Kanye and now u wanna make a song, when she done been with other stars before him? Move on dude, this attention u seeking ain't a good look for you. JUST THIRSTY AND WHACK!!
MsFiFi's picture

I'm not a giant Kim K person

I'm not a giant Kim K person but she definitely is much cuter than this broad.
cutethatsall56's picture

What a bitch-made NIGGA.

What a bitch-made NIGGA. Instead of hosting "Bad Girls All-Stars", Ray-J should be given a starring role on Desperate Housewives. Not only did he make a song about a woman who could give two shits about him, but he's doing promo rounds with her alleged look-alike? No offense to the young lady, but she looks like your average Dominican/Puerto Rican going to the mall; not even remotely like a Kardashian. Kanye, if you're listening, please don't you EVER throw this dog a bone and mention this negro's name on a record. He is doing THE MOST to get a rise (and some notoriety) from you.
SunSandSea's picture

HONEY YESSSS!!!!!! That says

HONEY YESSSS!!!!!! That says it all! Thirsty ass negro. Damn shame!
JewelryLover's picture

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xcnndfjrti569's picture

Ray J stop we know she's a

Ray J stop we know she's a opportunistic whore it's no secret hell she knows it too but all this is in bad taste no matter how you try to spin it. And lets not forget there is footage of you hitting it first available for the public so you really don't need to go into the studio to tell us that. OAN I hate everything about Sevyn's "fashions" (in my Dwight voice) and her legs they look unclean unshaven or like someone had a hardcore tomboy youth.
Mouse's picture

None of the three (Bow Wow,

None of the three (Bow Wow, Sevyn, Ray J) have any personalty. They suck!!! Sevyn didn't need to be there at all.
Mama Mia's picture

Kim K look alike ???.......

Kim K look alike ???....... nahhhh lol..... beautiful girl tho :)

people still watch 106 and

people still watch 106 and Park??

Desert thirsty.

Desert thirsty.
Suga Bear's picture

lol! He just plain dehydrated

lol! He just plain dehydrated at this point and for no good reason. Ray J is the true definition of a woman scorned...
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture


JewelryLover's picture

Right?! But I think he's

Right?! But I think he's upset about Kanye more than anything. I mean really. How many other dudes was she with before Kanye? Exactly. But all of a sudden he has a problem and decides to come out with a song. It's a ploy to start beef so he can get his name mentioned in a Kanye song so he can feel relevant. Boy stop!
Suga Bear's picture

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