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ACROSS THE POND: Jaden Smith DINES OUT With Selena Gomez, JOINS Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff For Trey's DJ Debut

 photo purp8.jpg

Jaden Smith, Selena Gomez, Alfonso Ribeiro and DJ Jazzy Jeff all joined Will Smith in London to mark Trey Smith's UK debut on the club scene.  See pics from their night out inside...  

 photo purp3.jpg

After Earth star Jaden Smith was spotted out to dinner with Selena Gomez, where they dined at the London hotspot Hakkasan.

 photo purp4.jpg

Jaden took a very protective stance as he extended his arm to shield Selena from the aggressive paparazzi clamoring to take their picture.

 photo purp5.jpg

Jaden pulled double duty while in the UK, as he and his dad, Will, are doing international press junkets for their film After Earth (June 7th) and they supported Trey Smith during his club debut.


Later that night...

 photo TreySmitharrivesBoujisnightclubfirstY_9nVC4DU0Xl.jpg

 photo TreySmitharrivesBoujisnightclubfirst81qVXL31rI6l.jpg

 photo purp1.jpg

The British Press captured a mini-reunion of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" as Will Smith was joined by former co-stars Alfonso Ribeiro (and wife Angela) and DJ Jazzy Jeff. 

 photo WillSmithBoujisNightclubwentsupportTreyO-exae8uCTgl.jpg

 photo WillSmithBoujisNightclubwentsupportTreylVHrcq0SOGSl.jpg


The fellas were on their way into Boujis Night Club to witness the UK debut of DJ Trey Smith (Will's oldest son).

 photo WillSmithBoujisNightclubwentsupportTreysWEdPTB4uVol.jpg 

Will, who's also doing press for After Earth, interviewed with The Alchemist, where he talked about his role in After Earth and how the relationship between he and Jaden's character is similar to their real life father/son dynamic.

It was funny because my character is this huge general and a great warrior, and his son is trying to follow in his footsteps so it was similar in that sense. I think because we got to talk about our characters, Cypher and Kitai, we were really talking about Will and Jaden. We had plenty of conversations about things like discipline and why Cypher felt like it was such a necessity to be harder on Kitai than even on full-grown rangers. The concept of life and death is what comes into play as a father. Whether you are watching basketball or washing the dishes, in the mind of a warrior father, everything is life or death. The way you wash those dishes, the way you clean your room, the way you handle your schoolwork, one day its going to come back in a life or death scenario.

 photo TreySmitharrivesBoujisnightclubfirstDYj4nP00gv3l.jpg  

But last night....everyone's attention was focus on Trey.

 photo TreySmitharrivesBoujisnightclubfirstYz341yEXb3Jl.jpg    

Looking very dapper in a slim fitted dark suit, Trey posed for pics and greeted fans as he prepared to do his first DJ set in the UK.

 photo purp2.jpg 

Trey's role in the entertainment business makes perfect sense, as Will explained to The Alchemist, he wanted all of his children to be in the "family business."

"I grew up in a family business so my father, my mother and all my brothers and sisters worked in the family business, so that’s really the only way I know how to parent."

 photo purp12.jpg

 photo purp11.jpg

And as Jaden and Willow make their mark in the entertainment world, Trey seems like he's ready to take his place in the spotlight as well.  And he has hip hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff alongside him as he masters the art of the DJ!

Photos via PacificCoastNews.com/SPLASH




Yall need to relax.........it

Yall need to relax.........it was not a date! They were all at an event. Remember Jaden and Justin are friends, so it's obvious she's cool with him too.
MsFiFi's picture

Come on y'all! Jaden and

Come on y'all! Jaden and Selena are not on a date. They were all on The Graham Norton show yesterday and since they're wearing the same clothes i suppose that's where they're coming from. Jaden and Justin are friends so i'm sure that's how he knows Selena. They're all in the UK doing promos so why not all hang out. I hardly think that any 20 year old woman would date a 14 year old boy, regardless of how rich his parents are. Selena ain't exactly broke either.
allidee's picture

Selena trying to hide her

Selena trying to hide her face. Whats up. Justin don't give a fuck.
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sgxzbxzbdsheru584's picture

Don't get this one...oh

Don't get this one...oh well....
lifeisgood's picture

Jaden need to sit his young

Jaden need to sit his young a** down somewhere until he's developed into a real man
apowerfuldude's picture

This family.

This family.
Martine's picture

Philly Represent! I just

Philly Represent! I just wish that Jazzy Jeff would have gotten the memo about it being a more formal affair. Also glad to see that Will and Alphonso are still friendly, it must suck big time to be the other guy on Will Smith's show. Kinda like the other guy from Bosom Buddies...you need to be at least 30 to catch that reference. Have a nice holiday weekend everyone!
Camavery's picture

Serena needs to shave her

Serena needs to shave her head & give all the hairs to a cancer patient (or sell it to Beyonce')................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Jaden an Justin are good

Jaden an Justin are good friends. if selena is in the UK doing promo why wouldn't they hang out?
xedos's picture

Trey has grown to be a nice

Trey has grown to be a nice looking man. Selena is a sack chasing hoe. Sorry, what else would a 20 year old woman want with a 14 year old child from the mega wealthy Will Smith empire? Get your son away from this skank. Send her back to Biebs
Missy's picture

Its nice Will still keeps

Its nice Will still keeps intouch with his old buddies. Trey & Jaden are too cute.
Realist's picture

Selena Is 20 Yrs Old.....Wdf

Selena Is 20 Yrs Old.....Wdf She's Dining With A 14 Yr Old? She Looks To Me Like She's Trynna Hide. JUSTIN? Come And Get Yo Skank.
Keyths'Girl's picture

Now if Jaden was 21 and

Now if Jaden was 21 and Selena was 15, there would be mass chaos. This is just another reason these Smith kids erk the hell outa me. It seems like they have no boundaries, but yet Will and Jada always tryin' to preach about something. Alphonso's wife---> Eewww, what the hell damned tarnation is goin'z on!
And There Ya Go's picture

This kid is better parented

This kid is better parented because he is not being raised by Will and Jada. Why don't them kids go to school. Jaden should be somewhere in school and in another year he will have one of the Kardashian young whores pregnant. Will put a lease on them kids
lola69's picture

CLEARLY Sheree is the better

CLEARLY Sheree is the better mother and wasn't trippin on that Hollywood life. Tre just seems so grounded and normal unlike his half-siblings.
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Wii cleans up nice. What the

Wii cleans up nice. What the heck does Jaden have on??? It's too late to try and hide your face now Selena, you should be use to the paps by now. Trey looks like a cartoon character with that wild hair. lol!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Oh meu she está ficando

Oh meu she está ficando passada ao redor como a nova Paris Hilton! Jr. Vai pegar uma doença com essa puta! ...Anyhoo Trey is more likable aside frm his weird siblings! Smhlol..*sips a hole in one
Like Really's picture

Awwww Trey has his dad's

Awwww Trey has his dad's smile!
SweetDivaT's picture

Why is Selena hanging out

Why is Selena hanging out with a 14 year old? SMH
Pam's picture

Maybe he's slanging it Big

Maybe he's slanging it Big Willy Style (its gotta be 3 times bigger than Justin Beaver's Lil' pee-pee)........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Alphonso's wife is not

Alphonso's wife is not cute....she looks like a meth-head that just happened to take a shower that night. *Forgive me Lord* I can't believe how grown Trey is now....his mannerisms look just like his dad.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Alfonso is Not cute either

Alfonso is Not cute either and especially since he is Not aging well....Dude also needs to lose some weight
star's picture

Lol Dead on... She's fugly!!

Lol Dead on... She's fugly!! Smhlol...*sips n' passes u a hole in one
Like Really's picture

You are forgiven.

You are forgiven.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Even these narrow ass young

Even these narrow ass young bros. dont want black girls!!!!!!! Thats alright with Jesus (more for me!!!!)............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

That's alright...we dont want

That's alright...we dont want them either :-)
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