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DATE NIGHT: Bow Wow & Angela Simmons At THE PROM On "106 & Park" + Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose In Las Vegas

 photo bp2.jpg

Bow Wow took Angela Simmons to the prom on a special episode of "106 & Park".  Check out their prom attire inside and see Amber Rose flaunt her post-pregnancy body with Wiz Khalifa in Las Vegas.  


 photo bp3.jpg

Though we've seen Bow Wow and Angela Simmons out and about as "friends" on numerous occasions, they went on an official date for Friday's "Prom" episode of "106 & Park." 

 photo bp4.jpg

Angela wore a long white sequined gown with a thigh-high slit, while Bow Wow rocked a pair of salmon colored trousers with a black bow tie. 

 photo bp1.jpg

16-year-old Disney star and “Dancing with the Stars” finalist, Zendaya co-hosted with Bow Wow in an adorable black & white tuxedo, top knot and red lips. It's interesting that we haven't seen the much of the other co-hosts, Miss Mykie, Shorty da Prince or Paigion.

It looks like BET has been pairing Bow Wow with a slew of other talent. We wonder why.....


And in Las Vegas...

 photo beachci1.jpg

Rapper Wiz Khalifa shielded his eyes from the bright lights as he walked the press line at Palms Pool inside Palms Resort and Casino yesterday.


 photo beachiu2.jpg

 photo beachui3.jpg

He posed alongside fiancee Amber Rose who has lost a reported 30lbs since giving birth to baby Bash.  

 photo pal1.jpg

 photo pali2.jpg

Amber's secret to weight-loss success is trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who has her on a strict fitness regimen.

 photo pool1.jpg

Before he walked off the red carpet, Wiz sipped from a small cup.  And we're pretty sure he wasn't doing a "shot" of water!

 photo drink2.jpg

He later hit the stage to perform at 'Ditch Fridays', a part of the Memorial Day Weekend festivities at the Palm.

Photos via MSA / Splash News and STARPICZ / Splash News / BET




Amber looks older than Whiz

Amber looks older than Whiz because I believe he's in his mid 20s while she's 30 and his skinny frame is probly due to his love of weed which can cut your appetite.
Chicknchips's picture

Whatever Angela and Bow are

Whatever Angela and Bow are to each other, eh. Whatever, I always did think they were cute together, and she's my virgo birthday twin soo.. nothing bad to say about her. Bow, however... hmph. Zendaya is so cute, I love that little girl. Amber is looking too hot this day post-baby, body is looking right, Ms. Rose. Wiz, love him, but he still needs to gain some weight.
ellemarie's picture

Angela is too mature and sexy

Angela is too mature and sexy for this Half-Pint little boy.
star's picture

who or what is Amber Rose? A

who or what is Amber Rose? A pass around bitch until she finally got pregnant. Now she can collect his money because she didn't have any of her own. Bow Wow and Angela doomed from the beginning. Can't some of these black women in the public wear their own hair so that the young ladies growing up don't think that they have to have long horse hair to make them beautiful?
d.g.ward's picture

Amber looks so much older

Amber looks so much older than Wiz. Angela and Bow are cute together. Hope they work out.
Keys's picture

i loooove angela's look her

i loooove angela's look her makeup is super cute
litebrite's picture

All those tats have trashed

All those tats have trashed their look! Ugh
cutethatsall56's picture

She start to look like this

She start to look like this dude mom!

To Amber, Got Milk?

To Amber, Got Milk?

The Baby Jesus just threw

The Baby Jesus just threw down his Similac & is pointing at Amber's Cans...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Angela need to be somebody's

Angela need to be somebody's wife smh. Checkout thegrandreport, they have sme good stuff on there too
V's picture

My 17 yr old sister is sick

My 17 yr old sister is sick of 106 and those 'that's what's up responses' during every interview, so what can I say? Wiz looks like a stick figure next to his baby mama.
Realist's picture

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zxxndsfhry5484's picture

Zendaya looks like Cassie's

Zendaya looks like Cassie's Lil' Sister
Jesus H. Christ's picture


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