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Will & Jaden Smith FREESTYLE With DJ Jazzy Jeff & Alfonso Ribeiro For "Fresh Prince" REUNION

 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalxeNOgPFf95Hl.jpg

Will and Jaden Smith were joined by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro for an improptu "Fresh Prince" reunion with freestyle rapping and the "Carlton Banks" dance in full effect.  Watch the fun inside and see the father and son "bend it like Beckham" at the UEFA's Champions Festival.

During their After Earth press tour through Europe, Will and Jaden Smith stopped by the popular UK chat fest " The Graham Norton Show" where Jaden and Will did a surprise performance.

While discussing his own skills as an MC, Will gushed about Jaden's talent.  The talks led to Jaden doing an impromptu freestyle of his "Hello" single.

After Jaden's freestyle, Will walked to the stage and revealed DJ Jazzy Jeff behind the turntables.  He then broke out into the "Fresh Prince" theme song being joined by Alfonso Ribeiro.  As the crowd went wild, Will and Alfonso broke out into the "Carlton Banks" dance (along with Jaden) before ending with a crowd-pleasing group dance to the Sugar Hill Gang's "Apache (Jump On It)"

The segment is a must-see moment for any fan of "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air".


 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivala8y05gwK7szl.jpg

Will and Jaden attended the UEFA's Champions Festival in London.

 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalppCDKXcets3l.jpg

 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalD2TS4SCHLmtl.jpg

Held at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the After Earth stars posed with some of the nation's top football players.

 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalLuGMYN9IHjal.jpg  photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalFCaEgIIedAXl.jpg 

The fellas even hit the field to show they could "Bend It Like Beckham".

 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalOaY5e5R3r6tl.jpg 

In addition to promoting After Earth (which hits US theaters May 31st) Jaden also supported his big brother Trey Smith who DJed in the UK for the first time.

 photo WillJadenSmithOpenUEFAChampionsFestivalblGNHEw38sQl.jpg

Also, former "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" star Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela Unkrich attend the game to support the Smiths.

Photos via Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Europe



That was crazy hot! Loved it

That was crazy hot! Loved it
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zxxndsfhry5484's picture

That was really enjoyable.

That was really enjoyable. Alphonso still got those moves down. They should go on tour lol jk
Realist's picture

Aww that really made me

Aww that really made me smile. Jaden is a cutie, and it was nice seeing Will with Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso again. Looked like nice, clean fun. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of those shows that I can always watch reruns of and never get tired of. Nice!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

ok I'm just going to say it

ok I'm just going to say it Jaden is not all that. Now Will smith oldest son is so fine.
stepup2's picture

LAWD! Will Smith still got

LAWD! Will Smith still got it!
divine_brown's picture

Man I will never understand

Man I will never understand the tight pants syndrome! Ain't nothing cool about that in the least bit...Lil homie is going to look at this pic later in life and ask: "What the hell was I thinking!?"
Money First's picture

JADEN SMITH. I'm sure that

JADEN SMITH. I'm sure that later in life he will look back at photos like this and say, "Wow, I was really special! Really unique!" He's a rather handsome young boy when he relaxes his face, juxtaposed to when he raises his brows so much as to create all those creases in his forehead. Our skin is like clay; when we're young we can start early to avoid so many character lines. Nice photos!
gray skies's picture

The only thing that can

The only thing that can explain the look on Jaden's face is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (he can shit his pants at any given moment).........
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