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ALL IN THE FAMILY: Swizz Beatz Takes Wife Alicia, Baby Moms Jahna & The Kids To DISNEYLAND PARIS For Daughter Nicole's Birthday!

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-27at83728AM_zps766f8ffa.png

The Deans took over Disneyland Paris (formerly known as Euro Disney) this weekend.  And it was all for little Nicole Dean's birthday.  Check out Swizz Beatz's fam putting their differences aside to have some good 'ol Disney fun...

Looks like those shots Jahna Sebastian threw at Alicia Keys a few years back--accusing Ms. Keys of f*cking producers for tracks (a la Swizzy)--are all in the past.  Because everybody at least looked like one big happy family yesterday at Disneyland Paris.

Papa Swizz Beatz took all his kids and two of their mothers to the fabulous theme park for 5-year-old Nicole's birthday.  Her mom, Jahna (far right), was there and so was his wife Alicia with their sleepy son Egypt (who was clearly unimpressed by the whole situation).  Swizz's other sons Nasir and Kasseem, Jr. were there for the fun too.  And everyone snapped pics as a fam as Nicole got treated like a princess for the day. 

Swizzy said:

The Bday Crew Euro Disney:) nothing but Love & Support #blessings

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-27at83804AM_zps0277fcdb.png

Nicole even had her own princess whip taking her around the park.

 photo ScreenShot2013-05-27at83718AM_zps77c4be88.png  photo ScreenShot2013-05-27at83812AM_zps5b7a6047.png


 photo ScreenShot2013-05-27at83821AM_zps1f7079c5.png

The kids had tons of fun on the private jet from London (where Alicia was performing for the last week) over to Paris.  Fab times.


Photos via Swizz's Instagram



His lil girl is gorgeous. All

His lil girl is gorgeous. All of his kids are cuties.
sexe757's picture

So, everyone is going to act

So, everyone is going to act like Egypt looks like him? Ok. He had three children by two different women of two different nationalities and ALL THREE of them not only look exactly like him but, they look EXACTLY like each other. Then, there's that third baby... I ain't saying it ain't his. I'm just saying it's quite odd.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Do you know how many people

Do you know how many people get embarrassed on Maury thinking like you? Genetics is a funny thing. A child doesn't have to look like you to be yours.
SweetDivaT's picture

The correct term usage is

The correct term usage is "Ethnicity" not "Nationality". And let's not lose focus....he's got umpteen different children from different women. That's just down right disgusting.
Eden Hansom's picture

Excuse me, he has four

Excuse me, he has four children by four different women. The first three look like him and Egypt looks like his gorgeous mother. So what? Egypt is absolutely adorable and I'm sure Alicia knows who the father of her child is. Egypt does have some of his features. They are all beautiful and the little girl looks more like him than any of his kids.
rosa's picture

I don't understand all the

I don't understand all the accolades for doing something you are SUPPOSED to do. If you make a child, you are supposed to be a good parent and take care of them. Swizzy isn't doing anything special. It's sad that we expect so little from black men that we have to compliment them when being a good father should be a given. SMDH.
PacificGirl's picture

The little girl looks more

The little girl looks more like him than any of his boys. Egypt is a doll and looks more like his momma. Children are so innocent and I'm sure the little girl wanted her mom along on her special birthday. God bless Alicia for being mature and confident enough to put the children first and let that happen. Swizz is a very lucky man.
rosa's picture

She is beautiful just like

She is beautiful just like her brothers I didn't know he had so many kids. Swizz is a busy guy :-p
Kelli99's picture

Those are some Bad ass little

Those are some Bad ass little boys....
star's picture

Swizz got some strong genes

Swizz got some strong genes is all Im sayin.
Realist's picture

What would you'll rather see

What would you'll rather see them throwing up dukes.
TeaNicole's picture

are you talking to me??

are you talking to me?? because i stand by what i wrote. there was absolutely no need for this nigga to post pics of his baby mamas, illegitimate kids and wife (who allegedly fooled around with him while still married). this photo is nothing more than a publicity stunt.
wildlife's picture

trying to make the abnormal

trying to make the abnormal normal. this is crazy.
wildlife's picture

Wow, lil Nicole looks like

Wow, lil Nicole looks like her dad. So glad all the kiddies were there. What else is there to say? Start a conversation about good parenting/ bad parenting lol!!! Wish I was there.
Cynthia Cole's picture

once again we have a young

once again we have a young man of rap leading the way on how to love and take care of all your children. while old negroes like jesse jackson will never assemble all of his children and show love to them equally. and this negro thinks he is a leader.
cassandra29's picture

I can't believe people

I can't believe people actually think guys like Diddy and Swizz Beatz are good parents because they have "good relationships" with their children's mothers. How about being an example to your children by showing that you can be in a committed relationship without sowing your seed across the continent. Smh. If these are our standards for "good fathers" these days, we're doomed.
CheyPie's picture

so you think being a good

so you think being a good father means you have to stay in a relationship with a woman you dont love? you think that the only relationship that matters is between the man and woman? well selfish a-hole you know nothing about being a good father. you only know about making sure your selfish needs are met and not the children. a good father keeps his relationship with his exes non-sexual, and work toward the good of all his children. he doesnt stay in a angry hateful relationship and raise his children in that environment.
cassandra29's picture

Huh? At what point did I say

Huh? At what point did I say anything about staying in an angry, hateful relationship? I'm simply talking about being responsible. If you're not in it for the long run, then wear a condom. It's not rocket science.
CheyPie's picture

Yasssss - I thought it was

Yasssss - I thought it was only MYSELF that saw the clear dysfunction in the logic of THIS chick!

What number "Baby Mama" are

What number "Baby Mama" are you? I can tell you have functioning-dysfunctional relationships with all of the fathers of your children from your ranting responses to other people's posts. I also feel very sorry for you that you are incapable from determining MEN from BOYS. Men don't make the irresponsible decisions to impregnante NUMEROUS women that one does not have any intention to commit to. Children should not be something that people have just because their bodies are capable of producing sperm or having a menstrual cycle. This is why the state of the black community is currently in such a bad state. Learn to value a strong family UNIT. Having multiple children with multiple men/women is stupid and immature.
DEva25's picture

Tell IT!

Tell IT!

Mashonda should have been

Mashonda should have been happy he left her such a chronic cheater where the little girl is concerned. Good luck Akeys hope ur vajay is lined with diamonds and gold...
SlowNeckBecky's picture

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Wow… Unbelievable.. My friend Emily has just married to a handsome wealthy black manThey met through ~~MìxedMatchìng.Çoм ~~Serious interracial dating is an ideal platform for afro romance for black & white singles. So, if you want to look for people with which you can date, you are at the right place.You can meet(lawyers,busy professionals, benefactors. models, celebrities, etc….)If you are single, perhaps you can have a try.
xcbxcbdfhrtu568's picture

Wait I didn't know he had

Wait I didn't know he had another son before Mashonda?! That 5th photo of all them is precious! I still couldn't date a man with that many kids or baby mama's. Good dad or not it's not my cup of tea. But if you like it I love it! SMH...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Did you know Mashonda was

Did you know Mashonda was also expecting at the same time that child's mother was expecting? Supposedly, according to Mashonda, that is why she, Mashonda had a miscarriage because she was so stressed out with all the drama. Btw, she and Swizz were not married at the time.
rosa's picture

This right here is GROWN

This right here is GROWN folks stuff, some wouldn't understand it. Regardless of how many baby momma's that man has, he is and awesome father, he is ALWAYS with his kids, even Mashonda said online that he is a great Dad and that is what is important. I don't think Alicia would allow him to be anything less she has definitely made him a better man, they are a great match. I love seeing their tweets and the way they support each other. #Happy Kids
kayla1010's picture

You're right. People like me

You're right. People like me DO NOT understand this. I can't give a guy a pat on the back for being a "good father." There's no such thing. There are fathers and there are "bad fathers." He doesn't deserve any credit. I definitely could not be with a guy who doesn't respect the woman in his life enough to keep it in his pants. How do you think his kids are going to feel when they get older and realize the relations he had with their mothers overlapped? What kind of example is that? A BAD example. This is why so many young men grow up thinking this behavior is OK and why so many young women grow up accepting this type of behavior. Why not? Daddy does it.
CheyPie's picture

Are you crazy? Or are you

Are you crazy? Or are you just one of those insecure a-holes who sits around worrying about your daddies sex life. THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. The average wife was PREGNANT BEFORE the marriage, and that includes your momma. Aint no virgins or saints around here. There are only people, doing their best.
cassandra29's picture

And as long as you keep your

And as long as you keep your current mindset, you will ALWAYS be in marginalized situations. Decide what you really want in life & require it - there ARE men who can measure up! BTW - there are some virgins/saints, and the "best" is not determined by whatever you chose to do in the heat of the moment, it's what you do to provide the best situations for yourself and your children..., sometimes that means wearing a condom, or better yet, being faithful. Wait - how about just finishing ONE fling/relationship BEFORE you start the next???? O_o

LOL. Say what you want, but

LOL. Say what you want, but you seem like someone who has very low expectations when it comes to men. And you've completely missed my point. Is it so unreasonable to want to see a kid grow up in a household with both parents?! Everyone has different circumstances, but because so many people (like yourself) expect for parents to have multiple children before settling down, these so-called "circumstances" are more and more becoming the norm. And yes, if you step out of your little delusional box, you'd know that there are virgins around here. I know plenty, but then my group of friends is slightly more religious than the average group of friends? Chill out.
CheyPie's picture

She looks just like Swizz

She looks just like Swizz Beatz. I could never deal with a dude who has more than one baby mama. Even one is TOO MUCH! You can't trust these hoes. Calling in the middle of the night for "their child" and taking lavish trips with dude b/c of their kids together (kim porter). I definitely don't envy Alicia that's not the lifestyle I want. She should have done it beyonce style and had the hubby pay off the baby moms to say that wasn't his kid lol.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

low life women like u r the

low life women like u r the reason, black children are fatherless, and u contribute to the downfall of the entire black community. there are way too many of you insecure ugly trolls who got a man by hook or crook, and now u r so insecure u insist that a man abandon his children or u will stop paying his rent, and everything else for him.
cassandra29's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

U are NOT

U are NOT lying......especially the last sentence!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I think it is admirable that

I think it is admirable that both women put their difference aside for the sake of the kids. Siblings should be able to know each other IMO. I thank God I have never been in this situation because I am not sure I could be that mature about it #realtalk BTW the kid all look alike, even Egypt with his light color hair! #siblingfun
goeze's picture

Isn't she the other broad he

Isn't she the other broad he had an affair with while married to Mashonda?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Why does Sheik bin al Swizz

Why does Sheik bin al Swizz Beatz give all his kids Muslim Terrorist names???????? Anywho....Jesus would give his Left Nut to hear the thoughts going thru both Baby Mama's brains THAT day............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

That little girl is precious

That little girl is precious and favors him a lot. Cute.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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